$LE LANDS' END, INC. Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in LANDS' END, INC..

LANDS' END, INC. Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202119111 x1 x5,6842,521 SELL061,185+61,185Transaction Details
202118202 x0 x7700 STRONG BUY17,7410-17,741Transaction Details
2021136618 x18 x178,02668,125 SELL01,731,218+1,731,218Transaction Details
202112666 x6 x62,76723,165 SELL0693,792+693,792Transaction Details
202111030 x18 x0672,054 STRONG SELL025,868,193+25,868,193Transaction Details
202110101 x0 x29,4110000Transaction Details
20218010 x1 x08,353 STRONG SELL0263,871+263,871Transaction Details
20217010 x5 x0111,959 STRONG SELL03,494,975+3,494,975Transaction Details
20216010 x2 x025,544 STRONG SELL0798,886+798,886Transaction Details
20215202 x0 x1,0040 STRONG BUY27,7200-27,720Transaction Details
202051101 x0 x18,3130000Transaction Details
202044202 x0 x1,7040 STRONG BUY27,3490-27,349Transaction Details
202031202 x0 x3,0740 STRONG BUY26,4980-26,498Transaction Details
202019111 x1 x5,6811,818 SELL014,053+14,053Transaction Details
2020188414 x7 x76,5638,449 STRONG BUY41,18466,494+25,310Transaction Details
2020127316 x6 x69,5516,192 STRONG BUY61,63238,981-22,651Transaction Details
202010101 x0 x29,4120000Transaction Details
20205202 x0 x1,5950 STRONG BUY18,5820-18,582Transaction Details
201949010 x1 x074,944 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201931202 x0 x1,8400 STRONG BUY18,5840-18,584Transaction Details
201919010 x1 x01,072,693 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201918313 x1 x6,7591,818 STRONG BUY18,57429,833+11,259Transaction Details
201917437 x5 x13,7902,527 SELL043,157+43,157Transaction Details
201912636 x3 x23,0752,053 SELL032,622+32,622Transaction Details
20199101 x0 x29,4120000Transaction Details
20194111 x1 x3,9881,352 SELL023,552+23,552Transaction Details
201850111 x1 x4,2251,209 SELL016,563+16,563Transaction Details
201849616 x1 x20,444527 STRONG BUY269,0377,947-261,090Transaction Details
201837010 x1 x04,000 STRONG SELL071,211+71,211Transaction Details
201818121 x2 x5,68194,449 STRONG SELL035,178+35,178Transaction Details
2018175211 x6 x35,1914,514 SELL087,970+87,970Transaction Details
201815101 x0 x1,5250 STRONG BUY33,8550-33,855Transaction Details
201812000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20189101 x0 x29,4120000Transaction Details
20184111 x1 x3,9881,951 SELL035,703+35,703Transaction Details
20183010 x1 x0531,041 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201751111 x1 x4,2261,953 SELL038,474+38,474Transaction Details
201750202 x0 x1,3500 STRONG BUY20,5990-20,599Transaction Details
201746101 x0 x2,4620000Transaction Details
201745102 x0 x18,4030 STRONG BUY199,3510-199,351Transaction Details
201744103 x0 x294,9170 STRONG BUY3,211,7710-3,211,771Transaction Details
201741101 x0 x7600 STRONG BUY9,9460-9,946Transaction Details
201740010 x3 x0152,188 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201736306 x0 x774,5490 STRONG BUY9,690,8850-9,690,885Transaction Details
201734204 x0 x221,1680 STRONG BUY2,662,4480-2,662,448Transaction Details
201733101 x0 x66,7520 STRONG BUY847,6570-847,657Transaction Details
201731102 x0 x100,9490 STRONG BUY1,312,3370-1,312,337Transaction Details
201730206 x0 x3,566,0480 STRONG BUY47,748,4400-47,748,440Transaction Details
201729103 x0 x128,5340 STRONG BUY1,727,5220-1,727,522Transaction Details
201724103 x0 x31,3100 STRONG BUY491,9980-491,998Transaction Details
201721333 x3 x14,6895,152 SELL093,251+93,251Transaction Details
201719000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201718666 x6 x11,6053,982 SELL095,767+95,767Transaction Details
201713102 x0 x10,6220 STRONG BUY206,3190-206,319Transaction Details
