BANK OF SOUTH CAROLINA CORP Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading in BANK OF SOUTH CAROLINA CORP.

BANK OF SOUTH CAROLINA CORP Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202155019 x0 x21,5980 STRONG BUY448,2100-448,210Transaction Details
20212529 x2 x17,60364,790 STRONG SELL233,0400-233,040Transaction Details
20211408 x0 x10,5900 STRONG BUY172,1010-172,101Transaction Details
202011506 x0 x13,7720 STRONG BUY230,8160-230,816Transaction Details
202010303 x0 x1,3860 STRONG BUY14,0330-14,033Transaction Details
20209405 x0 x4,6050 STRONG BUY71,6020-71,602Transaction Details
20208507 x0 x13,5330 STRONG BUY230,9710-230,971Transaction Details
20207102 x0 x1,2640 STRONG BUY20,2740-20,274Transaction Details
20206414 x1 x4,9401,210 STRONG BUY43,29220,848-22,444Transaction Details
20205407 x0 x6,8100 STRONG BUY116,6000-116,600Transaction Details
202038024 x0 x48,6690 STRONG BUY783,9380-783,938Transaction Details
202025111 x1 x40,77933,809 BUY760,8070-760,807Transaction Details
201912020 x4 x07,450 STRONG SELL0140,461+140,461Transaction Details
201911507 x0 x17,1180 STRONG BUY1,7670-1,767Transaction Details
20199101 x0 x6050 STRONG BUY6,0020-6,002Transaction Details
201986123 x1 x41,068601 STRONG BUY756,85111,119-745,733Transaction Details
20197304 x0 x8,2550 STRONG BUY156,7500-156,750Transaction Details
201965319 x4 x38,5033,042 STRONG BUY649,17156,277-592,894Transaction Details
20195405 x0 x18,0290 STRONG BUY353,3600-353,360Transaction Details
20194428 x5 x70,0819,452 STRONG BUY1,325,903174,750-1,151,153Transaction Details
20192537 x4 x13,92867,408 STRONG SELL80,3530-80,353Transaction Details
201812515 x2 x3,848200 STRONG BUY70,7643,816-66,948Transaction Details
2018116219 x3 x8,4101,507 STRONG BUY151,14529,778-121,367Transaction Details
201810010 x1 x01,300 STRONG SELL026,247+26,247Transaction Details
20189212 x1 x712500 SELL8,13610,200+2,064Transaction Details
201884011 x0 x12,5200 STRONG BUY249,3360-249,336Transaction Details
201875114 x1 x27,756250 STRONG BUY93,8655,288-88,578Transaction Details
20185418 x1 x8,00010 STRONG BUY165,563200-165,363Transaction Details
20184404 x0 x20,0000 STRONG BUY406,6440-406,644Transaction Details
20183409 x0 x24,8900 STRONG BUY487,5530-487,553Transaction Details
20182213 x1 x5,11015,350 STRONG SELL90,4750-90,475Transaction Details
201712426 x5 x18,2004,477 STRONG BUY318,84083,287-235,553Transaction Details
201711214 x1 x1,024500 STRONG BUY9,9259,500-425Transaction Details
201710010 x1 x01,000 STRONG SELL019,500+19,500Transaction Details
20179629 x4 x4,8593,549 BUY87,54565,037-22,508Transaction Details
201784013 x0 x14,2190 STRONG BUY269,9930-269,993Transaction Details
20177111 x1 x2,200630 STRONG BUY41,51412,065-29,450Transaction Details
20176408 x0 x3,4000 STRONG BUY68,5140-68,514Transaction Details
201755128 x1 x24,1161,000 STRONG BUY477,08219,275-457,807Transaction Details
20173505 x0 x1500 STRONG BUY3,1130-3,113Transaction Details
20172648 x4 x2,16844,140 STRONG SELL3050-305Transaction Details
20171212 x1 x4,7602,500 STRONG BUY102,81654,000-48,816Transaction Details
201612010 x3 x01,163 STRONG SELL025,034+25,034Transaction Details
201611519 x1 x3,5172,000 STRONG BUY44,65438,400-6,254Transaction Details
201610101 x0 x100 STRONG BUY1950-195Transaction Details
20169518 x1 x6,4221,500 STRONG BUY76,98226,400-50,582Transaction Details
20168206 x0 x540 STRONG BUY9300-930Transaction Details
201675118 x4 x56,8335,000 STRONG BUY785,66780,300-705,367Transaction Details
20166101 x0 x1,1000 STRONG BUY10,4170-10,417Transaction Details
20165203 x0 x180 STRONG BUY2920-292Transaction Details
20164101 x0 x8530000Transaction Details
20163102 x0 x230 STRONG BUY3730-373Transaction Details
20162559 x5 x21,821112,364 STRONG SELL85,18316,030-69,153Transaction Details
20161505 x0 x27,1350 STRONG BUY429,7680-429,768Transaction Details
201512529 x4 x28,0065,120 STRONG BUY457,41083,132-374,278Transaction Details
201511202 x0 x3160 STRONG BUY1350-135Transaction Details
201594016 x0 x28,0000 STRONG BUY467,8170-467,817Transaction Details
20157101 x0 x1500 STRONG BUY2,5870-2,587Transaction Details
20156405 x0 x11,5000 STRONG BUY183,6050-183,605Transaction Details
20155509 x0 x20,7640 STRONG BUY352,3390-352,339Transaction Details
20154010 x4 x03,500 STRONG SELL08,585+8,585Transaction Details
20153505 x0 x14,4000 STRONG BUY215,2140-215,214Transaction Details
201526411 x4 x20,75065,800 STRONG SELL265,1040-265,104Transaction Details
20151204 x0 x9,4520 STRONG BUY23,2290-23,229Transaction Details
201412414 x1 x13,6002,000 STRONG BUY200,67529,660-171,015Transaction Details
2014105010 x0 x23,8000 STRONG BUY352,9080-352,908Transaction Details
20149515 x1 x6,808900 STRONG BUY105,10913,500-91,609Transaction Details
201485010 x0 x11,2850 STRONG BUY168,9580-168,958Transaction Details
20147515 x1 x5,6501,000 STRONG BUY84,74114,930-69,811Transaction Details
20146010 x2 x05,000 STRONG SELL030,000+30,000Transaction Details
201455011 x0 x11,2640 STRONG BUY7,723,3690-7,723,369Transaction Details
20144323 x5 x3,15126,770 STRONG SELL25,07739,747+14,670Transaction Details
20142649 x4 x7,06994,280 STRONG SELL40,0250-40,025Transaction Details
20141111 x1 x2,500800 STRONG BUY38,6250-38,625Transaction Details