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Get the latest insider transactions of ANTHONY DINOVI. ANTHONY DINOVI is Director in FISHER SCIENTIFIC INTERNATIONAL INC ($FSH) and Director in WEST CORP ($WSTC) and Director in ENDURANCE SPECIALTY HOLDINGS LTD ($ENH) and Director in DUNKIN' BRANDS GROUP, INC. ($DNKN).

Over the past year ANTHONY DINOVI has been an insider in 1 company. The total value of shares held by ANTHONY DINOVI in this company amounts to $856,203.

$ 856203 The total value of shares held by ANTHONY DINOVI
Insider Rank

ANTHONY DINOVI ranks 18,296 out of 350,000 insiders. Go to Insider Ranking to see more.

Latest Insider Trading Transactions of ANTHONY DINOVI

1 Week2 Weeks1 Month3 Months6 Months1 Year2 Years
No. of Purchases0000113
Value of Purchases ($)0000120,019120,019360,090
No. of Sales0000000
Value of Sales ($)0000000

Sentiment: All, DNKN, ENH, FSH, WSTC

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DateTickerCompanyOwnerRelationship Transaction Code Cost ($) Shares Transaction Value ($) Total Shares % Holdings
Sep 11 2020DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0056010,547
May 14 2020DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorGrantA62.381,924120,01916,76214.8 K to 16.8 K (+12.97 %)
Apr 03 2020DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00390010,340
Mar 20 2020DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.009009,950
Jan 06 2020DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0026209,860
Dec 13 2019DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.004709,599
Oct 03 2019DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0025509,551
Sep 16 2019DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.004309,296
Jul 03 2019DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0024709,253
Jun 14 2019DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.004209,006
May 16 2019DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorGrantA72.971,645120,03614,83813.2 K to 14.8 K (+12.47 %)
May 16 2019DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorGrantA72.971,645120,03614,83813.2 K to 14.8 K (+12.47 %)
Apr 04 2019DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0025608,964
Mar 22 2019DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.004508,708
Jan 07 2019DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0030808,662
Dec 07 2018DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.004008,354
Oct 04 2018DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0026608,315
Sep 10 2018DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.003708,049
Jul 09 2018DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0028108,012
Jun 08 2018DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.004007,731
May 18 2018DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorGrantA64.111,716110,01313,19311.5 K to 13.2 K (+14.95 %)
Apr 04 2018DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0033307,690
Mar 26 2018DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.004207,357
Jan 09 2018DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0030107,315
Dec 08 2017DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.003707,014
Oct 10 2017DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0035706,977
Sep 08 2017DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.004106,620
Jul 06 2017DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0033506,579
Jun 16 2017DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.003506,244
Apr 05 2017DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0032106,209
Mar 24 2017DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.003305,889
Jan 05 2017DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0033505,856
Dec 02 2016DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.003005,521
Oct 05 2016DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0033805,491
Sep 06 2016DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.003105,153
Jul 06 2016DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS GRO ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0039605,122
Jun 10 2016DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.003104,726
May 13 2016DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorGrantA45.532,484113,0979,4547 K to 9.5 K (+35.64 %)
Apr 05 2016DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0037104,695
Mar 17 2016DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.002804,324
Jan 07 2016DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0042704,296
Dec 04 2015DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.002503,869
Oct 06 2015DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0040703,844
Sep 10 2015DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001903,437
Jul 24 2015WSTCWEST CORPDINOVI ANTHONYDirectorSellS30.36165,5535,026,18918,176,11318.3 M to 18.2 M (-0.90 %)
Jul 02 2015DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0031803,419
Jun 26 2015WSTCWEST CORPDINOVI ANTHONYDirectorSellS30.36827,76425,130,91518,341,66619.2 M to 18.3 M (-4.32 %)
Jun 26 2015WSTCWEST CORPDINOVI ANTHONYDirectorSellS30.365,794,351175,916,49619,169,43025 M to 19.2 M (-23.21 %)
Jun 19 2015DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001503,101
May 14 2015DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorGrantA0.002,12806,9704.8 K to 7 K (+43.95 %)
Apr 06 2015DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0037103,085
Mar 23 2015DNKNDUNKIN' BRANDS ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001502,714
Mar 20 2015WSTCWEST CORPDINOVI ANTHONYDirectorSellS29.60827,76424,499,24824,963,78125.8 M to 25 M (-3.21 %)
Mar 20 2015WSTCWEST CORPDINOVI ANTHONYDirectorSellS29.6010,471,220309,915,65125,791,54536.3 M to 25.8 M (-28.88 %)
Mar 16 2004ENHENDURANCE SPECIALT ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorSellS34.85215,1307,497,2817,733,9637.9 M to 7.7 M (-2.71 %)
Mar 05 2004ENHENDURANCE SPECIALT ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorSellS34.851,877,40765,427,6347,949,0939.8 M to 7.9 M (-19.11 %)
Aug 19 2003FSHFISHER SCIENTIFIC ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseS9.65140,6711,357,4750
Aug 19 2003FSHFISHER SCIENTIFIC ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseS9.65281,3452,714,979140,671
Aug 19 2003FSHFISHER SCIENTIFIC ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseS9.65425,3754,104,869422,016
Aug 19 2003FSHFISHER SCIENTIFIC ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseS9.65187,5621,809,973847,391
Aug 19 2003FSHFISHER SCIENTIFIC ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseS9.65140,6741,357,5041,034,953
Aug 19 2003FSHFISHER SCIENTIFIC ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseS9.65140,6741,357,5041,175,627
Aug 19 2003FSHFISHER SCIENTIFIC ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseS9.65234,4492,262,4331,316,301
Aug 19 2003FSHFISHER SCIENTIFIC ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseS9.653733,5990
Aug 19 2003FSHFISHER SCIENTIFIC ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseS9.657477,209373
Aug 19 2003FSHFISHER SCIENTIFIC ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseS9.651,12910,8951,120
Aug 19 2003FSHFISHER SCIENTIFIC ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseS9.654984,8062,249
Aug 19 2003FSHFISHER SCIENTIFIC ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseS9.653733,5992,747
Aug 19 2003FSHFISHER SCIENTIFIC ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseS9.653733,5993,120
Aug 19 2003FSHFISHER SCIENTIFIC ...DINOVI ANTHONYDirectorOption ExerciseS9.656226,0023,493

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