$NNUTU ROYAL HAWAIIAN ORCHARDS, L.P. Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in ROYAL HAWAIIAN ORCHARDS, L.P..

ROYAL HAWAIIAN ORCHARDS, L.P. Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
201836102 x0 x20 STRONG BUY8,9810-8,981Transaction Details
201832102 x0 x1120 STRONG BUY439,1040-439,104Transaction Details
201824101 x0 x10 STRONG BUY4,0000-4,000Transaction Details
201823040 x9 x09,160 STRONG SELL022,076+22,076Transaction Details
201812102 x0 x15,1940 STRONG BUY34,3720-34,372Transaction Details
201752103 x0 x11,9220 STRONG BUY26,8100-26,810Transaction Details
201751101 x0 x1000 STRONG BUY2170-217Transaction Details
201750104 x0 x21,2900 STRONG BUY46,4210-46,421Transaction Details
201748101 x0 x6,5000 STRONG BUY14,6250-14,625Transaction Details
201744107 x0 x19,2870 STRONG BUY44,0450-44,045Transaction Details
201743103 x0 x1,0900 STRONG BUY2,3580-2,358Transaction Details
201742101 x0 x9000 STRONG BUY1,9890-1,989Transaction Details
201740102 x0 x36,8310 STRONG BUY78,1250-78,125Transaction Details
201738111 x1 x540,327540,327000Transaction Details
201737101 x0 x4000 STRONG BUY8800-880Transaction Details
201736102 x0 x3010 STRONG BUY6810-681Transaction Details
201735101 x0 x9000 STRONG BUY2,0340-2,034Transaction Details
201731103 x0 x7,6000 STRONG BUY17,3560-17,356Transaction Details
201730103 x0 x21,4010 STRONG BUY53,3280-53,328Transaction Details
201729104 x0 x4,4000 STRONG BUY11,0880-11,088Transaction Details
2017281018 x0 x33,5930 STRONG BUY80,2360-80,236Transaction Details
201727102 x0 x9000 STRONG BUY1,7330-1,733Transaction Details
201721102 x0 x7,0580 STRONG BUY12,7750-12,775Transaction Details
2017203010 x0 x10,294,6000 STRONG BUY18,427,3400-18,427,340Transaction Details
201719101 x0 x25,0000 STRONG BUY47,5000-47,500Transaction Details
2017171114 x1 x5,300,9045,272,004 BUY65,8380-65,838Transaction Details
201711112 x1 x3,0001,500 STRONG BUY8,8500-8,850Transaction Details
20173101 x0 x4310 STRONG BUY1,2200-1,220Transaction Details
201652102 x0 x1,4000 STRONG BUY3,9620-3,962Transaction Details
201651108 x0 x29,5520 STRONG BUY86,4690-86,469Transaction Details
201649102 x0 x11,6100 STRONG BUY32,0280-32,028Transaction Details
201647102 x0 x3,2290 STRONG BUY9,3240-9,324Transaction Details
201643102 x0 x2,2380 STRONG BUY6,4040-6,404Transaction Details
201638111 x1 x388,153388,153000Transaction Details
201634101 x0 x9,0000 STRONG BUY25,2000-25,200Transaction Details
201633101 x0 x1000 STRONG BUY2880-288Transaction Details
201632102 x0 x5,0400 STRONG BUY14,6100-14,610Transaction Details
201631104 x0 x19,1010 STRONG BUY55,3080-55,308Transaction Details
201630108 x0 x7,6190 STRONG BUY21,5690-21,569Transaction Details
201629101 x0 x2,0000 STRONG BUY5,8400-5,840Transaction Details
201628208 x0 x19,2000 STRONG BUY57,6140-57,614Transaction Details
201626104 x0 x7,4000 STRONG BUY21,4680-21,468Transaction Details
201625102 x0 x5,2000 STRONG BUY14,3600-14,360Transaction Details
201621103 x0 x1,3080 STRONG BUY3,6260-3,626Transaction Details
201615108 x0 x33,9010 STRONG BUY101,8730-101,873Transaction Details
