$AG AGCO CORP /DE Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in AGCO CORP /DE.

AGCO CORP /DE Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
201748010 x1 x07,000 STRONG SELL0495,054+495,054Transaction Details
201735010 x1 x0750 STRONG SELL049,892+49,892Transaction Details
201732010 x1 x01,000 STRONG SELL073,000+73,000Transaction Details
2017314412 x6 x287,300272,218 SELL15,182,45319,575,993+4,393,540Transaction Details
201722111 x1 x3,5003,169 SELL183,015202,689+19,674Transaction Details
201721010 x1 x01,100 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201720112 x1 x17,90016,383 SELL943,5311,044,252+100,721Transaction Details
201719223 x3 x13,50013,212 SELL627,647846,972+219,326Transaction Details
201718121 x2 x42,50043,482 SELL2,222,3252,779,000+556,675Transaction Details
201717848 x4 x14,9682,902 SELL0186,076+186,076Transaction Details
2017910110 x2 x83,2585,218 SELL0336,089+336,089Transaction Details
20178010 x1 x01,500 STRONG SELL092,030+92,030Transaction Details
20177909 x0 x138,0750000Transaction Details
20176080 x8 x015,338 STRONG SELL0986,540+986,540Transaction Details
2017410010 x0 x47,2260000Transaction Details
201649111 x1 x14,04314,043000Transaction Details
201646010 x1 x02,309 STRONG SELL0122,377+122,377Transaction Details
201644111 x1 x12,50010,281 SELL420,625525,154+104,528Transaction Details
201634010 x1 x0283 STRONG SELL013,493+13,493Transaction Details
201632111 x1 x1,3751,092 SELL46,26953,224+6,955Transaction Details
201621111 x2 x8,00011,500 SELL269,200580,536+311,336Transaction Details
201618222 x4 x59,50060,235 SELL2,002,1753,199,106+1,196,931Transaction Details
201617969 x6 x20,2324,837 SELL0258,102+258,102Transaction Details
201660100 x10 x09,353 STRONG SELL0438,469+438,469Transaction Details
2016410010 x0 x57,6300000Transaction Details
201539102 x0 x247,3900 STRONG BUY11,313,4140-11,313,414Transaction Details
201538102 x0 x299,6100 STRONG BUY13,308,3620-13,308,362Transaction Details
201531131 x4 x12,00018,000 SELL257,400999,335+741,935Transaction Details
201522010 x2 x07,120 STRONG SELL0365,411+365,411Transaction Details
201521010 x1 x01,500 STRONG SELL077,565+77,565Transaction Details
201520010 x2 x05,000 STRONG SELL0259,052+259,052Transaction Details
201517101 x0 x5,8710 STRONG BUY281,1620-281,162Transaction Details
2015169613 x6 x51,0615,647 STRONG BUY1,385,191275,969-1,109,222Transaction Details
201515105 x0 x90,3320 STRONG BUY4,297,8630-4,297,863Transaction Details
201514106 x0 x214,6080 STRONG BUY10,083,1640-10,083,164Transaction Details
201513102 x0 x62,1040 STRONG BUY2,954,5860-2,954,586Transaction Details
201512101 x0 x5,0000 STRONG BUY234,0000-234,000Transaction Details
20157111 x1 x6,0003,700 SELL128,700186,924+58,224Transaction Details
20156101011 x11 x120,57254,347 STRONG BUY46,2692,672,463+2,626,194Transaction Details
2015310010 x0 x60,5000000Transaction Details
201445111 x2 x93,50093,500 SELL2,005,5754,248,770+2,243,195Transaction Details
201443101 x0 x45,0000 STRONG BUY2,034,4500-2,034,450Transaction Details
201442108 x0 x491,5570 STRONG BUY21,661,4320-21,661,432Transaction Details
2014411010 x0 x535,9020 STRONG BUY23,380,9420-23,380,942Transaction Details
201440108 x0 x582,5410 STRONG BUY25,834,9980-25,834,998Transaction Details
201439307 x0 x1,441,0000 STRONG BUY66,038,1390-66,038,139Transaction Details
201421010 x1 x05,000 STRONG SELL0271,532+271,532Transaction Details
201416959 x5 x18,8463,939 SELL0225,626+225,626Transaction Details
201411104 x0 x423,7190 STRONG BUY22,002,0920-22,002,092Transaction Details
20149111 x1 x60,7295,000 STRONG BUY3,149,406262,074-2,887,332Transaction Details
20148101 x0 x347,9590 STRONG BUY17,954,6840-17,954,684Transaction Details
20146111111 x11 x258,708109,723 SELL05,626,595+5,626,595Transaction Details
20143000 x0 x00000Transaction Details