Ellyn Shook Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading of Ellyn Shook.

Ellyn Shook Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202151 x0 x830 STRONG BUY24,1510-24,151Transaction Details
202141 x0 x870 STRONG BUY24,4250-24,425Transaction Details
202131 x0 x990 STRONG BUY24,5080-24,508Transaction Details
202123 x3 x2302,864 STRONG SELL48,251705,853+657,602Transaction Details
202113 x5 x6,9863,851 STRONG BUY24,405986,608+962,203Transaction Details
2020121 x0 x2,0870 STRONG BUY525,4130-525,413Transaction Details
2020111 x0 x1040 STRONG BUY24,3640-24,364Transaction Details
2020101 x0 x1090 STRONG BUY24,3600-24,360Transaction Details
202091 x0 x1030 STRONG BUY24,3480-24,348Transaction Details
202082 x0 x1340 STRONG BUY24,4420-24,442Transaction Details
202071 x2 x1123,725 STRONG SELL24,268834,496+810,229Transaction Details
202061 x3 x1182,501 STRONG SELL24,456530,892+506,436Transaction Details
202052 x0 x1660 STRONG BUY30,2350-30,235Transaction Details
202041 x2 x1592,502 STRONG SELL24,407450,360+425,954Transaction Details
202031 x0 x1330 STRONG BUY24,4970-24,497Transaction Details
202021 x0 x1140 STRONG BUY24,2180-24,218Transaction Details
202013 x4 x4,3906,313 SELL24,2221,327,710+1,303,488Transaction Details
2019121 x0 x2,0830 STRONG BUY415,4650-415,465Transaction Details
2019112 x1 x21030 STRONG BUY24,2765,901-18,376Transaction Details
2019102 x1 x13,8677,223 STRONG BUY24,4351,337,880+1,313,445Transaction Details
201991 x0 x1220 STRONG BUY24,2930-24,293Transaction Details
201981 x0 x1300 STRONG BUY24,3900-24,390Transaction Details
201971 x2 x1284,687 STRONG SELL24,319909,229+884,910Transaction Details
201961 x0 x1360 STRONG BUY24,3940-24,394Transaction Details
201952 x0 x1830 STRONG BUY24,2820-24,282Transaction Details
201941 x5 x1377,031 STRONG SELL24,3491,254,166+1,229,817Transaction Details
201931 x0 x1490 STRONG BUY24,3190-24,319Transaction Details
201922 x2 x3102,125 STRONG SELL48,664328,841+280,178Transaction Details
201912 x3 x2,1273,279 SELL24,399481,958+457,559Transaction Details
2018121 x0 x2,2010 STRONG BUY365,8720-365,872Transaction Details
2018112 x2 x2922,390 STRONG SELL24,466382,455+357,989Transaction Details
2018101 x3 x9,2757,282 SELL01,145,049+1,145,049Transaction Details
201891 x0 x1450 STRONG BUY24,4170-24,417Transaction Details
201872 x1 x2964,375 STRONG SELL48,545735,074+686,529Transaction Details
201852 x0 x2090 STRONG BUY24,3440-24,344Transaction Details
201841 x4 x1618,750 STRONG SELL24,3171,338,441+1,314,124Transaction Details
201833 x0 x4620 STRONG BUY73,1460-73,146Transaction Details
201821 x1 x157908 STRONG SELL24,335145,584+121,249Transaction Details
201813 x4 x7,3466,285 SELL301,924993,147+691,223Transaction Details
2017121 x0 x1650 STRONG BUY24,3590-24,359Transaction Details
2017112 x1 x33947 STRONG BUY24,4626,784-17,678Transaction Details
2017102 x2 x10,5328,944 SELL24,3121,251,083+1,226,771Transaction Details
201791 x0 x1880 STRONG BUY24,3920-24,392Transaction Details
201781 x0 x1870 STRONG BUY24,3300-24,330Transaction Details
201771 x3 x1969,242 STRONG SELL24,3791,156,293+1,131,914Transaction Details
201761 x2 x1932,200 STRONG SELL24,359270,542+246,183Transaction Details
201752 x0 x2940 STRONG BUY24,4710-24,471Transaction Details
201741 x1 x2062,200 STRONG SELL24,368261,851+237,483Transaction Details
201731 x0 x1970 STRONG BUY24,3530-24,353Transaction Details
201721 x1 x213501 STRONG SELL24,30056,883+32,583Transaction Details
201713 x1 x9,149785 STRONG BUY269,80591,095-178,709Transaction Details
2016121 x1 x2064,400 STRONG SELL24,295517,651+493,357Transaction Details
2016112 x1 x32326 STRONG BUY24,3943,032-21,362Transaction Details
2016102 x1 x5,1331,844 STRONG BUY24,449213,886+189,437Transaction Details
201691 x0 x2100 STRONG BUY24,3080-24,308Transaction Details
201681 x0 x2150 STRONG BUY24,4330-24,433Transaction Details
201671 x1 x215616 STRONG SELL24,31569,941+45,626Transaction Details
201661 x2 x2063,200 STRONG SELL24,402351,533+327,131Transaction Details
201652 x0 x2890 STRONG BUY24,3850-24,385Transaction Details
201641 x0 x2130 STRONG BUY24,3930-24,393Transaction Details
201631 x2 x2363,200 STRONG SELL24,322367,476+343,154Transaction Details
201621 x1 x242426 STRONG SELL24,34145,056+20,715Transaction Details
201613 x1 x8,433811 STRONG BUY226,40982,860-143,549Transaction Details
2015121 x1 x2153,200 STRONG SELL23,167328,794+305,626Transaction Details
2015113 x2 x6,3652,626 STRONG BUY23,096284,595+261,499Transaction Details
2015101 x1 x2291,600 STRONG SELL23,100160,000+136,900Transaction Details
201591 x1 x2451,600 STRONG SELL23,128154,518+131,390Transaction Details
201581 x0 x2210 STRONG BUY23,1450-23,145Transaction Details
201571 x3 x2377,715 STRONG SELL23,135758,716+735,581Transaction Details
201561 x0 x2420 STRONG BUY23,0980-23,098Transaction Details
201552 x0 x3530 STRONG BUY23,1460-23,146Transaction Details
201541 x1 x2466,000 STRONG SELL23,065565,714+542,649Transaction Details
201531 x0 x2530 STRONG BUY23,1950-23,195Transaction Details
201521 x0 x2620 STRONG BUY23,0400-23,040Transaction Details
201513 x3 x5,1947,012 SELL131,888609,231+477,343Transaction Details
2014121 x2 x2363,000 STRONG SELL20,363271,276+250,913Transaction Details
2014112 x0 x3600 STRONG BUY20,3990-20,399Transaction Details
2014101 x1 x2543,000 STRONG SELL20,401241,871+221,470Transaction Details
201491 x0 x2490 STRONG BUY20,3610-20,361Transaction Details
201481 x0 x2600 STRONG BUY20,4500-20,450Transaction Details
201471 x2 x2504,777 STRONG SELL20,364383,468+363,104Transaction Details
201461 x0 x2450 STRONG BUY20,4050-20,405Transaction Details
201452 x0 x4240 STRONG BUY20,4040-20,404Transaction Details
201441 x0 x2590 STRONG BUY20,4290-20,429Transaction Details
201431 x0 x2430 STRONG BUY20,3740-20,374Transaction Details