Kevin M Warren Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading of Kevin M Warren.

Kevin M Warren Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202151 x0 x50 STRONG BUY1,1910-1,191Transaction Details
202122 x1 x2,4251,087 STRONG BUY3,235177,605+174,370Transaction Details
202111 x1 x9,0213,152 SELL0500,853+500,853Transaction Details
2020112 x0 x1,1180 STRONG BUY3,3510-3,351Transaction Details
202081 x0 x170 STRONG BUY3,2390-3,239Transaction Details
202051 x0 x9200 STRONG BUY148,1290-148,129Transaction Details
202021 x0 x180 STRONG BUY3,3040-3,304Transaction Details
2019111 x0 x190 STRONG BUY3,2830-3,283Transaction Details
201981 x0 x220 STRONG BUY3,3370-3,337Transaction Details
201951 x0 x9420 STRONG BUY148,2800-148,280Transaction Details
201923 x1 x5,3051,582 STRONG BUY6,722176,868+170,146Transaction Details
201911 x1 x8,4252,575 SELL0251,217+251,217Transaction Details
2018111 x0 x250 STRONG BUY3,2680-3,268Transaction Details
201882 x0 x480 STRONG BUY6,6980-6,698Transaction Details
201851 x0 x1,0190 STRONG BUY148,2340-148,234Transaction Details
201841 x0 x13,4030 STRONG BUY375,0160-375,016Transaction Details
201821 x0 x190 STRONG BUY3,2370-3,237Transaction Details
2017111 x0 x210 STRONG BUY3,3030-3,303Transaction Details
201781 x0 x230 STRONG BUY3,2860-3,286Transaction Details
201772 x1 x23,462587 STRONG BUY674,06316,865-657,199Transaction Details
201751 x0 x1,0620 STRONG BUY148,2550-148,255Transaction Details
201721 x0 x260 STRONG BUY3,3070-3,307Transaction Details
201711 x1 x16,9017,031 STRONG BUY116,44848,444-68,004Transaction Details
2016111 x0 x290 STRONG BUY3,3070-3,307Transaction Details
201681 x0 x280 STRONG BUY3,2720-3,272Transaction Details
201650 x1 x01,327 STRONG SELL0138,260+138,260Transaction Details
201621 x1 x375,500 STRONG SELL3,345492,470+489,125Transaction Details
2015111 x0 x380 STRONG BUY3,5200-3,520Transaction Details
201581 x0 x370 STRONG BUY3,3040-3,304Transaction Details
201571 x0 x3,4400 STRONG BUY302,3760-302,376Transaction Details
201551 x0 x1,3380 STRONG BUY128,3410-128,341Transaction Details
201521 x0 x340 STRONG BUY3,3010-3,301Transaction Details
201510 x1 x03,000 STRONG SELL0279,750+279,750Transaction Details
2014111 x0 x1810 STRONG BUY16,7990-16,799Transaction Details
201481 x0 x2050 STRONG BUY16,8220-16,822Transaction Details
201451 x0 x1,6010 STRONG BUY136,7730-136,773Transaction Details
201421 x0 x2110 STRONG BUY16,8120-16,812Transaction Details