AVID TECHNOLOGY, INC. Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading in AVID TECHNOLOGY, INC..

AVID TECHNOLOGY, INC. Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
20216020 x2 x07,388 STRONG SELL0259,942+259,942Transaction Details
20215020 x2 x01,789 STRONG SELL045,148+45,148Transaction Details
20214030 x3 x04,771 STRONG SELL0108,477+108,477Transaction Details
202138631 x31 x779,841486,263 SELL7,472,40110,431,868+2,959,468Transaction Details
20212010 x1 x0579 STRONG SELL012,414+12,414Transaction Details
20211010 x1 x01,479 STRONG SELL024,063+24,063Transaction Details
202012050 x11 x031,218 STRONG SELL0400,108+400,108Transaction Details
202011010 x1 x02,000 STRONG SELL019,040+19,040Transaction Details
202010010 x1 x03,658 STRONG SELL032,044+32,044Transaction Details
20209040 x10 x029,540 STRONG SELL0240,442+240,442Transaction Details
20208213 x1 x71,69070,355 SELL550,176655,090+104,913Transaction Details
20207102 x0 x108,1020 STRONG BUY749,1920-749,192Transaction Details
20206158 x11 x1,322,27333,729 STRONG BUY9,115,115241,597-8,873,518Transaction Details
202058017 x0 x1,266,4370 STRONG BUY6,938,7510-6,938,751Transaction Details
202043120 x2 x435,2145,000,000 STRONG SELL2,459,4410-2,459,441Transaction Details
202037529 x24 x1,036,822232,019 STRONG BUY3,468,2591,475,598-1,992,661Transaction Details
20201112 x2 x100,00096,207 SELL766,000793,708+27,708Transaction Details
201912050 x11 x032,433 STRONG SELL0262,739+262,739Transaction Details
201911102 x0 x37,8190 STRONG BUY169,1340-169,134Transaction Details
20199050 x11 x032,098 STRONG SELL0219,668+219,668Transaction Details
20198101 x0 x8,4860000Transaction Details
20197454 x5 x198,52882,311 STRONG BUY1,977,339819,915-1,157,424Transaction Details
20196060 x13 x046,155 STRONG SELL0359,160+359,160Transaction Details
201958411 x4 x116,60020,203 STRONG BUY64,980160,969+95,989Transaction Details
20194010 x1 x0391 STRONG SELL03,253+3,253Transaction Details
201936513 x21 x717,306259,388 STRONG BUY2,693,8401,511,780-1,182,059Transaction Details
20191010 x2 x0782 STRONG SELL03,730+3,730Transaction Details
201812050 x10 x017,850 STRONG SELL0108,171+108,171Transaction Details
201810010 x1 x0390 STRONG SELL02,258+2,258Transaction Details
20189050 x10 x017,849 STRONG SELL0111,913+111,913Transaction Details
20188121 x2 x15,7829,242 SELL054,655+54,655Transaction Details
20187010 x2 x0984 STRONG SELL05,196+5,196Transaction Details
20186151 x10 x98,03917,789 SELL085,489+85,489Transaction Details
20185818 x2 x216,7251,284 SELL06,664+6,664Transaction Details
20183556 x14 x618,26361,431 SELL0314,400+314,400Transaction Details
20182010 x1 x0758 STRONG SELL03,661+3,661Transaction Details
201712164 x11 x80,00075,966 BUY511,404459,066-52,338Transaction Details
201711010 x1 x0708 STRONG SELL05,225+5,225Transaction Details
20179050 x9 x015,838 STRONG SELL067,470+67,470Transaction Details
20178020 x2 x0895 STRONG SELL03,960+3,960Transaction Details
20176152 x10 x278,10025,334 STRONG BUY1,388,541126,779-1,261,762Transaction Details
20175525 x2 x105,115904 SELL04,948+4,948Transaction Details
20173656 x9 x580,88047,113 SELL0237,450+237,450Transaction Details
20172050 x6 x09,042 STRONG SELL050,465+50,465Transaction Details
20171010 x1 x0291 STRONG SELL01,324+1,324Transaction Details
201612252 x5 x355,8328,386 SELL038,324+38,324Transaction Details
201611060 x7 x011,361 STRONG SELL050,745+50,745Transaction Details
201610010 x1 x0271 STRONG SELL02,024+2,024Transaction Details
20169050 x5 x08,498 STRONG SELL065,944+65,944Transaction Details
20168279 x16 x660,319667,079 SELL5,099,1836,035,157+935,974Transaction Details
20167010 x1 x0202 STRONG SELL01,194+1,194Transaction Details
20166161 x6 x16,5008,832 STRONG BUY101,49253,434-48,058Transaction Details
201659611 x9 x456,81721,494 STRONG BUY1,963,999119,961-1,844,037Transaction Details
20164020 x2 x0411 STRONG SELL02,426+2,426Transaction Details
20163767 x6 x431,41928,281 SELL0199,381+199,381Transaction Details
20162060 x10 x012,200 STRONG SELL081,497+81,497Transaction Details
20161020 x2 x0486 STRONG SELL03,527+3,527Transaction Details
201511263 x10 x48,00014,347 STRONG BUY295,75091,387-204,363Transaction Details
201510030 x9 x0321,021 STRONG SELL02,669,840+2,669,840Transaction Details
20159121 x5 x10,0007,338,016 STRONG SELL87,0002,008,852+1,921,852Transaction Details
20158464 x10 x156,24713,544 STRONG BUY1,084,400123,264-961,136Transaction Details
20157121 x2 x7,424418 SELL05,400+5,400Transaction Details
20156102 x0 x10,0000 STRONG BUY178,4000-178,400Transaction Details
20155669 x12 x244,34015,835 STRONG BUY3,188,500246,320-2,942,180Transaction Details
20154020 x2 x0416 STRONG SELL06,514+6,514Transaction Details
20153708 x0 x309,7720000Transaction Details
20152070 x14 x039,617 STRONG SELL0544,944+544,944Transaction Details
20151020 x2 x0488 STRONG SELL06,892+6,892Transaction Details
2014121034 x0 x149,0000 STRONG BUY1,943,9310-1,943,931Transaction Details
2014117542 x10 x478,25029,493 STRONG BUY1,184,174304,512-879,662Transaction Details
2014106112 x1 x113,316203 SELL02,000+2,000Transaction Details
20149333 x3 x35,00011,379 SELL0114,245+114,245Transaction Details
20148040 x5 x04,139 STRONG SELL031,191+31,191Transaction Details
20147010 x1 x0203 STRONG SELL01,527+1,527Transaction Details
20145040 x5 x04,139 STRONG SELL030,238+30,238Transaction Details
20144010 x1 x0203 STRONG SELL01,332+1,332Transaction Details
20142040 x5 x014,513 STRONG SELL097,622+97,622Transaction Details
20141010 x1 x0945 STRONG SELL07,834+7,834Transaction Details