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Weekly overview of insider trading in FIRST CITIZENS BANCSHARES INC /DE/.

FIRST CITIZENS BANCSHARES INC /DE/ Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202112101 x0 x1780 STRONG BUY149,1620-149,162Transaction Details
2021106414 x6 x21,4826,106 STRONG BUY720,3000-720,300Transaction Details
202167528 x9 x3,9435,071000Transaction Details
2020476111 x3 x655,459427,569 BUY4,952,9630-4,952,963Transaction Details
2020326420 x10 x446,248407,578 BUY55,5120-55,512Transaction Details
202011101 x0 x2,0000 STRONG BUY43,0400-43,040Transaction Details
2020108323 x14 x1,021,506347,873 STRONG BUY17,149,3300-17,149,330Transaction Details
20209202 x0 x1,6730 STRONG BUY691,7600-691,760Transaction Details
202063325 x15 x72,61182,720000Transaction Details
201942619 x3 x14,3768,376000Transaction Details
201936528 x6 x636,45644,304 SELL09,440,046+9,440,046Transaction Details
201934101 x0 x800 STRONG BUY34,1600-34,160Transaction Details
201932102 x0 x120,0540 STRONG BUY19,9800-19,980Transaction Details
201931101 x0 x330 STRONG BUY12,2100-12,210Transaction Details
201928111 x1 x32160 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201927020 x4 x020,000 STRONG SELL09,130,100+9,130,100Transaction Details
201926020 x4 x040,000 STRONG SELL018,060,000+18,060,000Transaction Details
201925101 x0 x1000 STRONG BUY37,0000-37,000Transaction Details
201924203 x0 x8,5430 STRONG BUY3,203,6250-3,203,625Transaction Details
201923102 x0 x2000 STRONG BUY74,1100-74,110Transaction Details
201922101 x0 x20 STRONG BUY8800-880Transaction Details
201920020 x6 x030,000 STRONG SELL013,440,006+13,440,006Transaction Details
201919111 x1 x71,60071,600000Transaction Details
2019186133 x1 x1,239350000Transaction Details
201912203 x0 x650 STRONG BUY23,8710-23,871Transaction Details
20195214 x1 x312228 BUY35,2680-35,268Transaction Details
20194010 x1 x025 STRONG SELL09,157+9,157Transaction Details
201851337 x3 x67,90067,900000Transaction Details
201850010 x1 x030 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201848020 x12 x015,938 STRONG SELL06,813,532+6,813,532Transaction Details
201847020 x2 x01,062 STRONG SELL0458,784+458,784Transaction Details
201846121 x2 x754,000 STRONG SELL28,8751,740,000+1,711,125Transaction Details
201845020 x4 x04,000 STRONG SELL01,746,000+1,746,000Transaction Details
201844222 x2 x59568,530 STRONG SELL98,2720-98,272Transaction Details
201843304 x0 x1740 STRONG BUY73,3590-73,359Transaction Details
201835101 x0 x600 STRONG BUY28,3050-28,305Transaction Details
2018348115 x2 x614,638464,200000Transaction Details
201826101 x0 x4750000Transaction Details
2018254312 x17 x179,9152,116,399 STRONG SELL20,3500-20,350Transaction Details
201823303 x0 x1,2000 STRONG BUY455,0000-455,000Transaction Details
2018215314 x4 x48,03444,892 BUY152,1000-152,100Transaction Details
201820303 x0 x6000 STRONG BUY234,0000-234,000Transaction Details
201818101 x0 x110 STRONG BUY4,8140-4,814Transaction Details
2018117559 x17 x236,977108,840000Transaction Details
20185101 x0 x500 STRONG BUY21,0000-21,000Transaction Details
20181112 x2 x2,2836,849 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201736020 x2 x04,510 STRONG SELL01,532,724+1,532,724Transaction Details
201734246 x8 x55810,558 STRONG SELL03,425,000+3,425,000Transaction Details
201732020 x8 x010,490 STRONG SELL03,840,010+3,840,010Transaction Details
201720101 x0 x190 STRONG BUY6,5240-6,524Transaction Details
201776324 x4 x1,8656,120 STRONG SELL5,9000-5,900Transaction Details
201632020 x12 x025,000 STRONG SELL06,499,950+6,499,950Transaction Details
201627111 x1 x300,000300,000000Transaction Details
2016264219 x4 x1,500400 STRONG BUY249,5200-249,520Transaction Details
201619101 x0 x330 STRONG BUY8,3430-8,343Transaction Details
201695326 x5 x3,2103,935000Transaction Details
20168105 x0 x6050000Transaction Details
20162202 x0 x2000 STRONG BUY44,9660-44,966Transaction Details
201549102 x0 x5250 STRONG BUY121,9750-121,975Transaction Details
201548203 x0 x5,2830 STRONG BUY1,262,6370-1,262,637Transaction Details
201542111 x1 x100100000Transaction Details
201520020 x4 x013,170 STRONG SELL03,298,005+3,298,005Transaction Details
201519101 x0 x250 STRONG BUY6,0310-6,031Transaction Details
201515030 x6 x02,598 STRONG SELL0668,439+668,439Transaction Details
201514133 x12 x116,704127,967 SELL02,905,428+2,905,428Transaction Details
201513102 x0 x1,1000 STRONG BUY264,0000-264,000Transaction Details
201510101 x0 x4800 STRONG BUY114,2400-114,240Transaction Details
20159101 x0 x1,0000 STRONG BUY236,5000-236,500Transaction Details
201546326 x8 x3,0008,397 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20151101 x0 x5760 STRONG BUY131,9040-131,904Transaction Details
2014517132 x8 x2,920,7311,499,283000Transaction Details
201445111 x1 x100100000Transaction Details
20143910274 x2 x2,101,745414,725000Transaction Details
2014206221 x6 x188,024188,149000Transaction Details
20190000 x0 x00000Transaction Details