$HL HECLA MINING CO/DE/ Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in HECLA MINING CO/DE/.

HECLA MINING CO/DE/ Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202125335 x4 x151,023112,354 BUY830,0080-830,008Transaction Details
202121010 x1 x048,103 STRONG SELL0425,750+425,750Transaction Details
202119010 x1 x02,000 STRONG SELL014,800+14,800Transaction Details
202113000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20219010 x1 x0400,000 STRONG SELL02,933,200+2,933,200Transaction Details
20212010 x1 x045,000 STRONG SELL0281,115+281,115Transaction Details
20211204 x0 x7,8520000Transaction Details
202040101 x0 x23,0900000Transaction Details
202032020 x2 x0247,000 STRONG SELL01,447,706+1,447,706Transaction Details
202027708 x0 x391,2440 STRONG BUY840,0010-840,001Transaction Details
202025519 x1 x458,77727,858 STRONG BUY1,278,1540-1,278,154Transaction Details
2020146311 x5 x2,073,978377,058 STRONG BUY69,3930-69,393Transaction Details
20201010 x1 x017,300 STRONG SELL057,419+57,419Transaction Details
201939000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201932101 x0 x40,5400 STRONG BUY60,8060-60,806Transaction Details
201931103 x0 x335,8200 STRONG BUY674,9980-674,998Transaction Details
20192513319 x4 x1,582,07287,780 STRONG BUY3,164,9950-3,164,995Transaction Details
201915242 x4 x38,799171,062 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
2019106010 x0 x2,008,0160 STRONG BUY140,9860-140,986Transaction Details
201827708 x0 x161,6300 STRONG BUY839,9910-839,991Transaction Details
201825030 x3 x096,145 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201824609 x0 x541,0070 STRONG BUY2,072,0570-2,072,057Transaction Details
2018116211 x2 x845,59546,029000Transaction Details
201750202 x0 x26,0000 STRONG BUY98,3710-98,371Transaction Details
201749101 x0 x10,0000 STRONG BUY34,9000-34,900Transaction Details
201742010 x1 x062,500 STRONG SELL0327,556+327,556Transaction Details
201727708 x0 x152,4390 STRONG BUY699,9850-699,985Transaction Details
201726030 x3 x0118,630 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201723609 x0 x351,0800 STRONG BUY2,064,9030-2,064,903Transaction Details
201715010 x1 x030,000 STRONG SELL0182,700+182,700Transaction Details
2017126310 x3 x558,06844,533 STRONG BUY170,3450-170,345Transaction Details
201649010 x1 x0100,000 STRONG SELL0627,500+627,500Transaction Details
201635111 x1 x36213,722 STRONG SELL2,11880,274+78,156Transaction Details
201632233 x5 x44,842913,557 STRONG SELL313,8946,360,283+6,046,389Transaction Details
201628020 x2 x045,000 STRONG SELL0230,455+230,455Transaction Details
201626131 x4 x6,96238,076 STRONG SELL034,208+34,208Transaction Details
201625233 x4 x40,170124,908 STRONG SELL185,9870-185,987Transaction Details
201624010 x1 x05,000 STRONG SELL022,650+22,650Transaction Details
20162312112 x1 x461,59312,000 STRONG BUY532,00851,240-480,768Transaction Details
201622707 x0 x64,4420 STRONG BUY168,0070-168,007Transaction Details
201615000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201610657 x5 x1,217,936234,559000Transaction Details
201537010 x1 x05,000 STRONG SELL011,155+11,155Transaction Details
201527606 x0 x186,8880 STRONG BUY456,0070-456,007Transaction Details
201526656 x10 x751,638100,949000Transaction Details
201525050 x5 x061,059 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201524101 x0 x11,8260000Transaction Details
201522606 x0 x48,2460 STRONG BUY144,0050-144,005Transaction Details
201512565 x6 x269,409111,487 SELL022,617+22,617Transaction Details
201511102 x0 x311,0520000Transaction Details
201434556 x5 x60,073254,000 STRONG SELL0496,850+496,850Transaction Details
201427010 x1 x09,099 STRONG SELL030,427+30,427Transaction Details
20142512417 x4 x668,41077,810 STRONG BUY366,0030-366,003Transaction Details
201421606 x0 x39,4680 STRONG BUY144,0110-144,011Transaction Details
20149606 x0 x709,8160000Transaction Details
20200000 x0 x00000Transaction Details