$MBI MBIA INC Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in MBIA INC.

MBIA INC Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202122010 x1 x05,703 STRONG SELL057,315+57,315Transaction Details
2021107713 x8 x554,40943,932 SELL0337,398+337,398Transaction Details
20219070 x8 x032,788 STRONG SELL0232,795+232,795Transaction Details
202035010 x1 x025,000 STRONG SELL0202,750+202,750Transaction Details
202034020 x10 x0250,000 STRONG SELL01,989,000+1,989,000Transaction Details
202032010 x1 x023,967 STRONG SELL0204,678+204,678Transaction Details
202021010 x1 x018,689 STRONG SELL0130,636+130,636Transaction Details
202020010 x1 x064,416 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
202019505 x0 x79,7450 STRONG BUY500,0010-500,001Transaction Details
202010070 x8 x022,577 STRONG SELL0183,551+183,551Transaction Details
202097713 x14 x736,02982,839 SELL0291,442+291,442Transaction Details
201945010 x16 x020,000 STRONG SELL0205,014+205,014Transaction Details
201934010 x3 x033,709 STRONG SELL0307,095+307,095Transaction Details
201926101 x0 x3590 STRONG BUY3,3420-3,342Transaction Details
201919505 x0 x54,5850 STRONG BUY499,9990-499,999Transaction Details
201997813 x20 x394,92262,204 SELL0661,100+661,100Transaction Details
201845718 x3 x3,511,085245,005 SELL02,219,687+2,219,687Transaction Details
201844010 x3 x0358,000 STRONG SELL03,604,713+3,604,713Transaction Details
201839202 x0 x6180 STRONG BUY6,6870-6,687Transaction Details
201832010 x2 x01,477,900 STRONG SELL016,741,522+16,741,522Transaction Details
201826101 x0 x3330 STRONG BUY2,9640-2,964Transaction Details
201819406 x0 x67,7220 STRONG BUY600,0170-600,017Transaction Details
201813101 x0 x4590 STRONG BUY4,0900-4,090Transaction Details
201897518 x15 x432,06113,942 STRONG BUY96,564117,166+20,602Transaction Details
201751101 x0 x50,0000 STRONG BUY362,5000-362,500Transaction Details
201750101 x0 x150 STRONG BUY1220-122Transaction Details
201743101 x0 x170 STRONG BUY1190-119Transaction Details
201740101 x0 x3970 STRONG BUY3,4660-3,466Transaction Details
201735111 x1 x20,00013,967 BUY208,200143,860-64,340Transaction Details
201727101 x0 x3310 STRONG BUY3,2110-3,211Transaction Details
201726101 x0 x40,0000 STRONG BUY370,0000-370,000Transaction Details
201725102 x0 x87,0330 STRONG BUY770,9280-770,928Transaction Details
201720808 x0 x96,9680 STRONG BUY799,9860-799,986Transaction Details
201714101 x0 x4060 STRONG BUY3,3370-3,337Transaction Details
201712101 x0 x2,0000 STRONG BUY16,2400-16,240Transaction Details
201710325 x4 x221,53850,460 SELL0501,975+501,975Transaction Details
20179010 x1 x0100,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20171141 x5 x2361,486,775 STRONG SELL2,5914,138,493+4,135,901Transaction Details
201650111 x1 x150,000107,458 SELL757,5001,211,052+453,552Transaction Details
201649111 x5 x200,000208,983 SELL1,010,0002,246,649+1,236,649Transaction Details
201648121 x2 x200,000399,109 STRONG SELL1,010,0004,059,629+3,049,629Transaction Details
201640101 x0 x6650 STRONG BUY5,1800-5,180Transaction Details
201633010 x3 x03,000 STRONG SELL024,632+24,632Transaction Details
201632101 x0 x12,0630 STRONG BUY100,0020-100,002Transaction Details
201620707 x0 x97,7690 STRONG BUY700,0260-700,026Transaction Details
201614101 x0 x3,7070 STRONG BUY32,9920-32,992Transaction Details
201610525 x2 x322,56213,565 STRONG BUY2,722,423117,609-2,604,815Transaction Details
20167333 x3 x700,000535,808 SELL2,814,0003,445,246+631,245Transaction Details
20166111 x1 x400,000312,930 SELL1,608,0001,924,520+316,520Transaction Details
20164010 x1 x0300,000 STRONG SELL01,761,000+1,761,000Transaction Details
20161242 x4 x5,190469,214 STRONG SELL33,9953,040,507+3,006,512Transaction Details
201553242 x4 x5,190469,214 STRONG SELL33,9953,040,507+3,006,512Transaction Details
201552111 x1 x5,00030,000 STRONG SELL32,825194,805+161,980Transaction Details
201544101 x0 x12,9200 STRONG BUY100,0010-100,001Transaction Details
201540202 x0 x9,5130 STRONG BUY57,7440-57,744Transaction Details
201534101 x0 x5,0000 STRONG BUY31,4500-31,450Transaction Details
2015326210 x2 x378,10036,745,754 STRONG SELL2,388,402234,805,376+232,416,974Transaction Details
201530101 x0 x16,1560 STRONG BUY100,0060-100,006Transaction Details
201526212 x1 x8,8001,000 STRONG BUY51,7440-51,744Transaction Details
201525102 x0 x75,0000 STRONG BUY673,2260-673,226Transaction Details
201520020 x2 x054,500,000 STRONG SELL0475,784,992+475,784,992Transaction Details
201519707 x0 x73,8430 STRONG BUY700,0320-700,032Transaction Details
201518101 x0 x3,4910 STRONG BUY29,7080-29,708Transaction Details
201513202 x0 x6,2760 STRONG BUY57,7390-57,739Transaction Details
20159121 x2 x13,06384,561 STRONG SELL122,400792,337+669,936Transaction Details
20156010 x1 x04,004,945 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20155010 x1 x021,914,446 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20151202 x0 x5,4770 STRONG BUY52,7440-52,744Transaction Details
201450010 x1 x075,000 STRONG SELL0695,865+695,865Transaction Details
201439202 x0 x5,9450 STRONG BUY53,7430-53,743Transaction Details
201426202 x0 x4,7470 STRONG BUY51,7420-51,742Transaction Details
201422103 x0 x62,1650 STRONG BUY728,0210-728,021Transaction Details
201419808 x0 x68,6720 STRONG BUY800,0290-800,029Transaction Details
201413202 x0 x4,5820 STRONG BUY63,7360-63,736Transaction Details
201411101 x0 x3,000,0000000Transaction Details
201410101 x0 x8,1660 STRONG BUY122,4080-122,408Transaction Details
20149020 x2 x0103,140 STRONG SELL01,530,598+1,530,598Transaction Details
20146020 x2 x08,137 STRONG SELL097,807+97,807Transaction Details
20141202 x0 x4,3820 STRONG BUY50,7440-50,744Transaction Details
20190000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20200000 x0 x00000Transaction Details