EQUITY LIFESTYLE PROPERTIES INC Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading in EQUITY LIFESTYLE PROPERTIES INC.

EQUITY LIFESTYLE PROPERTIES INC Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
20196010 x1 x0175 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201959124 x2 x36,5061,006 STRONG BUY4,141,4940-4,141,494Transaction Details
20194101 x0 x1530 STRONG BUY14,2230-14,223Transaction Details
20192516 x2 x47,6027,131 STRONG BUY5,030,052694,526-4,335,526Transaction Details
20191273 x14 x5,21633,493 STRONG SELL67,1053,011,385+2,944,281Transaction Details
201812202 x0 x400,0000 STRONG BUY7,540,0000-7,540,000Transaction Details
201811222 x3 x37310,371 STRONG SELL161967,103+966,942Transaction Details
201810101 x0 x1740 STRONG BUY14,2470-14,247Transaction Details
20188506 x0 x6190 STRONG BUY56,2960-56,296Transaction Details
20187202 x0 x3,1580 STRONG BUY246,7030-246,703Transaction Details
20186010 x1 x03,304 STRONG SELL0300,496+300,496Transaction Details
201857119 x4 x76,1273,905 STRONG BUY6,327,78352,804-6,274,979Transaction Details
20184101 x0 x1980 STRONG BUY14,2100-14,210Transaction Details
20183010 x3 x020,000 STRONG SELL01,712,188+1,712,188Transaction Details
201828015 x0 x140,5620 STRONG BUY11,897,8740-11,897,874Transaction Details
20181383 x9 x61936,680 STRONG SELL24,1393,193,699+3,169,560Transaction Details
201712030 x4 x021,275 STRONG SELL01,787,763+1,787,763Transaction Details
201711405 x0 x220,2030 STRONG BUY4,868,0230-4,868,023Transaction Details
201710101 x0 x1970 STRONG BUY14,2450-14,245Transaction Details
20179171 x10 x1,929286,500 STRONG SELL143,6917,162,500+7,018,809Transaction Details
20178303 x0 x500 STRONG BUY3,6560-3,656Transaction Details
20177212 x1 x805,531805,333 BUY70,424,47470,410,264-14,210Transaction Details
20176101 x0 x1,4480 STRONG BUY100,0570-100,057Transaction Details
2017510124 x1 x55,2741,608 STRONG BUY4,484,945132,033-4,352,912Transaction Details
20174101 x0 x2180 STRONG BUY14,2790-14,279Transaction Details
20173101 x0 x1,6200 STRONG BUY99,9860-99,986Transaction Details
201729311 x6 x99,08244,741 STRONG BUY5,451,2691,541,030-3,910,239Transaction Details
20171363 x6 x27532,986 STRONG SELL16,2982,378,291+2,361,992Transaction Details
201612102 x0 x220,0000 STRONG BUY6,056,0000-6,056,000Transaction Details
201611202 x0 x500 STRONG BUY3,2110-3,211Transaction Details
201610101 x0 x2170 STRONG BUY14,2350-14,235Transaction Details
20169101 x0 x3,7930 STRONG BUY249,9590-249,959Transaction Details
20168202 x0 x470 STRONG BUY3,1830-3,183Transaction Details
20167102 x0 x4660 STRONG BUY29,2280-29,228Transaction Details
20166010 x1 x015,000 STRONG SELL01,074,578+1,074,578Transaction Details
2016510219 x3 x14,9163,009 STRONG BUY1,108,248221,148-887,100Transaction Details
20164202 x0 x3810 STRONG BUY23,1760-23,176Transaction Details
2016211116 x1 x339,3952,000 STRONG BUY13,274,8970-13,274,897Transaction Details
20161070 x7 x046,731 STRONG SELL03,118,360+3,118,360Transaction Details
201512101 x0 x770 STRONG BUY3,9900-3,990Transaction Details
201511424 x2 x4311,475 STRONG SELL21,72763,112+41,386Transaction Details
201510303 x0 x5810 STRONG BUY27,1850-27,185Transaction Details
20159101 x0 x840 STRONG BUY3,9820-3,982Transaction Details
20158404 x0 x5010 STRONG BUY23,0610-23,061Transaction Details
20157404 x0 x2,1750 STRONG BUY97,2010-97,201Transaction Details
20156111 x1 x885,000 STRONG SELL3,982268,272+264,290Transaction Details
2015511213 x3 x31,5331,790 STRONG BUY1,667,83892,065-1,575,773Transaction Details
20154101 x0 x870 STRONG BUY4,0260-4,026Transaction Details
20153111 x1 x876,000 STRONG SELL3,984346,481+342,498Transaction Details
2015210112 x1 x125,4992,000 STRONG BUY6,889,5130-6,889,513Transaction Details
20151455 x9 x220,66244,060 STRONG BUY3,844,1652,314,850-1,529,315Transaction Details
201412202 x0 x1,8170 STRONG BUY76,6230-76,623Transaction Details
201411515 x1 x2,531766 STRONG BUY92,00237,097-54,904Transaction Details
201410505 x0 x2,0160 STRONG BUY72,5960-72,596Transaction Details
20149101 x0 x1070 STRONG BUY4,0000-4,000Transaction Details
20148505 x0 x1,3930 STRONG BUY52,4460-52,446Transaction Details
20147404 x0 x9790 STRONG BUY36,5070-36,507Transaction Details
20146303 x0 x3,1040 STRONG BUY124,9200-124,920Transaction Details
2014513122 x1 x185,277740 STRONG BUY7,889,83231,953-7,857,879Transaction Details
20144404 x0 x1,0630 STRONG BUY36,5460-36,546Transaction Details
20143101 x0 x1190 STRONG BUY3,9840-3,984Transaction Details
20142414 x1 x6812,000 STRONG SELL20,9140-20,914Transaction Details
20141444 x4 x1,21430,053 STRONG SELL36,5661,095,732+1,059,167Transaction Details