$TEGYU BATTALION OIL CORP Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in BATTALION OIL CORP.

BATTALION OIL CORP Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202122010 x1 x01,801 STRONG SELL022,585+22,585Transaction Details
20218555 x5 x33,2038,128 SELL090,708+90,708Transaction Details
20211010 x1 x043 STRONG SELL0341+341Transaction Details
202034000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
202024101 x0 x5,4000 STRONG BUY50,0580-50,058Transaction Details
202023102 x0 x3,0000 STRONG BUY20,0100-20,010Transaction Details
20207000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201950010 x1 x0250 STRONG SELL03,250+3,250Transaction Details
201940232 x4 x1,822786,723 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201939010 x2 x053,977 STRONG SELL04,048+4,048Transaction Details
201938020 x4 x0152,674 STRONG SELL010,886+10,886Transaction Details
201934010 x1 x01,080,862 STRONG SELL0108,086+108,086Transaction Details
201933010 x4 x04,452,800 STRONG SELL0473,980+473,980Transaction Details
201932030 x6 x0351,112 STRONG SELL042,133+42,133Transaction Details
201915101 x0 x10,5680000Transaction Details
201914010 x1 x04 STRONG SELL019+19Transaction Details
201910404 x0 x761,2800000Transaction Details
20199070 x7 x065,486 STRONG SELL0106,742+106,742Transaction Details
201847010 x1 x01,368 STRONG SELL03,981+3,981Transaction Details
201846020 x2 x0371 STRONG SELL01,111+1,111Transaction Details
201832010 x10 x01,972,552 STRONG SELL07,528,391+7,528,391Transaction Details
201824101 x0 x33,7500000Transaction Details
201819707 x0 x236,2010000Transaction Details
201810105 x0 x50,0000 STRONG BUY261,1940-261,194Transaction Details
20186101 x0 x1,113,4660 STRONG BUY7,682,9160-7,682,916Transaction Details
20184010 x3 x01,012,581 STRONG SELL08,639,824+8,639,824Transaction Details
20183010 x6 x0964,990 STRONG SELL07,902,466+7,902,466Transaction Details
20182010 x5 x01,100,000 STRONG SELL09,356,655+9,356,655Transaction Details
20181010 x8 x01,188,496 STRONG SELL09,551,929+9,551,929Transaction Details
201752010 x4 x0262,231 STRONG SELL02,029,022+2,029,022Transaction Details
201750010 x3 x0334,000 STRONG SELL02,574,348+2,574,348Transaction Details
201748010 x8 x0700,000 STRONG SELL04,851,771+4,851,771Transaction Details
201747010 x2 x0300,000 STRONG SELL02,088,571+2,088,571Transaction Details
201746010 x14 x03,000,000 STRONG SELL020,236,698+20,236,698Transaction Details
201745010 x6 x01,000,000 STRONG SELL06,980,640+6,980,640Transaction Details
201742010 x7 x02,000,000 STRONG SELL012,407,465+12,407,465Transaction Details
201740010 x4 x0718,100 STRONG SELL04,889,088+4,889,088Transaction Details
201739010 x3 x0625,000 STRONG SELL04,234,698+4,234,698Transaction Details
201738090 x27 x02,051,994 STRONG SELL013,120,564+13,120,564Transaction Details
201737010 x5 x01,134,998 STRONG SELL07,165,243+7,165,243Transaction Details
201734010 x7 x0699,900 STRONG SELL04,283,318+4,283,318Transaction Details
201733010 x6 x0800,100 STRONG SELL04,915,670+4,915,670Transaction Details
201732102 x0 x10,0000 STRONG BUY62,4780-62,478Transaction Details
201724116 x7 x20,000746,173 STRONG SELL106,8684,532,639+4,425,771Transaction Details
201722101 x0 x23,1570000Transaction Details
201719818 x1 x207,88031,341 SELL0210,991+210,991Transaction Details
201715919 x2 x720,832128,671 SELL0923,046+923,046Transaction Details
201650010 x1 x010,000 STRONG SELL086,004+86,004Transaction Details
201649020 x2 x010,100 STRONG SELL088,101+88,101Transaction Details
20164710111 x1 x243,49425 SELL0277+277Transaction Details
201638707 x0 x138,1120000Transaction Details
201637181742 x30 x24,140,27413,577,377000Transaction Details
201611010 x2 x07,259 STRONG SELL08,638+8,638Transaction Details
20169070 x20 x041,524 STRONG SELL020,891+20,891Transaction Details
201551515 x1 x1,000,00045,000 STRONG BUY259,5900-259,590Transaction Details
201549303 x0 x433,2800000Transaction Details
201535101 x0 x50,0000 STRONG BUY52,5000-52,500Transaction Details
201522102 x0 x1,000,0000 STRONG BUY1,034,7500-1,034,750Transaction Details
201518707 x0 x680,4000000Transaction Details
201596413 x8 x1,683,498394,962 SELL086,327+86,327Transaction Details
201449509 x0 x431,9600 STRONG BUY215,4070-215,407Transaction Details
201448102 x0 x40,0000 STRONG BUY98,5860-98,586Transaction Details
201445101 x0 x30,0000 STRONG BUY90,9000-90,900Transaction Details
201422114 x1 x798,8215,770,677 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20142110010 x0 x283,0000000Transaction Details
2014911111 x1 x659,8382,297 SELL08,752+8,752Transaction Details
20180000 x0 x00000Transaction Details