$GABC GERMAN AMERICAN BANCORP, INC. Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in GERMAN AMERICAN BANCORP, INC..

GERMAN AMERICAN BANCORP, INC. Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202124204 x0 x1740 STRONG BUY6,8900-6,890Transaction Details
202120202 x0 x1060 STRONG BUY4,2010-4,201Transaction Details
202119010 x4 x09,090 STRONG SELL0393,157+393,157Transaction Details
202116707 x0 x3790 STRONG BUY17,1910-17,191Transaction Details
202113010 x1 x04,750 STRONG SELL0223,915+223,915Transaction Details
202112010 x3 x049,281 STRONG SELL02,408,070+2,408,070Transaction Details
202111929 x2 x17,25720,089 SELL10,151490,729+480,578Transaction Details
202110010 x1 x010,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20217707 x0 x5900 STRONG BUY21,3880-21,388Transaction Details
20213707 x0 x3950 STRONG BUY13,7170-13,717Transaction Details
20205213214 x2 x11,0461,886 SELL050,373+50,373Transaction Details
202050606 x0 x4360 STRONG BUY14,4270-14,427Transaction Details
202046606 x0 x3780 STRONG BUY12,7950-12,795Transaction Details
202042707 x0 x3920 STRONG BUY11,1880-11,188Transaction Details
202038101 x0 x1,0000 STRONG BUY26,4900-26,490Transaction Details
202037707 x0 x7610 STRONG BUY21,9850-21,985Transaction Details
202033808 x0 x3,0530 STRONG BUY90,1860-90,186Transaction Details
2020289012 x0 x7,4810 STRONG BUY224,9880-224,988Transaction Details
202024808 x0 x5940 STRONG BUY16,9820-16,982Transaction Details
202020808 x0 x5230 STRONG BUY13,5720-13,572Transaction Details
202015808 x0 x7460 STRONG BUY19,5620-19,562Transaction Details
202013010 x1 x04,366 STRONG SELL0118,190+118,190Transaction Details
202012010 x2 x012,634 STRONG SELL0342,170+342,170Transaction Details
20201112113 x2 x11,09215,992 SELL12,716398,663+385,947Transaction Details
2020103012 x0 x35,2350 STRONG BUY914,7390-914,739Transaction Details
20208111 x8 x7832,008 STRONG SELL26,34866,318+39,970Transaction Details
20207808 x0 x6250 STRONG BUY21,3880-21,388Transaction Details
20203101 x0 x480 STRONG BUY1,6880-1,688Transaction Details
202029012 x0 x3960 STRONG BUY13,9230-13,923Transaction Details
201951010 x1 x02,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20195015123 x1 x10,9615,500 STRONG BUY9,3320-9,332Transaction Details
20194610013 x0 x2,8850 STRONG BUY97,3490-97,349Transaction Details
201941606 x0 x4000 STRONG BUY12,7950-12,795Transaction Details
201939010 x1 x02,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201937608 x0 x1,1450 STRONG BUY37,8460-37,846Transaction Details
201933707 x0 x2,6840 STRONG BUY81,1620-81,162Transaction Details
201930101 x0 x2,0590 STRONG BUY63,8330-63,833Transaction Details
201928808 x0 x4,8720 STRONG BUY145,0390-145,039Transaction Details
201927010 x1 x03,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201924608 x0 x2380 STRONG BUY7,0250-7,025Transaction Details
201919606 x0 x4090 STRONG BUY11,8810-11,881Transaction Details
201915606 x0 x4720 STRONG BUY14,0070-14,007Transaction Details
201912203 x0 x5,7320 STRONG BUY163,0290-163,029Transaction Details
20191112017 x0 x16,9110 STRONG BUY302,9370-302,937Transaction Details
20199101 x0 x1,0000 STRONG BUY29,5000-29,500Transaction Details
20197606 x0 x7920 STRONG BUY24,4330-24,433Transaction Details
20192515 x1 x252695 STRONG SELL7,7010-7,701Transaction Details
201851010 x1 x0248 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20185012017 x0 x9,1680 STRONG BUY3,4880-3,488Transaction Details
201846505 x0 x6990 STRONG BUY21,8100-21,810Transaction Details
201844205 x0 x8,8270 STRONG BUY276,1230-276,123Transaction Details
201841606 x0 x2,5250 STRONG BUY83,5270-83,527Transaction Details
201828606 x0 x2,9030 STRONG BUY105,0090-105,009Transaction Details
201827010 x1 x02,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201824606 x0 x3880 STRONG BUY14,3790-14,379Transaction Details
201823101 x0 x27,5090 STRONG BUY1,013,7070-1,013,707Transaction Details
201822010 x1 x02,516 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201821101 x0 x2,2280 STRONG BUY79,7620-79,762Transaction Details
2018197010 x0 x6030 STRONG BUY21,2080-21,208Transaction Details
201815707 x0 x2250 STRONG BUY7,7680-7,768Transaction Details
201811707 x0 x5030 STRONG BUY17,5590-17,559Transaction Details
201810606 x0 x13,2900000Transaction Details
20187707 x0 x4300 STRONG BUY14,7980-14,798Transaction Details
20183808 x0 x2300 STRONG BUY8,5200-8,520Transaction Details
20175111013 x0 x4,5270 STRONG BUY1,4280-1,428Transaction Details
