Joseph T Kennedy Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading of Joseph T Kennedy.

Joseph T Kennedy Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202074 x2 x7,2203,806 SELL025,329+25,329Transaction Details
202062 x1 x3,6101,902 SELL013,048+13,048Transaction Details
202052 x1 x3,6101,902 SELL015,711+15,711Transaction Details
202042 x0 x3,6120000Transaction Details
202032 x0 x3,6120000Transaction Details
202025 x2 x136,12871,956 SELL01,322,849+1,322,849Transaction Details
2019101 x1 x199,500105,037 SELL01,509,382+1,509,382Transaction Details
201976 x2 x80,68180,681 SELL69,9621,571,644+1,501,682Transaction Details
2019512 x3 x81,68881,688 SELL209,7761,484,955+1,275,179Transaction Details
201947 x2 x81,77979,555 SELL93,0541,613,030+1,519,976Transaction Details
201934 x1 x27,23127,231 SELL69,929564,172+494,243Transaction Details
201928 x2 x117,84686,586 SELL71,9101,490,185+1,418,275Transaction Details
2019115 x6 x878,8711,096,805 SELL5,024,76319,262,286+14,237,523Transaction Details
2018116 x3 x46,61346,613 SELL105,023898,361+793,338Transaction Details
2018105 x4 x76,74476,744 SELL52,5101,275,602+1,223,092Transaction Details
201895 x3 x1,279,2061,079,706 SELL2,393,01411,400,975+9,007,961Transaction Details
201872 x2 x53,43753,437 SELL0162,825+162,825Transaction Details
201842 x3 x53,43753,437 SELL0157,822+157,822Transaction Details
201823 x2 x123,604105,170 SELL0398,387+398,387Transaction Details
201812 x4 x53,43878,991 SELL0321,269+321,269Transaction Details
201772 x4 x53,437335,796 STRONG SELL01,343,309+1,343,309Transaction Details
201742 x1 x53,43726,981 SELL086,339+86,339Transaction Details
201723 x1 x144,10575,875 SELL0225,349+225,349Transaction Details
201712 x1 x53,43827,885 SELL085,886+85,886Transaction Details
2016110 x1 x0122,358 STRONG SELL0372,042+372,042Transaction Details
201692 x1 x53,43827,885 SELL088,953+88,953Transaction Details
201672 x1 x53,43727,885 SELL060,232+60,232Transaction Details
201642 x1 x53,43720,082 SELL030,725+30,725Transaction Details
201622 x1 x117,43847,581 SELL064,710+64,710Transaction Details
201612 x2 x53,43820,082 SELL037,955+37,955Transaction Details
2015102 x2 x53,43820,083 SELL039,042+39,042Transaction Details
201570 x0 x00000Transaction Details