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Get the latest insider transactions of RONALD SARGENT. RONALD SARGENT is Director in KROGER CO ($KR) and Director in WELLS FARGO & COMPANY/MN ($WFC) and Chairman and CEO in STAPLES INC ($SPLS) and Director, President and CEO in STAPLES INC ($SPLS) and Director in FIVE BELOW, INC ($FIVE).

Over the past year RONALD SARGENT has been an insider in 3 companies. The total value of shares held by RONALD SARGENT in these companies amounts to $5,783,413.

Chairman and CEO, Director, President and CEO
$ 5783413 The total value of shares held by RONALD SARGENT
Insider Rank

RONALD SARGENT ranks 3,956 out of 350,000 insiders. Go to Insider Ranking to see more.


Trading Symbol: KR
Position of RONALD SARGENT: Director
Holdings: 129,520 shares
Current Value: $4,284,522
Latest Transaction: Jun 02 2021
$KR Market Capitalization: $30.81B
$KR Previous Close: $33.08

Last 4 weeks trend: STRONG BUY
Last 3 months trend: STRONG BUY

Last 3 Months Overview:
Buy: 9x
Sell: 7x
Shares Bought: 88,195
Shares Sold: 19,529
Share Difference: +68,666
Value Difference: -$466,831

Latest Insider Trading Transactions of RONALD SARGENT in KROGER CO

1 Week2 Weeks1 Month3 Months6 Months1 Year2 Years
No. of Purchases0000023
Value of Purchases ($)00000262,090397,030
No. of Sales0000012
Value of Sales ($)00000160,808205,435

Sentiment: All, FIVE, KR, SPLS, WFC

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DateTickerCompanyOwnerRelationship Transaction Code Cost ($) Shares Transaction Value ($) Total Shares % Holdings
Jun 02 2021KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00218045,366
Apr 01 2021KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001,125061,067
Mar 09 2021KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseM12.3713,000160,8100
Mar 09 2021KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorPayment of ExerciseF34.894,609160,808124,911129.5 K to 124.9 K (-3.56 %)
Mar 09 2021KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorBuyM12.3713,000160,810129,520116.5 K to 129.5 K (+11.16 %)
Mar 02 2021KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00246045,148
Jan 05 2021KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001,159059,941
Dec 31 2020KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorBuyP31.653,200101,280116,520113.3 K to 116.5 K (+2.82 %)
Dec 02 2020KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00244044,902
Oct 02 2020KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001,130058,782
Sep 03 2020KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00226044,659
Jul 16 2020KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.005,111044,433
Jul 01 2020KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001,185057,652
Jul 01 2020KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseM10.3813,000134,9400
Jul 01 2020KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorPayment of ExerciseF33.861,31844,627113,320114.6 K to 113.3 K (-1.15 %)
Jul 01 2020KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorBuyM10.3813,000134,940114,638101.6 K to 114.6 K (+12.79 %)
Jun 02 2020KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00193039,322
Apr 02 2020KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001,290056,467
Apr 02 2020KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001,290056,467
Mar 03 2020KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00210039,129
Jan 02 2020KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001,397055,177
Dec 04 2019KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00223038,919
Oct 02 2019KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001,609053,780
Sep 04 2019KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00256038,696
Jul 16 2019KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorGrantA0.007,9950109,633101.6 K to 109.6 K (+7.87 %)
Jul 15 2019KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseM10.0313,000130,3900
Jul 15 2019KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorPayment of ExerciseF21.656,022130,376101,638107.7 K to 101.6 K (-5.59 %)
Jul 15 2019KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorBuyM10.0313,000130,390107,66094.7 K to 107.7 K (+13.73 %)
Jul 02 2019KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001,651052,171
Jul 02 2019KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorBuyP21.495,000107,43794,66089.7 K to 94.7 K (+5.58 %)
Jun 04 2019KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00185030,445
Apr 01 2019KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001,463050,520
Mar 04 2019KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00150030,261
Mar 04 2019KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00150030,261
Jan 02 2019KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001,356049,057
Jan 02 2019KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001,356049,057
Dec 04 2018KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00141030,110
Oct 09 2018KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseM13.0713,000169,9100
Oct 09 2018KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorSellS29.191002,91989,66089.8 K to 89.7 K (-0.11 %)
Oct 09 2018KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorSellS29.181543889,76089.8 K to 89.8 K (-0.02 %)
Oct 09 2018KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorBuyM13.0713,000169,91089,77576.8 K to 89.8 K (+16.93 %)
Oct 01 2018KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001,325047,701
Sep 05 2018KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00131029,969
Jul 16 2018KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.006,261029,838
Jul 03 2018KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001,097046,376
Jun 04 2018KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00120023,577
Apr 02 2018KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001,119045,279
Mar 05 2018KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00106023,457
Jan 02 2018KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001,210044,160
Dec 04 2017KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00113023,351
Oct 03 2017KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001,325042,950
Sep 05 2017KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00129023,238
Jul 14 2017KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.007,237023,109
Jul 05 2017KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001,091041,624
Jun 05 2017KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0063015,872
Apr 04 2017KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00898040,534
Mar 30 2017KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseM13.1110,000131,0500
Mar 30 2017KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorSellS29.354,465131,05776,77581.2 K to 76.8 K (-5.50 %)
Mar 30 2017KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorBuyM13.1110,000131,05081,24071.2 K to 81.2 K (+14.04 %)
Mar 02 2017KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0059015,809
Jan 03 2017KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00896039,635
Dec 02 2016KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0056015,750
Oct 03 2016KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00868038,739
Sep 02 2016KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0059015,694
Jul 13 2016KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.004,413015,635
Jul 05 2016KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00766037,871
Jul 05 2016KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00766037,871
Jun 02 2016KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0032011,222
Apr 01 2016KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00718037,106
Mar 02 2016KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0029011,190
Apr 11 2016KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseM11.5510,000115,5000
Apr 11 2016KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorSellS38.093,000114,26171,24074.2 K to 71.2 K (-4.04 %)
Apr 11 2016KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorBuyM11.5510,000115,50074,24064.2 K to 74.2 K (+15.57 %)
Jan 04 2016KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00732036,388
Dec 02 2015KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0031011,161
Oct 02 2015KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00791035,655
Sep 02 2015KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0034011,130
Jul 16 2015KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.004,320011,096
Jul 01 2015KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00385017,432
Jun 02 2015KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00903,388
Apr 01 2015KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00410017,047
Mar 04 2015KRKROGER COSARGENT RONALDDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00903,379

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