$XEC CIMAREX ENERGY CO Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in CIMAREX ENERGY CO.

CIMAREX ENERGY CO Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202122101 x0 x2,9330000Transaction Details
202110010 x1 x05,000 STRONG SELL0335,673+335,673Transaction Details
20219030 x6 x034,902 STRONG SELL02,229,232+2,229,232Transaction Details
20218010 x2 x04,000 STRONG SELL0244,236+244,236Transaction Details
2020509222 x2 x689,89812,414 SELL0474,419+474,419Transaction Details
202049020 x3 x08,655 STRONG SELL0316,300+316,300Transaction Details
202048262 x13 x30,048196,122 STRONG SELL06,186,036+6,186,036Transaction Details
202034010 x1 x012,500 STRONG SELL0351,098+351,098Transaction Details
202031020 x2 x02,334 STRONG SELL057,090+57,090Transaction Details
202028111 x2 x77,039137,528 STRONG SELL01,489,239+1,489,239Transaction Details
202026101 x0 x6,9600000Transaction Details
202022808 x0 x58,3280000Transaction Details
202021010 x2 x080 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
202011101 x0 x10,9710 STRONG BUY181,8990-181,899Transaction Details
202010303 x0 x22,0000 STRONG BUY355,4090-355,409Transaction Details
20209102 x0 x2,0000 STRONG BUY67,0800-67,080Transaction Details
20201010 x1 x02,500 STRONG SELL0137,500+137,500Transaction Details
2019498116 x1 x506,2502,717 SELL0128,891+128,891Transaction Details
201948373 x19 x60,378243,108 STRONG SELL08,407,981+8,407,981Transaction Details
201939101 x0 x2,7810000Transaction Details
201935101 x0 x3,5000000Transaction Details
201930010 x1 x01,540 STRONG SELL078,032+78,032Transaction Details
201922808 x0 x27,9760000Transaction Details
201914102 x0 x23,1240000Transaction Details
201911010 x1 x0990 STRONG SELL069,305+69,305Transaction Details
201850010 x1 x01,492 STRONG SELL0104,768+104,768Transaction Details
2018497916 x18 x314,102196,825 SELL011,445,099+11,445,099Transaction Details
201834202 x0 x3,8200 STRONG BUY26,8970-26,897Transaction Details
201831111 x1 x10,00010,000000Transaction Details
201828010 x1 x01,980 STRONG SELL0197,614+197,614Transaction Details
201825020 x2 x02,790 STRONG SELL0279,279+279,279Transaction Details
201822809 x0 x18,8820 STRONG BUY64,9630-64,963Transaction Details
201815010 x1 x02,500 STRONG SELL0250,000+250,000Transaction Details
201810010 x1 x06,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
2017508711 x17 x387,627231,928 SELL016,242,402+16,242,402Transaction Details
201749101 x0 x2480 STRONG BUY27,7910-27,791Transaction Details
201747010 x1 x01,750 STRONG SELL0200,862+200,862Transaction Details
201746010 x2 x010,000 STRONG SELL01,204,621+1,204,621Transaction Details
201745030 x3 x09,444 STRONG SELL01,181,229+1,181,229Transaction Details
201737040 x6 x013,413 STRONG SELL0783,661+783,661Transaction Details
201736020 x2 x05,000 STRONG SELL0512,028+512,028Transaction Details
201734010 x2 x02,750 STRONG SELL0272,306+272,306Transaction Details
201732020 x2 x04,636 STRONG SELL0467,436+467,436Transaction Details
201729020 x2 x03,728 STRONG SELL0344,765+344,765Transaction Details
201728101 x0 x5,0000000Transaction Details
201723818 x2 x14,912500000Transaction Details
201721010 x1 x05,000 STRONG SELL0586,200+586,200Transaction Details
201720020 x2 x03,538 STRONG SELL0415,565+415,565Transaction Details
201711020 x2 x03,315 STRONG SELL0407,627+407,627Transaction Details
201710010 x1 x02,500 STRONG SELL0313,828+313,828Transaction Details
20179020 x2 x03,420 STRONG SELL0433,697+433,697Transaction Details
20178020 x3 x07,570 STRONG SELL0665,500+665,500Transaction Details
20171010 x1 x02,500 STRONG SELL0343,925+343,925Transaction Details
2016508611 x14 x342,029194,611 SELL017,469,123+17,469,123Transaction Details
201649020 x4 x010,377 STRONG SELL01,459,760+1,459,760Transaction Details
201648010 x2 x02,000 STRONG SELL0277,711+277,711Transaction Details
201645020 x3 x05,093 STRONG SELL0381,878+381,878Transaction Details
201644010 x1 x02,500 STRONG SELL0306,250+306,250Transaction Details
201636020 x2 x04,500 STRONG SELL067,768+67,768Transaction Details
201635010 x1 x02,500 STRONG SELL0327,975+327,975Transaction Details
201634010 x1 x07,500 STRONG SELL0990,000+990,000Transaction Details
