L JOHN DOERR Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading of L JOHN DOERR.

L JOHN DOERR Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202157 x2 x426,9491,247,562 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
202142 x0 x10,831,4720000Transaction Details
202133 x2 x857,6302,930,434 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
2020123 x1 x17,113,0506,056,525 STRONG BUY14,350,0000-14,350,000Transaction Details
2020811 x5 x23,230,09327,329,277000Transaction Details
202071 x0 x2450000Transaction Details
202060 x0 x00000Transaction Details
202051 x0 x19,8130000Transaction Details
202031 x0 x5,226,4810 STRONG BUY15,000,0000-15,000,000Transaction Details
2020212 x0 x29,846,2170 STRONG BUY85,098,3120-85,098,312Transaction Details
202012 x0 x9,754,7720 STRONG BUY27,996,1960-27,996,196Transaction Details
2019120 x0 x00000Transaction Details
2019116 x0 x1,136,7900000Transaction Details
2019102 x0 x4,5320000Transaction Details
201980 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201971 x0 x3150000Transaction Details
201952 x0 x1,135,1940 STRONG BUY5,163,3160-5,163,316Transaction Details
201943 x0 x12,397,2490 STRONG BUY48,326,0840-48,326,084Transaction Details
2018110 x26 x011,908 STRONG SELL012,500,538+12,500,538Transaction Details
201885 x21 x13,969,4729,765,034 SELL42,927,31673,164,157+30,236,841Transaction Details
201872 x0 x1,333,6370 STRONG BUY19,999,9960-19,999,996Transaction Details
201850 x14 x011,563 STRONG SELL012,501,005+12,501,005Transaction Details
201820 x19 x011,575 STRONG SELL012,500,832+12,500,832Transaction Details
2017110 x7 x012,236 STRONG SELL012,499,957+12,499,957Transaction Details
2017101 x0 x4,877,3850 STRONG BUY30,727,5260-30,727,526Transaction Details
201781 x6 x1,13313,556 STRONG SELL012,500,722+12,500,722Transaction Details
201771 x0 x3900000Transaction Details
201761 x0 x869,1730 STRONG BUY13,037,5950-13,037,595Transaction Details
201751 x8 x19,08413,050,941 STRONG SELL025,536,995+25,536,995Transaction Details
201731 x0 x19,0840000Transaction Details
201727 x7 x30,054,15236,470,079 SELL012,500,258+12,500,258Transaction Details
2016121 x0 x19,0840000Transaction Details
2016110 x14 x022,538 STRONG SELL011,249,410+11,249,410Transaction Details
201691 x0 x19,0830000Transaction Details
201686 x7 x927,3395,609,970 STRONG SELL011,250,108+11,250,108Transaction Details
201672 x0 x17,5040000Transaction Details
201662 x0 x217,2990 STRONG BUY208,6000-208,600Transaction Details
201658 x6 x16,009,99310,507,643 SELL011,250,233+11,250,233Transaction Details
201631 x0 x16,7220000Transaction Details
201620 x1 x016,072 STRONG SELL011,250,400+11,250,400Transaction Details
201610 x14 x04,789 STRONG SELL03,333,698+3,333,698Transaction Details
2015127 x15 x16,7924,510 SELL03,333,552+3,333,552Transaction Details
2015116 x16 x674,686 STRONG SELL03,333,492+3,333,492Transaction Details
2015106 x14 x705,126 STRONG SELL03,333,865+3,333,865Transaction Details
201597 x16 x16,7925,338 SELL03,333,909+3,333,909Transaction Details
201589 x15 x3,0975,177 STRONG SELL03,333,927+3,333,927Transaction Details
201579 x14 x9,616,1416,033 STRONG BUY14,999,9993,333,595-11,666,404Transaction Details
201568 x11 x19,7376,419 SELL03,334,263+3,334,263Transaction Details
201557 x13 x826,336 STRONG SELL03,334,140+3,334,140Transaction Details
201547 x16 x816,374 STRONG SELL03,333,588+3,333,588Transaction Details
201538 x15 x19,7376,103 SELL03,333,436+3,333,436Transaction Details
201527 x15 x846,212 STRONG SELL03,333,773+3,333,773Transaction Details
201517 x12 x818,392 STRONG SELL04,166,893+4,166,893Transaction Details
2014127 x14 x828,138 STRONG SELL04,167,032+4,167,032Transaction Details
2014117 x16 x837,842 STRONG SELL04,166,883+4,166,883Transaction Details
2014107 x17 x818,012 STRONG SELL04,166,932+4,166,932Transaction Details
201497 x13 x847,390 STRONG SELL04,166,916+4,166,916Transaction Details
201487 x15 x837,337 STRONG SELL04,167,116+4,167,116Transaction Details
201477 x15 x837,239 STRONG SELL04,166,802+4,166,802Transaction Details
201469 x14 x8037,828 STRONG SELL04,167,192+4,167,192Transaction Details
201456 x15 x688,670 STRONG SELL04,481,306+4,481,306Transaction Details
201443 x19 x357,907 STRONG SELL04,166,715+4,166,715Transaction Details
201437 x18 x20,16520,165 SELL024,167,864+24,167,864Transaction Details
201422 x11 x20,07120,071 SELL024,165,834+24,165,834Transaction Details