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Get the latest insider transactions of EDWARD CONARD. EDWARD CONARD is Director in WATERS CORP /DE/ ($WAT).

Over the past year EDWARD CONARD has been an insider in 1 company. The total value of shares held by EDWARD CONARD in this company amounts to $10,456,358.

$ 10456358 The total value of shares held by EDWARD CONARD
Insider Rank

EDWARD CONARD ranks 2,306 out of 350,000 insiders. Go to Insider Ranking to see more.

Latest Insider Trading Transactions of EDWARD CONARD

1 Week2 Weeks1 Month3 Months6 Months1 Year2 Years
No. of Purchases0000023
Value of Purchases ($)00000312,400558,920
No. of Sales0000012
Value of Sales ($)00000312,772559,603

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DateTickerCompanyOwnerRelationship Transaction Code Cost ($) Shares Transaction Value ($) Total Shares % Holdings
Apr 02 2021WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0076076
Jan 06 2021WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA250.151,352338,2031,352
Jan 06 2021WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorGrantA0.00439070,98270.5 K to 71 K (+0.62 %)
Jan 04 2021WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001110111
Dec 07 2020WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseM78.104,000312,4000
Dec 07 2020WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorSellS236.591,322312,77270,54371.9 K to 70.5 K (-1.84 %)
Dec 07 2020WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorBuyM78.104,000312,40071,86567.9 K to 71.9 K (+5.89 %)
Oct 02 2020WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0099099
Jul 02 2020WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001420142
Apr 02 2020WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001130113
Jan 03 2020WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA235.061,601376,3311,601
Jan 03 2020WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001350135
Jan 03 2020WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorGrantA0.00467067,86567.4 K to 67.9 K (+0.69 %)
Nov 27 2019WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseM61.634,000246,5200
Nov 27 2019WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorSellS221.971,112246,83167,39868.5 K to 67.4 K (-1.62 %)
Nov 27 2019WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorBuyM61.634,000246,52068,51064.5 K to 68.5 K (+6.20 %)
Oct 01 2019WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001100110
Jul 02 2019WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001020102
Apr 02 2019WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0091091
Jan 04 2019WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA183.411,760322,8021,760
Jan 04 2019WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorGrantA0.00599064,51063.9 K to 64.5 K (+0.94 %)
Jan 03 2019WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001330133
Dec 26 2018WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseM38.093,500133,3150
Dec 26 2018WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorBuyM38.093,500133,31563,91160.4 K to 63.9 K (+5.79 %)
Oct 02 2018WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001150115
Jul 02 2018WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001280128
Apr 03 2018WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001080108
Nov 28 2017WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseM76.753,500268,6250
Nov 28 2017WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorBuyM76.753,500268,62559,84956.3 K to 59.8 K (+6.21 %)
Oct 03 2017WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001010101
Jul 05 2017WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001220122
Apr 04 2017WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001220122
Jan 05 2017WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA136.433,626494,6953,626
Jan 05 2017WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorGrantA0.00806056,34955.5 K to 56.3 K (+1.45 %)
Jan 03 2017WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001380138
Nov 14 2016WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseM48.884,000195,5200
Nov 14 2016WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorBuyM48.884,000195,52058,46154.5 K to 58.5 K (+7.34 %)
Oct 03 2016WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001180118
Jul 05 2016WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001240124
Apr 04 2016WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001580158
Jan 05 2016WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA130.35843109,885843
Jan 05 2016WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001540154
Jan 05 2016WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorGrantA0.003,761054,46150.7 K to 54.5 K (+7.42 %)
Nov 17 2015WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseM38.104,000152,4000
Nov 17 2015WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorBuyM38.104,000152,40050,70046.7 K to 50.7 K (+8.57 %)
Oct 01 2015WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001440144
Jul 01 2015WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001410141
Apr 01 2015WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001910191
Apr 02 2007WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.002340234
Feb 22 2005WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001950195
Jan 05 2005WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA45.774,000183,0804,000
Jan 05 2005WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorGrantA0.001,00002,0001,000 to 2 K (+100.00 %)
Dec 10 2004WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0043043
Oct 12 2004WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001990199
Jul 15 2004WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001740174
May 06 2004WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001950195
Feb 26 2004WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.002580258
Jan 06 2004WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA33.124,000132,4804,000
Jan 06 2004WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorGrantA0.001,00001,0000 to 1,000
Dec 15 2003WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0054054
Oct 02 2003WATWATERS CORP /DE/CONARD EDWARDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.002410241

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