Encompass Health Corp Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading in Encompass Health Corp.

Encompass Health Corp Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
2019710013 x0 x2,5080 STRONG BUY17,1730-17,173Transaction Details
2019511111 x1 x46,5342,003000Transaction Details
2019410013 x0 x2,5310 STRONG BUY17,7190-17,719Transaction Details
20193102 x0 x2,0000 STRONG BUY117,6800-117,680Transaction Details
201929816 x17 x160,13717,487 SELL01,165,644+1,165,644Transaction Details
2019110013 x0 x2,3370 STRONG BUY17,5420-17,542Transaction Details
20181010013 x0 x2,4300 STRONG BUY44,8640-44,864Transaction Details
20188020 x2 x038,412 STRONG SELL03,015,428+3,015,428Transaction Details
2018710013 x0 x2,4880 STRONG BUY45,5040-45,504Transaction Details
2018512312 x5 x61,76869,777 SELL424,3664,326,050+3,901,684Transaction Details
201849012 x0 x2,7790 STRONG BUY40,3680-40,368Transaction Details
20183000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201828816 x9 x131,51914,792 SELL0769,856+769,856Transaction Details
2018110714 x7 x3,44717,525 STRONG SELL43,683865,910+822,227Transaction Details
201711101 x0 x1,0000 STRONG BUY45,9500-45,950Transaction Details
2017109012 x0 x3,4960 STRONG BUY39,8670-39,867Transaction Details
20178112 x2 x45,25045,250 SELL736,2181,935,569+1,199,351Transaction Details
201779012 x0 x3,3000 STRONG BUY39,0920-39,092Transaction Details
20175707 x0 x21,4620000Transaction Details
201749012 x0 x3,2570 STRONG BUY37,6310-37,631Transaction Details
201728816 x16 x96,68025,174 STRONG BUY347,8501,033,217+685,367Transaction Details
201719712 x8 x3,44760,647 STRONG SELL38,7201,250,809+1,212,089Transaction Details
201611313 x1 x142,82199,371 SELL3,517,4704,145,579+628,110Transaction Details
20161010013 x0 x15,8990 STRONG BUY33,6730-33,673Transaction Details
20168112 x2 x40,00040,000 SELL927,6001,674,116+746,516Transaction Details
201679013 x0 x3,5060 STRONG BUY41,5470-41,547Transaction Details
2016510110 x1 x43,03111,000 STRONG BUY264,660455,840+191,180Transaction Details
201649012 x0 x3,6080 STRONG BUY41,2150-41,215Transaction Details
20163010 x2 x016,240 STRONG SELL0576,520+576,520Transaction Details
201629819 x17 x349,396175,827 STRONG BUY4,623,6796,123,522+1,499,843Transaction Details
201619714 x7 x3,833100,882 STRONG SELL40,8013,511,703+3,470,902Transaction Details
201511303 x0 x2,2940 STRONG BUY79,9890-79,989Transaction Details
2015109012 x0 x2,6300 STRONG BUY12,0450-12,045Transaction Details
20158223 x3 x28,02919,957 SELL624,441906,259+281,818Transaction Details
201579012 x0 x2,0410 STRONG BUY11,1610-11,161Transaction Details
20155979 x7 x25,73127,684 SELL01,204,531+1,204,531Transaction Details
201549012 x0 x1,8880 STRONG BUY10,8510-10,851Transaction Details
20153343 x5 x145,000122,092 SELL3,893,2505,084,218+1,190,968Transaction Details
20152171224 x23 x288,88836,504 SELL01,648,045+1,648,045Transaction Details
201519812 x8 x2,150127,114 STRONG SELL10,9984,888,805+4,877,806Transaction Details
201411303 x0 x2660 STRONG BUY10,6770-10,677Transaction Details
2014109011 x0 x2,9130 STRONG BUY35,2800-35,280Transaction Details
201479014 x0 x2,9700 STRONG BUY106,7310-106,731Transaction Details
20145185 x15 x100,00096,949 SELL2,605,0003,306,859+701,859Transaction Details
2014410016 x0 x3,4650 STRONG BUY120,1130-120,113Transaction Details
20143112 x2 x100,00089,000 SELL2,605,0002,898,630+293,630Transaction Details
2014218829 x17 x415,66528,117 SELL0912,476+912,476Transaction Details
2014110816 x8 x3,29983,061 STRONG SELL112,7602,764,270+2,651,510Transaction Details