$AAON AAON, INC. Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in AAON, INC..

AAON, INC. Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202119727 x2 x9,8562,657 SELL0173,343+173,343Transaction Details
202114010 x1 x04,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
202111769 x8 x32,62422,777 SELL828,6201,698,620+869,999Transaction Details
202110143 x8 x15,82625,682 SELL546,4441,507,644+961,200Transaction Details
20219114 x2 x30,96530,965 SELL1,089,7712,326,519+1,236,748Transaction Details
20216212 x1 x5791,158 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20214010 x1 x01,858 STRONG SELL0136,990+136,990Transaction Details
20211060 x10 x03,674 STRONG SELL0241,083+241,083Transaction Details
202051111 x1 x1,5001,500000Transaction Details
202049010 x2 x0195,033 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
202048010 x2 x0195,032 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
202045030 x3 x0198,032 STRONG SELL0195,000+195,000Transaction Details
202032030 x3 x035,446 STRONG SELL02,122,408+2,122,408Transaction Details
2020233312 x6 x67,54070,495 SELL2,288,3224,076,601+1,788,279Transaction Details
202022113 x3 x62,38462,384 SELL2,441,1543,441,487+1,000,332Transaction Details
202021111 x1 x29,21629,216 SELL1,208,6661,607,172+398,506Transaction Details
202019829 x3 x16,5714,130 SELL0200,406+200,406Transaction Details
2020107613 x11 x31,6002,431 SELL0107,499+107,499Transaction Details
20209253 x6 x6,37524,976 STRONG SELL53,5631,418,945+1,365,383Transaction Details
20208020 x3 x03,468 STRONG SELL0187,219+187,219Transaction Details
20204010 x1 x01,884 STRONG SELL0100,700+100,700Transaction Details
20201192 x17 x3958,310 STRONG SELL0328,208+328,208Transaction Details
201948010 x1 x032 STRONG SELL01,580+1,580Transaction Details
201947010 x1 x0272 STRONG SELL013,162+13,162Transaction Details
201946010 x1 x099 STRONG SELL04,996+4,996Transaction Details
201944020 x2 x0892 STRONG SELL044,252+44,252Transaction Details
201939010 x1 x017 STRONG SELL0781+781Transaction Details
201937112 x1 x21,00021,000 SELL738,8431,047,900+309,057Transaction Details
201936335 x3 x20,00117,805 SELL591,416895,458+304,041Transaction Details
201933112 x2 x17,71815,219 SELL600,315723,766+123,451Transaction Details
201931010 x1 x020,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201926010 x1 x014 STRONG SELL0703+703Transaction Details
201923020 x2 x04,924 STRONG SELL0239,493+239,493Transaction Details
201922000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201920030 x3 x03,631 STRONG SELL0169,713+169,713Transaction Details
201919828 x2 x14,7682,946 SELL0137,195+137,195Transaction Details
201918111 x1 x1,5301,118 SELL053,474+53,474Transaction Details
201913010 x1 x015 STRONG SELL0693+693Transaction Details
201910709 x0 x36,0000000Transaction Details
20199020 x2 x02,635 STRONG SELL0111,366+111,366Transaction Details
20198020 x3 x03,492 STRONG SELL0146,344+146,344Transaction Details
20197111 x1 x38450,399 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20195030 x3 x0104 STRONG SELL03,886+3,886Transaction Details
20194010 x2 x03,858 STRONG SELL0137,769+137,769Transaction Details
201849010 x1 x030,200 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201848010 x1 x032 STRONG SELL01,214+1,214Transaction Details
201845010 x2 x0160 STRONG SELL06,643+6,643Transaction Details
201844040 x4 x011,622 STRONG SELL0505,488+505,488Transaction Details
201839010 x1 x017 STRONG SELL0643+643Transaction Details
201833020 x2 x09,682 STRONG SELL0403,574+403,574Transaction Details
201832020 x2 x06,660 STRONG SELL0269,253+269,253Transaction Details
201831010 x1 x01,600 STRONG SELL061,922+61,922Transaction Details
201826020 x2 x0314 STRONG SELL010,441+10,441Transaction Details
201823010 x1 x03,912 STRONG SELL0129,590+129,590Transaction Details
201820030 x3 x03,537 STRONG SELL0111,592+111,592Transaction Details
201819728 x2 x43,4342,926 STRONG BUY237,35286,317-151,035Transaction Details
201813020 x2 x0331 STRONG SELL012,909+12,909Transaction Details
201810121 x2 x5,0005,062 SELL170,500194,268+23,768Transaction Details
20189114 x1 x7,8407,840 SELL132,985279,104+146,119Transaction Details
20188020 x2 x02,204 STRONG SELL078,979+78,979Transaction Details
20187010 x1 x01,336 STRONG SELL046,560+46,560Transaction Details
20185010 x1 x041 STRONG SELL01,382+1,382Transaction Details
20183212 x2 x1,2304,469 STRONG SELL072,927+72,927Transaction Details
