$ECOL US Ecology Holdings, Inc. Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in US Ecology Holdings, Inc..

US Ecology Holdings, Inc. Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
2019430130 x14 x0227,431 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201929101 x0 x1,1000000Transaction Details
201920607 x0 x9,1000000Transaction Details
201911102 x0 x1,0170000Transaction Details
20199000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20191454 x5 x19,41424,336 SELL01,549,344+1,549,344Transaction Details
201846010 x1 x012,000 STRONG SELL0847,392+847,392Transaction Details
201837101 x0 x7,9200 STRONG BUY199,9800-199,980Transaction Details
201836131 x3 x4006,400 STRONG SELL29,820482,320+452,500Transaction Details
201835010 x1 x06,000 STRONG SELL0438,480+438,480Transaction Details
201834122 x2 x9,55710,457 SELL286,394757,044+470,650Transaction Details
201831234 x3 x28,58737,787 SELL794,1082,645,754+1,851,645Transaction Details
201827113 x3 x38,36832,091 SELL1,725,7042,140,470+414,766Transaction Details
201823111 x1 x7,8877,000 SELL199,147428,400+229,253Transaction Details
201822111 x1 x7,0007,000 SELL176,750427,280+250,530Transaction Details
201821102 x0 x2,6000000Transaction Details
201820717 x1 x9,1005,064 SELL0299,029+299,029Transaction Details
201818132 x5 x8,24014,240 STRONG SELL196,980824,422+627,442Transaction Details
201810235 x6 x13,08415,044 SELL335,257841,415+506,158Transaction Details
20189214 x2 x29,97727,196 SELL764,8591,488,165+723,306Transaction Details
20187010 x2 x06,000 STRONG SELL0353,700+353,700Transaction Details
20185101 x0 x4000000Transaction Details
20181444 x4 x5,9953,185 SELL0168,487+168,487Transaction Details
201749010 x2 x03,000 STRONG SELL0151,688+151,688Transaction Details
201735116 x6 x19,93619,936 SELL424,872933,103+508,232Transaction Details
201734111 x1 x600600 BUY28,29328,287-6Transaction Details
201731010 x1 x03,000 STRONG SELL0156,150+156,150Transaction Details
201729101 x0 x1,2000000Transaction Details
201721606 x0 x8,6880000Transaction Details
201719101 x0 x60 STRONG BUY3030-303Transaction Details
201711112 x2 x14,24024,107 STRONG SELL359,5601,165,618+806,058Transaction Details
20178010 x1 x01,600 STRONG SELL081,088+81,088Transaction Details
20171404 x0 x19,1000000Transaction Details
201637111 x1 x1,3301,330 SELL58,95458,999+45Transaction Details
201625010 x1 x0103 STRONG SELL04,732+4,732Transaction Details
201623505 x0 x8,0000000Transaction Details
201613020 x2 x0854 STRONG SELL035,535+35,535Transaction Details
201612020 x2 x01,477 STRONG SELL060,011+60,011Transaction Details
201611010 x1 x01,668 STRONG SELL067,771+67,771Transaction Details
20161505 x0 x26,3000000Transaction Details
201553505 x0 x26,3000000Transaction Details
201544101 x0 x7,0000 STRONG BUY117,3200-117,320Transaction Details
201541010 x1 x04,000 STRONG SELL0188,200+188,200Transaction Details
201537010 x1 x04,000 STRONG SELL0193,040+193,040Transaction Details
201533226 x3 x22,75821,248 SELL460,3861,097,404+637,018Transaction Details
201532010 x1 x05,000 STRONG SELL0244,650+244,650Transaction Details
201529010 x1 x04,440 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201528010 x1 x05,000 STRONG SELL0231,350+231,350Transaction Details
201523010 x1 x05,000 STRONG SELL0237,200+237,200Transaction Details
201522606 x0 x9,6000000Transaction Details
201521000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201519226 x5 x32,77532,775 SELL784,5161,507,352+722,835Transaction Details
201516010 x2 x02,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201510505 x0 x13,0000000Transaction Details
20159040 x4 x03,920 STRONG SELL0202,860+202,860Transaction Details
201452102 x0 x4,8720 STRONG BUY74,9910-74,991Transaction Details
201449010 x1 x080 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201445010 x1 x010,000 STRONG SELL0444,700+444,700Transaction Details
201441010 x1 x010,000 STRONG SELL0456,800+456,800Transaction Details
201437606 x0 x2,4000000Transaction Details
201436010 x1 x010,000 STRONG SELL0439,900+439,900Transaction Details
201433101 x0 x8000000Transaction Details
201432010 x1 x010,000 STRONG SELL0449,380+449,380Transaction Details
201428010 x1 x010,000 STRONG SELL0490,800+490,800Transaction Details
201424202 x0 x2,0000000Transaction Details
201423128 x8 x25,67230,024 SELL535,7391,470,254+934,515Transaction Details
201421414 x1 x4,0008,977 STRONG SELL0447,863+447,863Transaction Details
201419115 x2 x18,32018,320 SELL424,810884,537+459,728Transaction Details
201418235 x6 x41,21335,064 SELL910,8151,652,708+741,893Transaction Details
20149040 x4 x04,166 STRONG SELL0159,225+159,225Transaction Details
20180000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20190000 x0 x00000Transaction Details