DONALDSON CO INC Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading in DONALDSON CO INC.

DONALDSON CO INC Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
201911101 x0 x310 STRONG BUY1,7040-1,704Transaction Details
201910519 x1 x1,013612 BUY52,78431,010-21,774Transaction Details
20199779 x7 x197,01676,163 STRONG BUY3,2593,930,772+3,927,514Transaction Details
20198102 x0 x350 STRONG BUY1,6900-1,690Transaction Details
20197416 x1 x205918 STRONG SELL10,14344,119+33,976Transaction Details
20196213 x1 x14,43414,400 SELL310,416689,472+379,056Transaction Details
20195103 x0 x510 STRONG BUY2,5730-2,573Transaction Details
20194315 x1 x504,000 STRONG SELL2,606200,080+197,474Transaction Details
20193314 x1 x14,99314,400 SELL337,877707,040+369,163Transaction Details
20192709 x0 x3,1680 STRONG BUY155,1000-155,100Transaction Details
2019110024 x0 x22,6620 STRONG BUY357,1300-357,130Transaction Details
201812408 x0 x2340 STRONG BUY10,3000-10,300Transaction Details
201811424 x2 x961,836 STRONG SELL5,17498,593+93,419Transaction Details
2018105017 x0 x2,8780 STRONG BUY162,3810-162,381Transaction Details
201899827 x15 x131,65671,741 STRONG BUY1,798,4114,201,704+2,403,293Transaction Details
20188407 x0 x1050 STRONG BUY5,1110-5,111Transaction Details
201876111 x1 x14,56614,400 SELL253,016643,680+390,664Transaction Details
20186417 x1 x14,50014,400 SELL250,023689,184+439,161Transaction Details
201853012 x0 x1990 STRONG BUY9,3070-9,307Transaction Details
20184305 x0 x520 STRONG BUY2,3540-2,354Transaction Details
20183305 x0 x5880 STRONG BUY26,6400-26,640Transaction Details
201828010 x0 x2,9490 STRONG BUY139,9880-139,988Transaction Details
2018111022 x0 x19,5500 STRONG BUY340,7470-340,747Transaction Details
2017126113 x3 x2,6481,453 STRONG BUY51,39670,122+18,726Transaction Details
2017115015 x0 x2330 STRONG BUY11,0690-11,069Transaction Details
2017105014 x0 x2,3180 STRONG BUY106,9920-106,992Transaction Details
201796411 x6 x31,00817,314 STRONG BUY835,703769,910-65,793Transaction Details
20178203 x0 x640 STRONG BUY2,9950-2,995Transaction Details
20177102 x0 x590 STRONG BUY2,7430-2,743Transaction Details
20176548 x5 x37,88933,690 SELL834,4361,569,851+735,416Transaction Details
20175102 x0 x600 STRONG BUY2,7790-2,779Transaction Details
20174101 x0 x40 STRONG BUY1790-179Transaction Details
20173111 x1 x14,40014,400 SELL327,888645,984+318,096Transaction Details
20172404 x0 x2600 STRONG BUY10,8810-10,881Transaction Details
2017110110 x1 x8,126642 STRONG BUY317,09227,054-290,038Transaction Details
201612309 x0 x1570 STRONG BUY6,6460-6,646Transaction Details
201611306 x0 x1030 STRONG BUY3,9220-3,922Transaction Details
201610308 x0 x2670 STRONG BUY9,7360-9,736Transaction Details
201696411 x4 x33,59123,470 SELL622,626860,637+238,011Transaction Details
20168204 x0 x700 STRONG BUY2,5990-2,599Transaction Details
201673015 x0 x3580 STRONG BUY12,6480-12,648Transaction Details
201665414 x8 x49,63944,960 SELL1,136,1521,626,994+490,843Transaction Details
20165306 x0 x1220 STRONG BUY3,9690-3,969Transaction Details
20164204 x0 x840 STRONG BUY2,6780-2,678Transaction Details
20163428 x3 x110,04779,698 SELL1,946,5132,568,701+622,188Transaction Details
20162204 x0 x930 STRONG BUY2,6770-2,677Transaction Details
2016115320 x3 x14,86823,123 BUY370,461146,209-224,252Transaction Details
20151213824 x12 x71,38052,767 SELL1,037,5081,591,047+553,539Transaction Details
2015116012 x0 x3190 STRONG BUY9,6230-9,623Transaction Details
2015105010 x0 x2320 STRONG BUY6,8710-6,871Transaction Details
201597813 x10 x40,24829,183 SELL816,717871,063+54,345Transaction Details
20158305 x0 x1360 STRONG BUY4,3260-4,326Transaction Details
20157206 x0 x1820 STRONG BUY6,2250-6,225Transaction Details
20156203 x0 x700 STRONG BUY2,5380-2,538Transaction Details
20155102 x0 x780 STRONG BUY2,7650-2,765Transaction Details
20154101 x0 x10 STRONG BUY370-37Transaction Details
20153131 x4 x106,00073,754 SELL1,738,4002,793,635+1,055,235Transaction Details
20152505 x0 x1,4640 STRONG BUY53,5780-53,578Transaction Details
2015111214 x3 x34,25026,800 SELL752,3101,001,595+249,284Transaction Details
2014129526 x5 x4,07317,952 STRONG SELL75,42269,082-6,339Transaction Details
2014118015 x0 x1,3300 STRONG BUY13,9460-13,946Transaction Details
2014107220 x2 x29,67018,904 SELL524,515726,608+202,093Transaction Details
20149101121 x15 x78,76142,138 STRONG BUY1,902,7051,758,617-144,088Transaction Details
20148407 x0 x1700 STRONG BUY6,9250-6,925Transaction Details
20147418 x3 x14,2048,511 STRONG BUY237,917349,112+111,195Transaction Details
20146204 x0 x1260 STRONG BUY5,2540-5,254Transaction Details
20145317 x1 x14,58714,400 SELL226,176596,016+369,840Transaction Details
20144204 x0 x660 STRONG BUY2,7620-2,762Transaction Details
20143437 x6 x33,06133,551 SELL743,5851,427,889+684,304Transaction Details
20142305 x0 x20,0610 STRONG BUY2,5880-2,588Transaction Details
2014112014 x0 x10,3230 STRONG BUY448,5410-448,541Transaction Details