201613101 x0 x1,1760 STRONG BUY3,1990-3,199Transaction Details
201612101 x0 x3,0250 STRONG BUY8,1980-8,198Transaction Details
20168102 x0 x9,4400 STRONG BUY28,7660-28,766Transaction Details
20167102 x0 x1,5610 STRONG BUY4,3920-4,392Transaction Details
20166101 x0 x1,2010 STRONG BUY3,4590-3,459Transaction Details
20165108 x0 x10,2940 STRONG BUY30,8270-30,827Transaction Details
20162101 x0 x10,0000 STRONG BUY31,5000-31,500Transaction Details
201553102 x0 x8,1510 STRONG BUY25,5640-25,564Transaction Details
20161102 x0 x8,1510 STRONG BUY25,5640-25,564Transaction Details
201552101 x0 x920 STRONG BUY2730-273Transaction Details
201551103 x0 x11,3210 STRONG BUY33,8110-33,811Transaction Details
201550104 x0 x12,6090 STRONG BUY37,8520-37,852Transaction Details
201549107 x0 x2,7470 STRONG BUY7,9860-7,986Transaction Details
201548102 x0 x3000 STRONG BUY8610-861Transaction Details
201547102 x0 x13,8840 STRONG BUY37,7230-37,723Transaction Details
201542104 x0 x3,1000 STRONG BUY9,1340-9,134Transaction Details
201540101 x0 x2750 STRONG BUY7870-787Transaction Details
201537112 x1 x119,809119,609 BUY5680-568Transaction Details
201535104 x0 x6,6450 STRONG BUY18,9640-18,964Transaction Details
201534101 x0 x6250 STRONG BUY1,8190-1,819Transaction Details
201533102 x0 x4,0000 STRONG BUY11,4400-11,440Transaction Details
201530102 x0 x12,2450 STRONG BUY35,9700-35,970Transaction Details
201529101 x0 x4800 STRONG BUY1,3680-1,368Transaction Details
201528104 x0 x19,4810 STRONG BUY57,8310-57,831Transaction Details
201526106 x0 x21,9870 STRONG BUY64,4990-64,499Transaction Details
201525101 x0 x2600 STRONG BUY7540-754Transaction Details
201523107 x0 x51,7000 STRONG BUY155,9560-155,956Transaction Details
201522101 x0 x10,0000 STRONG BUY27,3000-27,300Transaction Details
2015181014 x0 x30,1000 STRONG BUY90,5930-90,593Transaction Details
20156106 x0 x14,5310 STRONG BUY43,6760-43,676Transaction Details
20155101 x0 x1,7890 STRONG BUY5,0090-5,009Transaction Details
20152102 x0 x1,3000 STRONG BUY3,6950-3,695Transaction Details
201452105 x0 x12,5810 STRONG BUY37,4900-37,490Transaction Details
201451101 x0 x9,4000 STRONG BUY26,8840-26,884Transaction Details
201450101 x0 x2,0000 STRONG BUY5,6000-5,600Transaction Details
201449103 x0 x3,6590 STRONG BUY10,2550-10,255Transaction Details
201446103 x0 x7,7470 STRONG BUY23,0610-23,061Transaction Details
201443103 x0 x14,1050 STRONG BUY41,7950-41,795Transaction Details
201442101 x0 x13,5720 STRONG BUY39,4950-39,495Transaction Details
201441109 x0 x146,8810 STRONG BUY397,6510-397,651Transaction Details
201427101 x0 x15,4460 STRONG BUY44,7930-44,793Transaction Details
201418102 x0 x5,1000 STRONG BUY15,3030-15,303Transaction Details
201417104 x0 x10,3200 STRONG BUY29,1060-29,106Transaction Details
201416101 x0 x2,0000 STRONG BUY5,6000-5,600Transaction Details
201411101 x0 x2,8120 STRONG BUY7,6210-7,621Transaction Details
201475011 x0 x3,268,2040 STRONG BUY8,333,9200-8,333,920Transaction Details
20146117 x1 x598,478587,778 BUY27,2180-27,218Transaction Details
20180000 x0 x00000Transaction Details