8X8 INC /DE/ Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading in 8X8 INC /DE/.

8X8 INC /DE/ Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
20216114 x2 x222,9827,690 SELL0198,248+198,248Transaction Details
20215101 x0 x15,0000 STRONG BUY64,8000-64,800Transaction Details
20214555 x10 x8796,437 STRONG SELL0220,968+220,968Transaction Details
20213050 x9 x082,987 STRONG SELL02,735,766+2,735,766Transaction Details
20212020 x3 x012,005 STRONG SELL0430,781+430,781Transaction Details
20211555 x10 x9394,285 STRONG SELL0163,613+163,613Transaction Details
202012464 x11 x476,11988,104 SELL02,715,702+2,715,702Transaction Details
202011101 x0 x33,1670 STRONG BUY227,5260-227,526Transaction Details
2020105511 x12 x72,66636,840 SELL0588,602+588,602Transaction Details
202094516 x14 x268,842119,125 STRONG BUY227,5261,812,152+1,584,627Transaction Details
20208616 x1 x66,8762,239 SELL035,757+35,757Transaction Details
202075512 x10 x119,3747,431 SELL0120,818+120,818Transaction Details
20206111 x1 x71,339611 SELL09,299+9,299Transaction Details
20204555 x5 x21,5178,823 SELL0146,568+146,568Transaction Details
20203111 x1 x22,9627,981 SELL0113,011+113,011Transaction Details
20202335 x6 x97,00089,921 SELL507,1371,840,096+1,332,959Transaction Details
20201555 x5 x21,51510,174 SELL0155,078+155,078Transaction Details
201912101 x0 x5,8250 STRONG BUY98,7240-98,724Transaction Details
201911111 x1 x1,320655 SELL013,552+13,552Transaction Details
201910556 x7 x89,84542,924 SELL0820,839+820,839Transaction Details
201993320 x14 x450,618234,336 STRONG BUY73,4055,536,123+5,462,719Transaction Details
201988111 x1 x73,918548 STRONG BUY98,87213,590-85,282Transaction Details
20196315 x1 x11,371612000Transaction Details
20195101 x0 x8,0280000Transaction Details
20194010 x1 x036,136 STRONG SELL0797,160+797,160Transaction Details
20193111 x1 x24,9798,637000Transaction Details
20192111 x1 x12,2114,482000Transaction Details
201811558 x7 x216,789205,105 BUY97,94597,777-168Transaction Details
2018109514 x9 x240,71654,059 STRONG BUY87,000963,707+876,707Transaction Details
201896624 x25 x565,869300,963 SELL06,462,304+6,462,304Transaction Details
20188516 x1 x80,4542,681 STRONG BUY1,802,17060,054-1,742,115Transaction Details
20187101 x0 x5,2630 STRONG BUY115,5230-115,523Transaction Details
20186303 x0 x10,3640 STRONG BUY193,8070-193,807Transaction Details
20185202 x0 x16,7680 STRONG BUY341,9800-341,980Transaction Details
20184505 x0 x32,8080 STRONG BUY617,9720-617,972Transaction Details
20183020 x2 x09,524 STRONG SELL0183,173+183,173Transaction Details
20182223 x3 x107,776108,000 SELL225,0241,934,183+1,709,159Transaction Details
2017109011 x0 x85,0240 STRONG BUY1,054,2980-1,054,298Transaction Details
2017910225 x2 x298,16224,984 STRONG BUY4,017,0200-4,017,020Transaction Details
20178303 x0 x123,3250 STRONG BUY424,3280-424,328Transaction Details
20177202 x0 x10,6790 STRONG BUY155,3790-155,379Transaction Details
20175000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20174407 x0 x74,8680 STRONG BUY1,141,7370-1,141,737Transaction Details
20173000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20172030 x10 x0132,500 STRONG SELL02,065,233+2,065,233Transaction Details
20171102 x0 x8,3370 STRONG BUY129,5660-129,566Transaction Details
2016109014 x0 x144,2550 STRONG BUY2,135,4730-2,135,473Transaction Details
20169727 x2 x71,37624,984 STRONG BUY1,081,5950-1,081,595Transaction Details
20168223 x3 x112,69416,656 STRONG BUY298,2420-298,242Transaction Details
20167709 x0 x117,3660 STRONG BUY1,758,8070-1,758,807Transaction Details
20166111 x1 x35,71213,420000Transaction Details
20165111 x1 x43,14243,142 SELL54,790537,118+482,328Transaction Details
20164407 x0 x62,6400 STRONG BUY652,0820-652,082Transaction Details
20163010 x1 x0214 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20162112 x2 x56,85856,858 SELL72,210614,781+542,571Transaction Details
20161212 x1 x13,7832,233 STRONG BUY96,1850-96,185Transaction Details
201511404 x0 x31,0820 STRONG BUY359,6190-359,619Transaction Details
201510707 x0 x63,5300 STRONG BUY614,3350-614,335Transaction Details
20159111 x1 x16,65616,656 BUY142,0760-142,076Transaction Details
20158212 x1 x108,3288,328 STRONG BUY247,4150-247,415Transaction Details
20157314 x2 x116,049100,000 SELL312,481848,554+536,073Transaction Details
20154010 x1 x01,075 STRONG SELL09,385+9,385Transaction Details
20151010 x1 x01,225 STRONG SELL011,184+11,184Transaction Details
201410122 x4 x50,00051,876 SELL167,500403,727+236,227Transaction Details
20149020 x2 x01,876 STRONG SELL014,577+14,577Transaction Details
20148101 x0 x100,0000 STRONG BUY154,0000-154,000Transaction Details
20147030 x3 x02,658 STRONG SELL019,430+19,430Transaction Details
20146030 x4 x03,058 STRONG SELL023,055+23,055Transaction Details
20145101 x0 x38,0000 STRONG BUY281,9180-281,918Transaction Details
20144030 x3 x02,620 STRONG SELL028,060+28,060Transaction Details
20143232 x3 x114,1792,739 STRONG BUY1,235,41728,979-1,206,438Transaction Details
20142000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20141030 x3 x02,739 STRONG SELL030,896+30,896Transaction Details