201710000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20177203 x0 x15,4040 STRONG BUY265,4740-265,474Transaction Details
20175000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20172101 x0 x7240000Transaction Details
20171010 x2 x0566,197 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201651000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201643101 x0 x5620 STRONG BUY8,3740-8,374Transaction Details
201642104 x0 x156,8580 STRONG BUY2,327,8380-2,327,838Transaction Details
201641207 x0 x336,4370 STRONG BUY5,029,8750-5,029,875Transaction Details
201640404 x0 x24,3460 STRONG BUY358,6090-358,609Transaction Details
201639203 x0 x8,0000 STRONG BUY120,2230-120,223Transaction Details
201631103 x0 x150,6790 STRONG BUY2,147,5670-2,147,567Transaction Details
201630101 x0 x166,4500 STRONG BUY2,396,3310-2,396,331Transaction Details
201629104 x0 x62,2480 STRONG BUY911,4880-911,488Transaction Details
201626205 x0 x131,4050 STRONG BUY2,072,7260-2,072,726Transaction Details
201625101 x0 x4,4800 STRONG BUY70,9740-70,974Transaction Details
201624105 x0 x497,0530 STRONG BUY7,879,5900-7,879,590Transaction Details
201623103 x0 x155,8910 STRONG BUY2,524,0290-2,524,029Transaction Details
201622103 x0 x492,1820 STRONG BUY7,951,5280-7,951,528Transaction Details
201621448 x4 x17,1033,474 SELL062,914+62,914Transaction Details
201620101 x0 x3400000Transaction Details
201618000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201614101 x0 x2500 STRONG BUY5,9810-5,981Transaction Details
201612102 x0 x2500 STRONG BUY6,4520-6,452Transaction Details
201610101 x0 x2640000Transaction Details
20167111 x1 x19,1886,896 SELL0160,953+160,953Transaction Details
20166101 x0 x3000 STRONG BUY5,9750-5,975Transaction Details
20165102 x0 x8,4990 STRONG BUY174,8600-174,860Transaction Details
20163103 x0 x161,5510 STRONG BUY3,380,3170-3,380,317Transaction Details
20162102 x0 x1,3420 STRONG BUY30,7130-30,713Transaction Details
20161105 x0 x80,7150 STRONG BUY1,854,0050-1,854,005Transaction Details
201553105 x0 x80,7150 STRONG BUY1,854,0050-1,854,005Transaction Details
201552101 x0 x5,7000 STRONG BUY131,0380-131,038Transaction Details
201551103 x0 x87,8240 STRONG BUY2,001,8530-2,001,853Transaction Details
201550103 x0 x92,9510 STRONG BUY2,136,9180-2,136,918Transaction Details
201549205 x0 x476,4050 STRONG BUY10,488,4320-10,488,432Transaction Details
201540113 x3 x260,4263,908 STRONG BUY6,968,3790-6,968,379Transaction Details
201539103 x0 x256,1740 STRONG BUY6,887,0490-6,887,049Transaction Details
201538106 x0 x674,3380 STRONG BUY18,001,6600-18,001,660Transaction Details
201536101 x0 x2430 STRONG BUY6,8790-6,879Transaction Details
201531010 x3 x01,661,315 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201527104 x0 x637,5950000Transaction Details
201526101 x0 x2,5000 STRONG BUY60,0750-60,075Transaction Details
201525202 x0 x10,4000 STRONG BUY251,8200-251,820Transaction Details
201524213 x3 x55,115366,997 STRONG SELL19,8730-19,873Transaction Details
201523203 x0 x7,5000 STRONG BUY174,4210-174,421Transaction Details
201518000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201513103 x0 x1,1000 STRONG BUY39,0130-39,013Transaction Details
20157000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201449101 x0 x2,5000 STRONG BUY116,5900-116,590Transaction Details
201439203 x0 x1,1000 STRONG BUY45,2610-45,261Transaction Details
201432101 x0 x9,1180000Transaction Details
201426304 x0 x34,8640 STRONG BUY43,9740-43,974Transaction Details
201425101 x0 x1,0000 STRONG BUY33,9570-33,957Transaction Details
201424304 x0 x192,0340 STRONG BUY141,7350-141,735Transaction Details
201420505 x0 x107,7910000Transaction Details
201414121 x2 x31,956,52163,913,042 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details