$CYBX CYBERONICS INC Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in CYBERONICS INC.

CYBERONICS INC Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
2015421111 x30 x3,582284,417 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201541010 x1 x02,500 STRONG SELL0171,629+171,629Transaction Details
201539030 x3 x04,375 STRONG SELL0263,994+263,994Transaction Details
201537010 x1 x02,500 STRONG SELL0168,731+168,731Transaction Details
201536010 x1 x03,687 STRONG SELL0246,845+246,845Transaction Details
201535020 x2 x03,500 STRONG SELL0225,864+225,864Transaction Details
201534020 x3 x06,050 STRONG SELL0396,839+396,839Transaction Details
201533010 x1 x02,500 STRONG SELL0147,616+147,616Transaction Details
201531020 x2 x04,000 STRONG SELL0241,458+241,458Transaction Details
201528010 x1 x02,500 STRONG SELL0152,250+152,250Transaction Details
201526020 x2 x04,000 STRONG SELL0241,909+241,909Transaction Details
201525010 x1 x0236 STRONG SELL014,769+14,769Transaction Details
201524050 x31 x038,434 STRONG SELL01,264,912+1,264,912Transaction Details
201523030 x3 x021,949 STRONG SELL0267,424+267,424Transaction Details
201522020 x2 x04,000 STRONG SELL0261,329+261,329Transaction Details
201521010 x1 x0235 STRONG SELL014,645+14,645Transaction Details
201520010 x1 x02,500 STRONG SELL0152,930+152,930Transaction Details
201518020 x2 x04,000 STRONG SELL0244,208+244,208Transaction Details
201517113 x1 x7,4687,468 SELL334,457474,603+140,146Transaction Details
201516010 x1 x0236 STRONG SELL015,062+15,062Transaction Details
201515010 x1 x02,500 STRONG SELL0163,473+163,473Transaction Details
201514010 x1 x05,770 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201513020 x2 x04,000 STRONG SELL0258,117+258,117Transaction Details
201512010 x1 x0235 STRONG SELL015,353+15,353Transaction Details
201511010 x1 x02,500 STRONG SELL0166,900+166,900Transaction Details
201510010 x2 x01,500 STRONG SELL0107,633+107,633Transaction Details
20159020 x2 x04,000 STRONG SELL0276,640+276,640Transaction Details
20158101 x0 x2360 STRONG BUY13,7660-13,766Transaction Details
20157010 x1 x02,500 STRONG SELL0141,350+141,350Transaction Details
20156010 x2 x01,500 STRONG SELL084,962+84,962Transaction Details
20155010 x1 x02,000 STRONG SELL0110,236+110,236Transaction Details
20154010 x1 x0235 STRONG SELL013,564+13,564Transaction Details
20153010 x1 x02,500 STRONG SELL0139,171+139,171Transaction Details
20151020 x3 x03,500 STRONG SELL0190,519+190,519Transaction Details
201451010 x1 x0236 STRONG SELL012,945+12,945Transaction Details
201448010 x1 x02,000 STRONG SELL0107,308+107,308Transaction Details
201447030 x4 x012,423 STRONG SELL0672,814+672,814Transaction Details
201444050 x6 x039,647 STRONG SELL0104,388+104,388Transaction Details
201442010 x1 x0236 STRONG SELL012,168+12,168Transaction Details
201441111 x1 x4,0007,000 STRONG SELL102,840350,276+247,436Transaction Details
201439010 x1 x02,000 STRONG SELL0100,172+100,172Transaction Details
201438616 x1 x13,890235 SELL012,208+12,208Transaction Details
201437121 x2 x4,0009,414 STRONG SELL102,840380,246+277,406Transaction Details
201436131 x5 x1,0006,250 STRONG SELL14,720343,448+328,728Transaction Details
201435121 x2 x13,00015,000 SELL212,940855,666+642,726Transaction Details
201434010 x1 x0236 STRONG SELL013,443+13,443Transaction Details
201433111 x1 x4,0007,000 STRONG SELL102,840425,160+322,320Transaction Details
201431010 x3 x04,750 STRONG SELL0287,677+287,677Transaction Details
201429010 x1 x0235 STRONG SELL013,776+13,776Transaction Details
201428111 x1 x4,0007,000 STRONG SELL102,840415,510+312,670Transaction Details
201427010 x3 x04,750 STRONG SELL0293,226+293,226Transaction Details
201425010 x1 x09,224 STRONG SELL0535,521+535,521Transaction Details
2014249718 x24 x62,69734,519 STRONG BUY102,840400,238+297,398Transaction Details
201423020 x4 x014,750 STRONG SELL0853,417+853,417Transaction Details
201420122 x2 x4,0008,500 STRONG SELL100,914503,580+402,666Transaction Details
201418020 x4 x06,750 STRONG SELL0419,070+419,070Transaction Details
201415121 x2 x4,0008,500 STRONG SELL97,320520,990+423,670Transaction Details
201414010 x3 x04,750 STRONG SELL0293,615+293,615Transaction Details
201413010 x1 x02,000 STRONG SELL0131,130+131,130Transaction Details
201411121 x3 x4,00015,120 STRONG SELL97,320566,204+468,884Transaction Details
20149141 x6 x8,00016,024 STRONG SELL158,0001,104,938+946,938Transaction Details
20148245 x5 x12,42216,543 SELL252,6791,134,025+881,346Transaction Details
20147121 x2 x4,0008,500 STRONG SELL97,320616,042+518,722Transaction Details
20145030 x5 x09,750 STRONG SELL0644,831+644,831Transaction Details
20143010 x1 x01,500 STRONG SELL0103,979+103,979Transaction Details
20142111 x1 x4,0007,000 STRONG SELL97,320481,691+384,371Transaction Details
20141030 x5 x09,750 STRONG SELL0629,367+629,367Transaction Details