201750010 x1 x0646 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201747707 x0 x3190 STRONG BUY11,2840-11,284Transaction Details
201742707 x0 x2070 STRONG BUY7,7720-7,772Transaction Details
201741010 x1 x01,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201740010 x1 x02,194 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201738606 x0 x1470 STRONG BUY5,0050-5,005Transaction Details
201736102 x0 x3,1800 STRONG BUY102,8600-102,860Transaction Details
201733709 x0 x3,7390 STRONG BUY120,5170-120,517Transaction Details
201729808 x0 x4,1900 STRONG BUY145,0870-145,087Transaction Details
201728010 x1 x05,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201726707 x0 x3060 STRONG BUY9,9340-9,934Transaction Details
201725010 x1 x03,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201723010 x1 x0360 STRONG SELL011,426+11,426Transaction Details
201720707 x0 x3530 STRONG BUY11,3080-11,308Transaction Details
201716707 x0 x3170 STRONG BUY14,8510-14,851Transaction Details
201712606 x0 x2850 STRONG BUY13,4480-13,448Transaction Details
201711617 x1 x7,8811,800 STRONG BUY26,3050-26,305Transaction Details
20178606 x0 x2760 STRONG BUY13,5360-13,536Transaction Details
20173707 x0 x2540 STRONG BUY12,6910-12,691Transaction Details
20165112017 x0 x3,4380 STRONG BUY3,5430-3,543Transaction Details
201650010 x1 x0446 STRONG SELL023,723+23,723Transaction Details
201647010 x1 x02,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201646727 x3 x3124,058 STRONG SELL14,9632,782-12,182Transaction Details
201642808 x0 x2400 STRONG BUY9,1840-9,184Transaction Details
201638505 x0 x1720 STRONG BUY6,3390-6,339Transaction Details
201633808 x0 x2,3040 STRONG BUY80,5080-80,508Transaction Details
2016299010 x0 x5,1630 STRONG BUY176,1900-176,190Transaction Details
201620809 x0 x9030 STRONG BUY28,4370-28,437Transaction Details
201619101 x0 x5820 STRONG BUY18,4900-18,490Transaction Details
201618202 x0 x1,2040 STRONG BUY40,1050-40,105Transaction Details
201616808 x0 x2340 STRONG BUY7,7360-7,736Transaction Details
201612808 x0 x5020 STRONG BUY16,2650-16,265Transaction Details
201611505 x0 x10,5900000Transaction Details
20167808 x0 x3990 STRONG BUY12,6130-12,613Transaction Details
20163808 x0 x2850 STRONG BUY9,0200-9,020Transaction Details
20155011117 x1 x5,989417 STRONG BUY63,0320-63,032Transaction Details
201546808 x0 x9470 STRONG BUY30,7890-30,789Transaction Details
201542303 x0 x1200 STRONG BUY3,6310-3,631Transaction Details
201538808 x0 x3250 STRONG BUY9,6160-9,616Transaction Details
201533808 x0 x2,7300 STRONG BUY81,4170-81,417Transaction Details
201529707 x0 x5,7410 STRONG BUY175,6820-175,682Transaction Details
201527101 x0 x8,7170 STRONG BUY254,0130-254,013Transaction Details
201526101 x0 x5600 STRONG BUY16,8840-16,884Transaction Details
201524808 x0 x1,5060 STRONG BUY44,7450-44,745Transaction Details
201521212 x2 x1,3682,500 STRONG SELL39,08872,508+33,420Transaction Details
2015208010 x0 x1,9490 STRONG BUY55,3410-55,341Transaction Details
201519101 x0 x5370 STRONG BUY15,2670-15,267Transaction Details
201516808 x0 x2600 STRONG BUY7,8500-7,850Transaction Details
20151113014 x0 x12,6510 STRONG BUY44,9890-44,989Transaction Details
20158808 x0 x4080 STRONG BUY11,9830-11,983Transaction Details
20153808 x0 x3670 STRONG BUY10,3530-10,353Transaction Details
20145111111 x2 x4,587350 SELL010,345+10,345Transaction Details
201450607 x0 x2,7800 STRONG BUY80,6670-80,667Transaction Details
201446707 x0 x3270 STRONG BUY9,6510-9,651Transaction Details
201445112 x2 x2,000882 STRONG BUY26,39026,345-45Transaction Details
201442808 x0 x2420 STRONG BUY6,5560-6,556Transaction Details
201438808 x0 x2,5860 STRONG BUY70,3960-70,396Transaction Details
201433909 x0 x6,5520 STRONG BUY175,8260-175,826Transaction Details
201428709 x0 x2240 STRONG BUY5,9370-5,937Transaction Details
201424606 x0 x1300 STRONG BUY3,5690-3,569Transaction Details
201420707 x0 x3120 STRONG BUY7,8400-7,840Transaction Details
201416808 x0 x8750 STRONG BUY23,8670-23,867Transaction Details
201414202 x0 x9040 STRONG BUY26,8450-26,845Transaction Details
20141112012 x0 x11,2880 STRONG BUY16,2020-16,202Transaction Details
20148303 x0 x1340 STRONG BUY3,6040-3,604Transaction Details
20147304 x0 x1,6390 STRONG BUY44,0830-44,083Transaction Details
20145111 x1 x78078019,99119,9910Transaction Details
20143505 x0 x1640 STRONG BUY4,6010-4,601Transaction Details
20180000 x0 x00000Transaction Details