NORWOOD FINANCIAL CORP Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading in NORWOOD FINANCIAL CORP.

NORWOOD FINANCIAL CORP Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
20198215 x3 x5,1254,950 SELL91,426174,180+82,755Transaction Details
20195111 x1 x1,6501,650 SELL28,59556,100+27,506Transaction Details
20194111 x1 x1,340250 STRONG BUY42,6520-42,652Transaction Details
20193215 x3 x2,3402,040 SELL47,72860,358+12,630Transaction Details
20192113 x3 x2,6102,610 SELL46,96281,565+34,602Transaction Details
20191313 x1 x1,680150 STRONG BUY49,3370-49,337Transaction Details
20181213315 x3 x14,000550 STRONG BUY438,70714,393-424,314Transaction Details
201811315 x3 x5,1944,125 SELL108,317157,337+49,020Transaction Details
201810101 x0 x4,1500 STRONG BUY150,1470-150,147Transaction Details
20189101 x0 x4000 STRONG BUY15,9200-15,920Transaction Details
20188303 x0 x6700 STRONG BUY21,7430-21,743Transaction Details
20185224 x6 x4,7504,750 SELL80,851143,336+62,486Transaction Details
20184415 x1 x2,9451,000 STRONG BUY75,46530,480-44,985Transaction Details
20171213422 x5 x20,61911,369 STRONG BUY503,327343,138-160,188Transaction Details
201711203 x0 x1,0750 STRONG BUY23,1120-23,112Transaction Details
20179101 x0 x5500 STRONG BUY13,7500-13,750Transaction Details
20178202 x0 x1,0750 STRONG BUY44,6130-44,613Transaction Details
20177113 x2 x2,2002,200 SELL58,75194,930+36,179Transaction Details
20176324 x3 x6,1005,500 SELL170,458222,090+51,632Transaction Details
20175101 x0 x7000 STRONG BUY27,1460-27,146Transaction Details
20174101 x0 x2880 STRONG BUY11,4190-11,419Transaction Details
20173101 x0 x950 STRONG BUY3,6100-3,610Transaction Details
20172222 x3 x4,1004,250 SELL115,273155,350+40,077Transaction Details
20161212219 x4 x15,2216,221 STRONG BUY471,055204,942-266,114Transaction Details
201611232 x3 x3,8503,918 SELL110,264116,328+6,064Transaction Details
201610112 x1 x27585 STRONG BUY8,1132,429-5,683Transaction Details
20169111 x1 x50085 STRONG BUY14,9152,457-12,459Transaction Details
20168111 x1 x20055 STRONG BUY5,7001,546-4,154Transaction Details
20167010 x1 x0100 STRONG SELL02,795+2,795Transaction Details
20165101 x0 x2600 STRONG BUY7,4850-7,485Transaction Details
20163404 x0 x3,3260 STRONG BUY91,3480-91,348Transaction Details
20162010 x1 x0170 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20151213214 x2 x6,826330 STRONG BUY194,9050-194,905Transaction Details
20159102 x0 x1,1000 STRONG BUY31,3780-31,378Transaction Details
20158202 x0 x6900 STRONG BUY17,7010-17,701Transaction Details
20156101 x0 x8100 STRONG BUY23,0040-23,004Transaction Details
20154101 x0 x1700 STRONG BUY5,1200-5,120Transaction Details
20152202 x0 x1,1000 STRONG BUY30,7780-30,778Transaction Details
20151111 x1 x17085 STRONG BUY4,9300-4,930Transaction Details
20141213114 x1 x12,7653,465 STRONG BUY364,935100,312-264,623Transaction Details
201411325 x3 x5,8185,718 SELL158,843165,506+6,663Transaction Details
20149212 x1 x1,589635 STRONG BUY44,62018,542-26,078Transaction Details
20144101 x0 x5500 STRONG BUY14,8780-14,878Transaction Details
20142202 x0 x6130 STRONG BUY18,3600-18,360Transaction Details
20141000 x0 x00000Transaction Details