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Weekly overview of insider trading in SECOND SIGHT MEDICAL PRODUCTS INC.


YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202020010 x1 x03,357 STRONG SELL017,759+17,759Transaction Details
20207333 x3 x11,6893,735 SELL020,772+20,772Transaction Details
20206000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201948111 x1 x7,2657,265 SELL4,3155,892+1,577Transaction Details
201933112 x2 x23,7507,804 SELL06,302+6,302Transaction Details
201930101 x0 x14,1720 STRONG BUY12,2770-12,277Transaction Details
201929104 x0 x26,7900 STRONG BUY23,5160-23,516Transaction Details
201928106 x0 x100,8940 STRONG BUY85,6710-85,671Transaction Details
201927104 x0 x40,5170 STRONG BUY31,4430-31,443Transaction Details
201926106 x0 x71,0190 STRONG BUY57,3820-57,382Transaction Details
201925104 x0 x88,9180 STRONG BUY72,8970-72,897Transaction Details
201924108 x0 x78,5630 STRONG BUY58,3300-58,330Transaction Details
201923106 x0 x148,0110 STRONG BUY105,0580-105,058Transaction Details
201922219 x1 x240,87523,586 STRONG BUY166,35816,649-149,709Transaction Details
201921104 x0 x100,1820 STRONG BUY75,2170-75,217Transaction Details
201920215 x1 x73,7513,867 STRONG BUY52,8723,287-49,585Transaction Details
201919106 x0 x111,4520 STRONG BUY105,5200-105,520Transaction Details
201918104 x0 x39,1180 STRONG BUY37,8630-37,863Transaction Details
201917106 x0 x76,6690 STRONG BUY74,2250-74,225Transaction Details
201916104 x0 x73,3450 STRONG BUY66,9340-66,934Transaction Details
201915104 x0 x78,3640 STRONG BUY80,2290-80,229Transaction Details
201914106 x0 x158,0510 STRONG BUY151,2880-151,288Transaction Details
201913104 x0 x96,5610 STRONG BUY80,2820-80,282Transaction Details
20198203 x0 x41,450,3710000Transaction Details
20197111 x1 x11,8754,724 SELL03,436+3,436Transaction Details
201849101 x0 x3,275,1000 STRONG BUY2,999,9920-2,999,992Transaction Details
201848222 x2 x11,49711,497 SELL10,55411,830+1,276Transaction Details
201846111 x1 x11,8753,920 SELL04,547+4,547Transaction Details
201842101 x0 x2,467,7670 STRONG BUY3,997,7830-3,997,783Transaction Details
201841102 x0 x17,6330 STRONG BUY29,2580-29,258Transaction Details
201840108 x0 x91,9080 STRONG BUY151,7550-151,755Transaction Details
201839205 x0 x59,1730 STRONG BUY108,8860-108,886Transaction Details
201838104 x0 x58,1480 STRONG BUY110,7980-110,798Transaction Details
2018372016 x0 x227,0320 STRONG BUY405,1520-405,152Transaction Details
201836106 x0 x89,9830 STRONG BUY152,2190-152,219Transaction Details
201835203 x0 x40,8280 STRONG BUY68,7930-68,793Transaction Details
2018341010 x0 x138,1160 STRONG BUY224,1990-224,199Transaction Details
201833206 x0 x52,6890 STRONG BUY66,1480-66,148Transaction Details
201832109 x0 x3,311,1750 STRONG BUY5,132,8780-5,132,878Transaction Details
201831104 x0 x38,6570 STRONG BUY62,2500-62,250Transaction Details
201830102 x0 x23,7490 STRONG BUY38,4470-38,447Transaction Details
201829104 x0 x50,7530 STRONG BUY83,2400-83,240Transaction Details
201828104 x0 x48,3350 STRONG BUY84,6480-84,648Transaction Details
201824101 x0 x9,3270 STRONG BUY16,7980-16,798Transaction Details
201823104 x0 x83,8940 STRONG BUY153,7340-153,734Transaction Details
2018225016 x0 x478,7030 STRONG BUY273,2060-273,206Transaction Details
201821428 x2 x115,29923,458 STRONG BUY200,27146,025-154,246Transaction Details
201820111 x1 x11,8753,755 SELL08,186+8,186Transaction Details
201819000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201818104 x0 x13,513,5140 STRONG BUY20,000,0000-20,000,000Transaction Details
201810111 x1 x11,8754,216 STRONG BUY20,5447,125-13,419Transaction Details
20183000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20181000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201749111 x1 x18,55318,553 SELL17,81123,191+5,380Transaction Details
201747214 x1 x53,4994,522 STRONG BUY63,4315,336-58,095Transaction Details
201735111 x1 x11,8754,921 STRONG BUY11,5195,315-6,204Transaction Details
201723515 x1 x236,63813,090 STRONG BUY274,80014,792-260,009Transaction Details
201721121 x14 x11,8757,489,718 STRONG SELL13,7757,946,185+7,932,410Transaction Details
201715101 x0 x4,000,0000 STRONG BUY4,000,0000-4,000,000Transaction Details
201711516 x1 x6,897,7734,562 STRONG BUY10,139,3706,432-10,132,938Transaction Details
20171000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201649101 x0 x32,1560 STRONG BUY60,7750-60,775Transaction Details
201648010 x1 x01,950 STRONG SELL03,822+3,822Transaction Details
201647111 x1 x11,8754,570 STRONG BUY27,90610,644-17,263Transaction Details
201634111 x1 x47,50018,640 STRONG BUY178,60067,689-110,911Transaction Details
201623121 x2 x2,717,35213,675 STRONG BUY9,008,02255,608-8,952,414Transaction Details
201622404 x0 x65,6260 STRONG BUY259,3210-259,321Transaction Details
201616111 x1 x8,2238,223 SELL41,11543,325+2,210Transaction Details
20166111 x1 x4,358,0824,358,08214,686,73614,686,7360Transaction Details
20164000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201549222 x2 x20,46920,469 SELL97,228108,986+11,758Transaction Details
201548111 x1 x1,7541,754 SELL7,5448,567+1,023Transaction Details
201523111 x1 x4,3714,371 SELL20,76265,565+44,803Transaction Details
201522516 x4 x173,133200,753 SELL997,4992,817,874+1,820,375Transaction Details
201521113 x3 x45,62945,629 SELL216,738594,863+378,126Transaction Details
201512010 x2 x0100,000 STRONG SELL01,328,151+1,328,151Transaction Details
20151111 x2 x59,06339,399 SELL280,549404,234+123,684Transaction Details
201446202 x0 x141,1110 STRONG BUY1,269,9990-1,269,999Transaction Details