VINCENT D FOSTER Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading of VINCENT D FOSTER.

VINCENT D FOSTER Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202161 x0 x4,4250000Transaction Details
202144 x1 x20,53021,211 SELL64,605830,411+765,806Transaction Details
202133 x1 x1,6747,000 STRONG SELL64,2650-64,265Transaction Details
202129 x0 x5,9100 STRONG BUY190,4200-190,420Transaction Details
2020126 x0 x4,0450 STRONG BUY125,7630-125,763Transaction Details
2020110 x1 x016,500 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
2020103 x0 x2,0500 STRONG BUY62,2380-62,238Transaction Details
202093 x0 x2,0190 STRONG BUY61,8220-61,822Transaction Details
202083 x0 x1,8710 STRONG BUY61,4060-61,406Transaction Details
202073 x0 x2,0220 STRONG BUY61,0240-61,024Transaction Details
202065 x0 x2,2030 STRONG BUY72,6940-72,694Transaction Details
202057 x1 x15,40913,200 BUY60,1950-60,195Transaction Details
202045 x1 x27,72216,498 STRONG BUY96,639338,374+241,735Transaction Details
202035 x0 x3,4560 STRONG BUY57,9780-57,978Transaction Details
202023 x0 x13,8350 STRONG BUY6,0300-6,030Transaction Details
202018 x1 x3,1595,000 BUY137,6310-137,631Transaction Details
2019123 x0 x1,3300 STRONG BUY57,5230-57,523Transaction Details
2019113 x0 x1,3340 STRONG BUY57,2420-57,242Transaction Details
20191013 x0 x4,5710 STRONG BUY189,7340-189,734Transaction Details
201998 x2 x2,79036,072 STRONG SELL120,8070-120,807Transaction Details
201984 x0 x1,4190 STRONG BUY60,0240-60,024Transaction Details
201978 x0 x3,1620 STRONG BUY132,2290-132,229Transaction Details
201964 x1 x1,3912,500 STRONG SELL57,7540-57,754Transaction Details
201954 x0 x1,4180 STRONG BUY57,4010-57,401Transaction Details
201949 x1 x35,12619,529 STRONG BUY75,996726,479+650,483Transaction Details
201935 x0 x1,5330 STRONG BUY58,6090-58,609Transaction Details
201919 x0 x12,6830 STRONG BUY399,4930-399,493Transaction Details
2018123 x0 x1,3110 STRONG BUY49,1360-49,136Transaction Details
2018114 x0 x27,1510 STRONG BUY1,048,9650-1,048,965Transaction Details
2018103 x0 x1,2970 STRONG BUY48,6250-48,625Transaction Details
201893 x0 x1,1880 STRONG BUY47,1990-47,199Transaction Details
201883 x0 x1,1640 STRONG BUY46,9090-46,909Transaction Details
201874 x0 x1,3680 STRONG BUY52,5450-52,545Transaction Details
201864 x1 x8784,403 STRONG SELL34,119169,736+135,617Transaction Details
201854 x0 x1,9830 STRONG BUY76,5040-76,504Transaction Details
201844 x1 x53,09619,443 STRONG BUY70,411714,725+644,314Transaction Details
201839 x0 x5,6730 STRONG BUY210,1850-210,185Transaction Details
201823 x0 x1,8700 STRONG BUY69,6950-69,695Transaction Details
201819 x0 x5,9680 STRONG BUY236,6970-236,697Transaction Details
2017114 x1 x31,81630,000 BUY73,9110-73,911Transaction Details
2017103 x0 x1,8430 STRONG BUY73,5540-73,554Transaction Details
201793 x0 x1,7820 STRONG BUY71,2980-71,298Transaction Details
201783 x0 x1,7630 STRONG BUY70,9960-70,996Transaction Details
201773 x0 x1,8310 STRONG BUY70,6400-70,640Transaction Details
201766 x1 x4,4749,506 STRONG SELL174,030364,745+190,715Transaction Details
201754 x0 x4,6350 STRONG BUY144,4680-144,468Transaction Details
201744 x1 x48,17714,241 STRONG BUY69,162546,854+477,692Transaction Details
201734 x1 x52,10250,000 BUY78,0050-78,005Transaction Details
201723 x0 x2,0820 STRONG BUY77,6380-77,638Transaction Details
201716 x0 x5,1470 STRONG BUY191,1480-191,148Transaction Details
2016123 x0 x2,0700 STRONG BUY76,2800-76,280Transaction Details
2016113 x0 x2,0850 STRONG BUY75,8940-75,894Transaction Details
2016103 x0 x2,2090 STRONG BUY75,4590-75,459Transaction Details
201694 x0 x2,7220 STRONG BUY92,0040-92,004Transaction Details
201684 x0 x2,6650 STRONG BUY91,5430-91,543Transaction Details
201678 x0 x6,9730 STRONG BUY229,1330-229,133Transaction Details
201665 x1 x5,42312,047 STRONG SELL164,779391,768+226,989Transaction Details
201654 x0 x2,8100 STRONG BUY89,2460-89,246Transaction Details
201647 x1 x54,1997,063 STRONG BUY90,135220,860+130,725Transaction Details
2016312 x0 x6,0760 STRONG BUY178,6700-178,670Transaction Details
2016110 x0 x7,6010 STRONG BUY220,3480-220,348Transaction Details
2015126 x0 x2,8920 STRONG BUY87,1340-87,134Transaction Details
2015116 x0 x2,8240 STRONG BUY86,5800-86,580Transaction Details
2015106 x0 x3,0410 STRONG BUY86,0580-86,058Transaction Details
201597 x0 x4,7300 STRONG BUY158,1890-158,189Transaction Details
201585 x2 x2,7305,000 STRONG SELL80,3490-80,349Transaction Details
2015710 x0 x6,0890 STRONG BUY197,5910-197,591Transaction Details
201566 x1 x2,56014,572 STRONG SELL81,014463,390+382,376Transaction Details
201556 x0 x2,6220 STRONG BUY80,6560-80,656Transaction Details
2015410 x1 x142,57390,000 BUY64,5920-64,592Transaction Details
2015312 x0 x6,0070 STRONG BUY184,4700-184,470Transaction Details