201633131 x3 x3,0005,493 STRONG SELL216,735717,210+500,475Transaction Details
201632040 x6 x012,792 STRONG SELL01,628,312+1,628,312Transaction Details
201629010 x3 x04,140 STRONG SELL0495,359+495,359Transaction Details
201628040 x4 x016,959 STRONG SELL01,995,498+1,995,498Transaction Details
201626010 x1 x02,500 STRONG SELL0299,675+299,675Transaction Details
201624040 x5 x07,550 STRONG SELL0642,807+642,807Transaction Details
201623151 x7 x13,13635,446 STRONG SELL02,296,654+2,296,654Transaction Details
201622808 x0 x12,4240000Transaction Details
201621010 x1 x01,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201620030 x3 x04,555 STRONG SELL0522,586+522,586Transaction Details
201619020 x2 x02,678 STRONG SELL0290,007+290,007Transaction Details
201611030 x6 x027,430 STRONG SELL02,583,168+2,583,168Transaction Details
201610020 x3 x06,000 STRONG SELL0556,555+556,555Transaction Details
20169010 x1 x012,500 STRONG SELL01,095,676+1,095,676Transaction Details
20168010 x1 x020,000 STRONG SELL01,646,806+1,646,806Transaction Details
201550020 x2 x027,000 STRONG SELL02,554,300+2,554,300Transaction Details
201549717 x2 x235,5784,727 SELL0495,031+495,031Transaction Details
201547020 x2 x06,320 STRONG SELL0753,389+753,389Transaction Details
201546030 x3 x08,890 STRONG SELL01,048,402+1,048,402Transaction Details
201545010 x1 x01,702 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201544101 x0 x8890000Transaction Details
201537020 x3 x022,290 STRONG SELL02,334,540+2,334,540Transaction Details
201535111 x2 x10,00036,871 STRONG SELL01,094,379+1,094,379Transaction Details
201534010 x1 x03,000 STRONG SELL0327,588+327,588Transaction Details
201532050 x7 x043,890 STRONG SELL05,048,530+5,048,530Transaction Details
201531010 x1 x02,672 STRONG SELL0297,663+297,663Transaction Details
201530101 x0 x3,0000000Transaction Details
201527010 x1 x01,328 STRONG SELL0145,071+145,071Transaction Details
201524010 x1 x02,500 STRONG SELL0296,293+296,293Transaction Details
201523040 x4 x021,450 STRONG SELL02,403,870+2,403,870Transaction Details
201522717 x3 x10,9419,000 SELL01,052,858+1,052,858Transaction Details
201521020 x2 x011,384 STRONG SELL01,334,394+1,334,394Transaction Details
201519565 x11 x112,861222,135 STRONG SELL012,497,667+12,497,667Transaction Details
201511010 x1 x05,000 STRONG SELL0525,685+525,685Transaction Details
201510030 x3 x010,418 STRONG SELL0693,279+693,279Transaction Details
20159020 x3 x020,000 STRONG SELL02,209,795+2,209,795Transaction Details
20158364 x9 x75,00093,229 SELL4,197,00010,618,283+6,421,283Transaction Details
20156010 x1 x06,500 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201450010 x1 x010,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201449808 x0 x325,1270000Transaction Details
201446121 x3 x15,00024,700 SELL839,4002,865,886+2,026,486Transaction Details
201436111 x1 x51,52051,520000Transaction Details
201435010 x1 x05,000 STRONG SELL0720,000+720,000Transaction Details
201434010 x2 x05,584 STRONG SELL0695,080+695,080Transaction Details
201432020 x2 x03,600 STRONG SELL0501,335+501,335Transaction Details
201430101 x0 x1,0000000Transaction Details
201426010 x1 x01,840 STRONG SELL0262,320+262,320Transaction Details
201425010 x1 x01,165 STRONG SELL0166,141+166,141Transaction Details
201424020 x2 x06,221 STRONG SELL0623,429+623,429Transaction Details
201423040 x5 x010,722 STRONG SELL01,415,137+1,415,137Transaction Details
201422818 x1 x11,1523,000 SELL0393,000+393,000Transaction Details
201421020 x2 x018,671 STRONG SELL02,422,127+2,422,127Transaction Details
201420010 x1 x09,747 STRONG SELL01,267,110+1,267,110Transaction Details
201411010 x1 x01,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201410030 x4 x08,440 STRONG SELL0961,672+961,672Transaction Details
20149040 x4 x061,325 STRONG SELL07,011,651+7,011,651Transaction Details
20148040 x5 x061,800 STRONG SELL06,946,023+6,946,023Transaction Details
20144010 x1 x0600 STRONG SELL058,857+58,857Transaction Details
20143030 x3 x019,000 STRONG SELL01,669,174+1,669,174Transaction Details
20141060 x12 x0163,838 STRONG SELL09,192,735+9,192,735Transaction Details
20180000 x0 x00000Transaction Details