201752010 x1 x0335 STRONG SELL012,328+12,328Transaction Details
201750010 x1 x0390 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201749010 x1 x036 STRONG SELL01,309+1,309Transaction Details
201748010 x1 x03,829 STRONG SELL0139,567+139,567Transaction Details
201745010 x1 x0508 STRONG SELL017,501+17,501Transaction Details
201740010 x1 x015 STRONG SELL0517+517Transaction Details
201737212 x1 x1,3082,180000Transaction Details
201736010 x1 x05,062 STRONG SELL0161,528+161,528Transaction Details
201733040 x4 x01,056 STRONG SELL034,837+34,837Transaction Details
201727020 x2 x0351 STRONG SELL012,934+12,934Transaction Details
201723113 x3 x7,7589,815 SELL110,667360,281+249,614Transaction Details
201722010 x1 x0177 STRONG SELL06,469+6,469Transaction Details
201721050 x5 x04,993 STRONG SELL0182,993+182,993Transaction Details
201720626 x2 x30,3722,648 SELL097,049+97,049Transaction Details
201714020 x2 x0416 STRONG SELL014,706+14,706Transaction Details
201711355 x9 x26,14858,287 STRONG SELL201,3022,106,904+1,905,602Transaction Details
201710020 x2 x022,410 STRONG SELL0787,821+787,821Transaction Details
20179121 x2 x945185,714 STRONG SELL0707,640+707,640Transaction Details
20178101 x0 x23,1800000Transaction Details
20174010 x1 x02,225 STRONG SELL077,541+77,541Transaction Details
20171656 x11 x20,09015,791 SELL0519,798+519,798Transaction Details
201652010 x1 x0339 STRONG SELL011,323+11,323Transaction Details
201650121 x3 x10,125188,490 STRONG SELL50,929331,753+280,824Transaction Details
201649010 x2 x0153,259 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201648111 x1 x575201,200 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201647010 x1 x01,976 STRONG SELL065,208+65,208Transaction Details
201646010 x1 x0200,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201645010 x1 x0200,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201638010 x1 x0200,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201637112 x1 x5,3003,171 STRONG BUY56,46986,605+30,136Transaction Details
201636010 x1 x0100,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201634010 x1 x01,792 STRONG SELL050,176+50,176Transaction Details
201633040 x4 x01,039 STRONG SELL028,282+28,282Transaction Details
201632010 x1 x0950 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201627010 x1 x0340 STRONG SELL09,262+9,262Transaction Details
201624212 x1 x1,4732,930 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201621666 x8 x30,372106,031 STRONG SELL0164,838+164,838Transaction Details
201614010 x1 x0332 STRONG SELL09,362+9,362Transaction Details
201610111 x2 x6,75014,302 STRONG SELL46,508363,313+316,806Transaction Details
20169141 x6 x11,87516,708 SELL53,913417,861+363,949Transaction Details
20164101 x0 x32,4100000Transaction Details
201553555 x5 x21,2501,896 SELL044,025+44,025Transaction Details
20161555 x5 x21,2501,896 SELL044,025+44,025Transaction Details
201552010 x1 x0342 STRONG SELL08,044+8,044Transaction Details
201550010 x1 x045,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201549111 x1 x1,1202,800 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201532040 x4 x01,068 STRONG SELL024,436+24,436Transaction Details
201526010 x1 x0348 STRONG SELL07,952+7,952Transaction Details
201525010 x1 x04,000 STRONG SELL094,000+94,000Transaction Details
201521114 x2 x42,52542,525 SELL297,1281,032,656+735,527Transaction Details
201520555 x7 x25,3106,845 SELL0164,938+164,938Transaction Details
201513010 x1 x0344 STRONG SELL08,201+8,201Transaction Details
20158101 x0 x38,3200000Transaction Details
20151414 x1 x16,760418 SELL09,167+9,167Transaction Details
201452010 x1 x0354 STRONG SELL07,919+7,919Transaction Details
201449010 x1 x0230 STRONG SELL04,883+4,883Transaction Details
201444212 x1 x2,0854,170 STRONG SELL41,97183,942+41,971Transaction Details
201433102 x0 x14,1250 STRONG BUY90,0010-90,001Transaction Details
201432010 x1 x0285 STRONG SELL05,301+5,301Transaction Details
201426010 x1 x0232 STRONG SELL07,930+7,930Transaction Details
20142011112 x3 x78,3951,098 SELL033,174+33,174Transaction Details
201413010 x1 x0232 STRONG SELL06,644+6,644Transaction Details
201412132 x3 x5,25029,292 STRONG SELL54,263847,464+793,202Transaction Details
201411111 x3 x646193,026 STRONG SELL14,8585,253,747+5,238,889Transaction Details
20141010 x1 x0283 STRONG SELL08,968+8,968Transaction Details
20190000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20180000 x0 x00000Transaction Details