$WMS ADVANCED DRAINAGE SYSTEMS, INC. Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in ADVANCED DRAINAGE SYSTEMS, INC..

ADVANCED DRAINAGE SYSTEMS, INC. Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202021070 x16 x0254,232 STRONG SELL011,387,013+11,387,013Transaction Details
202020808 x0 x36,0120000Transaction Details
202014010 x1 x0142 STRONG SELL04,368+4,368Transaction Details
20207111 x1 x40,00040,000 SELL545,6001,964,724+1,419,124Transaction Details
20206040 x4 x03,700 STRONG SELL0169,349+169,349Transaction Details
20202101 x0 x30,3670000Transaction Details
201949121 x2 x20,00021,831 SELL272,800835,601+562,801Transaction Details
201946020 x6 x050,000 STRONG SELL01,849,897+1,849,897Transaction Details
201945131 x5 x12,0004,012,000 STRONG SELL163,680150,062,000+149,898,320Transaction Details
201941010 x1 x0196 STRONG SELL06,846+6,846Transaction Details
201940209 x0 x291,0300 STRONG BUY9,199,0380-9,199,038Transaction Details
201939206 x0 x459,7460 STRONG BUY14,641,0120-14,641,012Transaction Details
201936307 x0 x4,067,0000 STRONG BUY120,993,2500-120,993,250Transaction Details
201932101 x0 x11,2880000Transaction Details
201929909 x0 x39,0090000Transaction Details
201922101 x0 x35,0000 STRONG BUY477,4000-477,400Transaction Details
201921030 x3 x01,247 STRONG SELL037,360+37,360Transaction Details
201920707 x0 x45,4890000Transaction Details
201914010 x1 x0146 STRONG SELL03,981+3,981Transaction Details
201910131 x3 x141,21026,182 STRONG BUY1,926,104658,262-1,267,843Transaction Details
20196040 x4 x03,863 STRONG SELL094,296+94,296Transaction Details
201844101 x0 x1,9650000Transaction Details
201834216 x1 x3,000,0001,500,000 STRONG BUY90,240,00045,120,000-45,120,000Transaction Details
201832020 x3 x0125,000 STRONG SELL0942,719+942,719Transaction Details
201831101 x0 x25,0000 STRONG BUY341,0000-341,000Transaction Details
20182910010 x0 x38,8220000Transaction Details
201825111 x1 x32,2421,394 STRONG BUY405,92739,450-366,477Transaction Details
201823010 x1 x0900,000 STRONG SELL025,938,000+25,938,000Transaction Details
201822030 x4 x0131,000 STRONG SELL03,748,599+3,748,599Transaction Details
201821707 x0 x44,8580000Transaction Details
201820030 x3 x01,695 STRONG SELL043,900+43,900Transaction Details
201810020 x2 x05,600 STRONG SELL0152,050+152,050Transaction Details
20189010 x1 x015,000 STRONG SELL0389,550+389,550Transaction Details
20188010 x2 x035,000 STRONG SELL0917,007+917,007Transaction Details
20187010 x2 x075,000 STRONG SELL02,049,885+2,049,885Transaction Details
20186040 x4 x03,849 STRONG SELL092,568+92,568Transaction Details
20184101 x0 x25,0000 STRONG BUY341,0000-341,000Transaction Details
20181101 x0 x22,9070 STRONG BUY288,3990-288,399Transaction Details
201752101 x0 x17,5000 STRONG BUY238,7000-238,700Transaction Details
201750010 x1 x05,000 STRONG SELL0115,186+115,186Transaction Details
201749010 x2 x020,000 STRONG SELL0472,839+472,839Transaction Details
201743102 x0 x23,8120 STRONG BUY274,3220-274,322Transaction Details
201742101 x0 x517,7700 STRONG BUY7,062,3830-7,062,383Transaction Details
201738808 x0 x48,5080000Transaction Details
201737010 x1 x020,000 STRONG SELL0415,310+415,310Transaction Details
201736101 x0 x55,6970000Transaction Details
2017321012 x0 x3,446,2930 STRONG BUY70,042,9600-70,042,960Transaction Details
201724111 x1 x10,00045,000 STRONG SELL202,8120-202,812Transaction Details
201723101 x0 x30,0000 STRONG BUY581,7930-581,793Transaction Details
201720020 x4 x01,954 STRONG SELL042,763+42,763Transaction Details
201711010 x1 x06,000 STRONG SELL0134,220+134,220Transaction Details
201710101 x0 x42,3630 STRONG BUY456,2500-456,250Transaction Details
20178101 x0 x7,0600 STRONG BUY76,0360-76,036Transaction Details
20177020 x3 x03,850,000 STRONG SELL085,415,706+85,415,706Transaction Details
2017616025 x0 x192,9390000Transaction Details
201624216 x1 x146,057255,000 STRONG SELL3,115,2710-3,115,271Transaction Details
201611101 x0 x56,4840 STRONG BUY433,7970-433,797Transaction Details
201521131 x3 x3,13848,500 STRONG SELL24,1001,415,880+1,391,780Transaction Details
201520233 x4 x46,071140,000 STRONG SELL424,9234,179,575+3,754,652Transaction Details
201511101 x0 x1,8000 STRONG BUY51,1200-51,120Transaction Details
20159202 x0 x53,6070 STRONG BUY691,9760-691,976Transaction Details
20157102 x0 x55,0000 STRONG BUY1,378,9500-1,378,950Transaction Details
20156202 x0 x24,0200 STRONG BUY592,5530-592,553Transaction Details
20155101 x0 x15,6310 STRONG BUY70,9650-70,965Transaction Details
20151103 x0 x37,8390 STRONG BUY378,3560-378,356Transaction Details
201450111 x1 x4,0001,500,000 STRONG SELL87,53630,520,350+30,432,814Transaction Details
201449213 x1 x31,60010,000,000 STRONG SELL690,255203,468,992+202,778,737Transaction Details
201436709 x0 x59,3210 STRONG BUY218,4490-218,449Transaction Details
201434010 x1 x0514,286 STRONG SELL07,693,719+7,693,719Transaction Details
201432000 x0 x00000Transaction Details