$RIT LMP REAL ESTATE INCOME FUND INC. Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in LMP REAL ESTATE INCOME FUND INC..

LMP REAL ESTATE INCOME FUND INC. Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
201623206 x0 x159,9040 STRONG BUY2,225,8680-2,225,868Transaction Details
201622205 x0 x63,7720 STRONG BUY881,4830-881,483Transaction Details
201620202 x0 x1,4000 STRONG BUY19,7050-19,705Transaction Details
201619204 x0 x39,0900 STRONG BUY546,2950-546,295Transaction Details
201617207 x0 x141,5140 STRONG BUY1,902,4940-1,902,494Transaction Details
201616206 x0 x38,2700 STRONG BUY524,2530-524,253Transaction Details
201610202 x0 x13,6200 STRONG BUY177,1920-177,192Transaction Details
20169202 x0 x4000 STRONG BUY5,0160-5,016Transaction Details
20168207 x0 x15,3760 STRONG BUY189,3880-189,388Transaction Details
201662013 x0 x126,2960 STRONG BUY1,559,9510-1,559,951Transaction Details
201652011 x0 x158,5340 STRONG BUY1,988,2860-1,988,286Transaction Details
20164206 x0 x17,0000 STRONG BUY211,1960-211,196Transaction Details
20162209 x0 x12,7380 STRONG BUY161,2690-161,269Transaction Details
2015532013 x0 x43,2580 STRONG BUY562,2330-562,233Transaction Details
201612013 x0 x43,2580 STRONG BUY562,2330-562,233Transaction Details
201552204 x0 x14,2960 STRONG BUY184,7290-184,729Transaction Details
2015512012 x0 x56,4900 STRONG BUY719,1080-719,108Transaction Details
201550206 x0 x23,4180 STRONG BUY296,2090-296,209Transaction Details
201549206 x0 x2,7280 STRONG BUY34,5920-34,592Transaction Details
201548209 x0 x26,3980 STRONG BUY340,2940-340,294Transaction Details
201547206 x0 x437,9900 STRONG BUY5,575,8860-5,575,886Transaction Details
201546208 x0 x33,6200 STRONG BUY421,3660-421,366Transaction Details
201544208 x0 x17,4000 STRONG BUY226,0500-226,050Transaction Details
201543208 x0 x41,5900 STRONG BUY541,2260-541,226Transaction Details
2015422018 x0 x78,4000 STRONG BUY1,025,1090-1,025,109Transaction Details
201541202 x0 x2900 STRONG BUY3,7710-3,771Transaction Details
2015402018 x0 x82,0460 STRONG BUY1,036,1290-1,036,129Transaction Details
201539204 x0 x28,9200 STRONG BUY342,7710-342,771Transaction Details
201538104 x0 x87,2620 STRONG BUY1,031,1880-1,031,188Transaction Details
201537104 x0 x52,8600 STRONG BUY612,1340-612,134Transaction Details
201532102 x0 x14,6520 STRONG BUY181,5530-181,553Transaction Details
201529103 x0 x109,0000 STRONG BUY1,347,1630-1,347,163Transaction Details
201528102 x0 x18,6450 STRONG BUY227,7430-227,743Transaction Details
201527101 x0 x18,8340 STRONG BUY226,7840-226,784Transaction Details
201524103 x0 x31,1510 STRONG BUY380,4410-380,441Transaction Details
201522102 x0 x5,9780 STRONG BUY74,3010-74,301Transaction Details
201520104 x0 x32,9550 STRONG BUY416,5480-416,548Transaction Details
201519103 x0 x31,1350 STRONG BUY392,4240-392,424Transaction Details
201518102 x0 x11,7350 STRONG BUY152,3120-152,312Transaction Details
201515101 x0 x9,5000 STRONG BUY122,9820-122,982Transaction Details
201514101 x0 x31,8390 STRONG BUY421,6500-421,650Transaction Details
201513207 x0 x157,1160 STRONG BUY2,046,5520-2,046,552Transaction Details
201512102 x0 x59,7320 STRONG BUY790,1080-790,108Transaction Details
201449101 x0 x2,4000 STRONG BUY24,9360-24,936Transaction Details
201447101 x0 x5,0000 STRONG BUY59,9500-59,950Transaction Details
201441101 x0 x7,0000 STRONG BUY79,4210-79,421Transaction Details
20148101 x0 x2,0000 STRONG BUY21,3710-21,371Transaction Details
20141101 x0 x9000 STRONG BUY8,9550-8,955Transaction Details