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Get the latest insider transactions of CHARLES H NOSKI. CHARLES H NOSKI is Director in AVON PRODUCTS INC ($AVP) and Director in MICROSOFT CORP ($MSFT) and Director in WELLS FARGO & COMPANY/MN ($WFC) and Director in MORGAN STANLEY ($MS) and Director in Priceline Group Inc. ($PCLN) and Director in Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co ($HPE).

Over the past year CHARLES H NOSKI has been an insider in 4 companies. The total value of shares held by CHARLES H NOSKI in these companies amounts to $2,821,872.

Booking Holdings Inc.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co
$ 2821872 The total value of shares held by CHARLES H NOSKI
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CHARLES H NOSKI ranks 8,562 out of 350,000 insiders. Go to Insider Ranking to see more.

Latest Insider Trading Transactions of CHARLES H NOSKI

1 Week2 Weeks1 Month3 Months6 Months1 Year2 Years
No. of Purchases0001225
Value of Purchases ($)0000590,600590,600590,600
No. of Sales0000000
Value of Sales ($)0000000

Sentiment: All, AVP, PCLN, HPE, MSFT, MS, WFC

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DateTickerCompanyOwnerRelationship Transaction Code Cost ($) Shares Transaction Value ($) Total Shares % Holdings
Jun 02 2020PCLNBooking Holdings I ...NOSKI CHARLES HDirectorGrantA0.0016201,052890 to 1.1 K (+18.20 %)
May 05 2020HPEHewlett Packard En ...NOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0023,735023,735
Apr 30 2020WFCWELLS FARGO & COMP ...NOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.006,235013,490
Apr 30 2020WFCWELLS FARGO & COMP ...NOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.006,235013,490
Apr 03 2020WFCWELLS FARGO & COMP ...NOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.002,14107,255
Mar 16 2020WFCWELLS FARGO & COMP ...NOSKI CHARLES HDirectorBuyP29.5320,000590,60020,235235 to 20.2 K (+8,510.64 %)
Jan 03 2020WFCWELLS FARGO & COMP ...NOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0053405,051
Dec 04 2019MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00334098,248
Oct 03 2019WFCWELLS FARGO & COMP ...NOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0062704,474
Sep 13 2019MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00326097,913
Aug 30 2019MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00368097,587
Jul 03 2019WFCWELLS FARGO & COMP ...NOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0017303,806
Jun 14 2019MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00336097,218
Jun 05 2019WFCWELLS FARGO & COMP ...NOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.003,63303,633
Jun 05 2019WFCWELLS FARGO & COMP ...NOSKI CHARLES HDirectorGrantA0.00740740 to 74
May 31 2019PCLNBooking Holdings I ...NOSKI CHARLES HDirectorGrantA0.001570890733 to 890 (+21.42 %)
May 31 2019PCLNBooking Holdings I ...NOSKI CHARLES HDirectorGrantA0.001570890733 to 890 (+21.42 %)
May 30 2019MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00396096,881
Mar 18 2019MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00385096,485
Feb 01 2019MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00478096,099
Dec 14 2018MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00400095,620
Nov 29 2018MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00466095,220
Sep 14 2018MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00351094,754
Aug 30 2018MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00446094,402
Jun 15 2018MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00387093,956
Jun 01 2018PCLNBooking Holdings I ...NOSKI CHARLES HDirectorGrantA0.001280733605 to 733 (+21.16 %)
May 30 2018MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00510093,569
Mar 09 2018MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00412093,058
Feb 01 2018MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00526092,646
Dec 15 2017MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00454092,120
Nov 30 2017MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00589091,666
Sep 18 2017MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00472091,076
Aug 31 2017MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00675090,604
Jun 09 2017MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00484089,928
Jun 01 2017PCLNPriceline Group In ...NOSKI CHARLES HDirectorGrantA0.001420605463 to 605 (+30.67 %)
May 31 2017MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00710089,443
May 11 2017AVPAVON PRODUCTS INCNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0032,486032,486
Mar 10 2017MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00531088,733
Feb 01 2017MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00773088,202
Jan 04 2017AVPAVON PRODUCTS INCNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.003,549053,576
Dec 09 2016MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00555087,429
Dec 01 2016MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00818086,873
Oct 04 2016AVPAVON PRODUCTS INCNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.003,326050,027
Sep 09 2016MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00536086,055
Sep 06 2016MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00867085,519
Jul 05 2016AVPAVON PRODUCTS INCNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0011,384046,701
Jun 10 2016MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00586084,652
Jun 03 2016MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00952084,065
May 31 2016AVPAVON PRODUCTS INCNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0029,948029,948
Apr 04 2016AVPAVON PRODUCTS INCNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.004,086035,317
Mar 08 2016PCLNPriceline Group In ...NOSKI CHARLES HDirectorGrantA0.00500259209 to 259 (+23.92 %)
Mar 11 2016MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00570083,113
Feb 01 2016MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00907082,542
Jan 05 2016AVPAVON PRODUCTS INCNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.004,593031,231
Dec 11 2015MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00528081,634
Dec 03 2015MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00679081,106
Oct 02 2015AVPAVON PRODUCTS INCNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.005,313026,188
Sep 11 2015MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00571080,427
Sep 04 2015MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00862079,855
Jul 02 2015AVPAVON PRODUCTS INCNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.005,785020,614
Jun 12 2015MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00523078,993
Jun 04 2015MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00800078,469
May 08 2015AVPAVON PRODUCTS INCNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0016,266016,266
Apr 02 2015AVPAVON PRODUCTS INCNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.002,399014,697
Mar 13 2015MSFTMICROSOFT CORPNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00582077,669
Mar 06 2015PCLNPriceline Group In ...NOSKI CHARLES HDirectorGrantA0.0020902090 to 209
Jul 10 2006MSMORGAN STANLEYNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorGrantA63.8717611,24110,42910.3 K to 10.4 K (+1.72 %)
Apr 06 2006MSMORGAN STANLEYNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorGrantA64.271,40089,97810,2108.8 K to 10.2 K (+15.89 %)
Apr 06 2006MSMORGAN STANLEYNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorGrantA0.004,00008,8094.8 K to 8.8 K (+83.18 %)
Oct 03 2005MSMORGAN STANLEYNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorGrantA53.9476541,2644,7654 K to 4.8 K (+19.13 %)
Oct 03 2005MSMORGAN STANLEYNOSKI CHARLES HDirectorGrantA0.004,00004,0000 to 4 K

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