$IO ION GEOPHYSICAL CORP Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in ION GEOPHYSICAL CORP.

ION GEOPHYSICAL CORP Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
2021196010 x0 x655,0000000Transaction Details
202116273 x19 x110,019139,264 SELL5,551300,810+295,259Transaction Details
202110010 x2 x05,942 STRONG SELL015,627+15,627Transaction Details
202048020 x3 x04,783 STRONG SELL09,040+9,040Transaction Details
202035010 x1 x06,279 STRONG SELL012,746+12,746Transaction Details
202010101 x0 x100,0000 STRONG BUY174,8500-174,850Transaction Details
20209607 x0 x62,5000000Transaction Details
20207101 x0 x11,0000 STRONG BUY48,6750-48,675Transaction Details
20206101 x0 x50,0000 STRONG BUY182,9200-182,920Transaction Details
201935306 x0 x134,6550000Transaction Details
201922111 x1 x60,0002,624 STRONG BUY407,43617,817-389,619Transaction Details
20199333 x3 x7,5004,650 SELL061,194+61,194Transaction Details
201848707 x0 x516,3440 STRONG BUY152,1840-152,184Transaction Details
201844101 x0 x10,0000 STRONG BUY102,7990-102,799Transaction Details
201832105 x0 x40,0000 STRONG BUY635,1000-635,100Transaction Details
201825111 x3 x50,00097,760 STRONG SELL155,0002,266,135+2,111,135Transaction Details
201824010 x4 x0115,390 STRONG SELL02,623,443+2,623,443Transaction Details
201822122 x2 x2,4088,293 STRONG SELL0198,679+198,679Transaction Details
201821070 x18 x032,049 STRONG SELL0766,891+766,891Transaction Details
2018814814 x8 x58,25018,217 SELL0511,898+511,898Transaction Details
2017517718 x7 x817,090613,332 SELL4,616,2308,003,983+3,387,752Transaction Details
201749101 x0 x12,0000000Transaction Details
201722030 x3 x03,849 STRONG SELL017,128+17,128Transaction Details
20179747 x8 x17,50013,558 SELL072,535+72,535Transaction Details
201651104 x0 x32,4070 STRONG BUY226,1660-226,166Transaction Details
201649010 x1 x0560 STRONG SELL04,144+4,144Transaction Details
201648030 x3 x0295 STRONG SELL02,183+2,183Transaction Details
201646010 x1 x01,618 STRONG SELL013,225+13,225Transaction Details
201645104 x0 x35,1000 STRONG BUY228,7170-228,717Transaction Details
201644104 x0 x27,4000 STRONG BUY169,4110-169,411Transaction Details
201643105 x0 x14,0000 STRONG BUY89,7150-89,715Transaction Details
201642106 x0 x27,0000 STRONG BUY170,6880-170,688Transaction Details
201641105 x0 x27,6000 STRONG BUY182,5820-182,582Transaction Details
201640104 x0 x45,0000 STRONG BUY301,6620-301,662Transaction Details
201639106 x0 x47,2000 STRONG BUY285,5110-285,511Transaction Details
201638104 x0 x21,4000 STRONG BUY123,1860-123,186Transaction Details
201637108 x0 x54,6000 STRONG BUY318,6340-318,634Transaction Details
201636104 x0 x19,0000 STRONG BUY109,1870-109,187Transaction Details
201635104 x0 x21,1000 STRONG BUY125,8200-125,820Transaction Details
201626106 x0 x46,0000 STRONG BUY265,2950-265,295Transaction Details
201622606 x0 x57,3000 STRONG BUY69,4850-69,485Transaction Details
201617101 x0 x20,0000000Transaction Details
201611306 x0 x33,3000 STRONG BUY224,9100-224,910Transaction Details
201610102 x0 x6,0000 STRONG BUY39,9300-39,930Transaction Details
2016914218 x2 x195,000843 STRONG BUY129,0022,613-126,388Transaction Details
201548030 x6 x011,384 STRONG SELL06,375+6,375Transaction Details
201547101 x0 x389,3000 STRONG BUY183,4380-183,438Transaction Details
2015465011 x0 x1,719,1980 STRONG BUY647,5370-647,537Transaction Details
201545103 x0 x215,0000 STRONG BUY73,1960-73,196Transaction Details
201522010 x1 x01,824 STRONG SELL02,590+2,590Transaction Details
201521101 x0 x12,2000 STRONG BUY18,5240-18,524Transaction Details
201520101 x0 x75,0000 STRONG BUY128,6330-128,633Transaction Details
201519106 x0 x180,0000 STRONG BUY319,6610-319,661Transaction Details
2015913513 x5 x518,33515,659 SELL035,703+35,703Transaction Details
201448252 x12 x40,00029,936 SELL073,942+73,942Transaction Details
201437114 x1 x100,00080,000 BUY317,4420-317,442Transaction Details
201435102 x0 x20,0000 STRONG BUY66,7680-66,768Transaction Details
201422020 x2 x04,104 STRONG SELL017,114+17,114Transaction Details
201418101 x0 x100,0000 STRONG BUY407,4100-407,410Transaction Details
2014915215 x2 x340,00022,674 SELL092,583+92,583Transaction Details