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Get the latest insider transactions of EMILY E PICHON. EMILY E PICHON is Director in LAKELAND FINANCIAL CORP ($LKFN).

Over the past year EMILY E PICHON has been an insider in 1 company. The total value of shares held by EMILY E PICHON in this company amounts to $549,801.

$ 549801 The total value of shares held by EMILY E PICHON
Insider Rank

EMILY E PICHON ranks 21,147 out of 350,000 insiders. Go to Insider Ranking to see more.

Latest Insider Trading Transactions of EMILY E PICHON

1 Week2 Weeks1 Month3 Months6 Months1 Year2 Years
No. of Purchases0000124
Value of Purchases ($)0000000
No. of Sales0000003
Value of Sales ($)000000299,327

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DateTickerCompanyOwnerRelationship Transaction Code Cost ($) Shares Transaction Value ($) Total Shares % Holdings
Feb 08 2021LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0040819
Jan 13 2021LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorGrantA0.00650012,61312 K to 12.6 K (+5.43 %)
Nov 06 2020LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0050815
Aug 06 2020LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0050810
Jul 15 2020LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorGrantA0.00650011,96311.3 K to 12 K (+5.75 %)
May 06 2020LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0060805
Feb 21 2020LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorSellS46.605,500256,30011,31316.8 K to 11.3 K (-32.71 %)
Feb 06 2020LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0050799
Jan 15 2020LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorGrantA0.00650016,81316.2 K to 16.8 K (+4.02 %)
Nov 07 2019LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0050794
Sep 05 2019LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorSellS43.0350021,51416,16316.7 K to 16.2 K (-3.00 %)
Aug 06 2019LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0050789
Jul 09 2019LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorGrantA0.00650016,66316 K to 16.7 K (+4.06 %)
May 09 2019LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0050784
Feb 07 2019LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0050779
Jan 09 2019LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorGrantA0.00650016,01315.4 K to 16 K (+4.23 %)
Nov 07 2018LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0040774
Aug 22 2018LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorSellS50.8550025,42715,36315.9 K to 15.4 K (-3.15 %)
Aug 07 2018LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0040770
Jul 11 2018LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorGrantA0.00650015,86315.2 K to 15.9 K (+4.27 %)
May 08 2018LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0040766
Feb 06 2018LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0040762
Jan 09 2018LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorGrantA0.00650015,21314.6 K to 15.2 K (+4.46 %)
Nov 08 2017LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0030758
Aug 08 2017LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0040755
Jul 12 2017LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorGrantA0.00844014,56313.7 K to 14.6 K (+6.15 %)
May 08 2017LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0030751
Feb 08 2017LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0040748
Jan 11 2017LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorGrantA0.00844013,71912.9 K to 13.7 K (+6.56 %)
Nov 08 2016LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0040744
Aug 23 2016LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorSellS35.551,00035,55012,87513.9 K to 12.9 K (-7.21 %)
Aug 09 2016LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0030739
Jul 12 2016LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorGrantA0.0062509,2508.6 K to 9.3 K (+7.25 %)
Jul 12 2016LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorGrantA0.0062509,2508.6 K to 9.3 K (+7.25 %)
May 06 2016LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0030491
Feb 08 2016LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0030488
Jan 14 2016LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorGrantA0.0062508,6258 K to 8.6 K (+7.81 %)
Nov 06 2015LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0020485
Sep 09 2015LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorSellS41.0060024,6008,0008.6 K to 8 K (-6.98 %)
Aug 06 2015LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0030483
Jul 15 2015LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorGrantA0.0062508,6008 K to 8.6 K (+7.84 %)
Jul 07 2015LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorOption ExerciseA0.004800480
Mar 15 2005LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorBuyP39.251003,925400300 to 400 (+33.33 %)
Feb 20 2004LKFNLAKELAND FINANCIAL ...PICHON EMILY EDirectorBuyP33.981003,398300200 to 300 (+50.00 %)

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