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What Is a Rule 10b5-1 Plan?

Rule 10b5 is one of the most important acts put forth by the SEC. It prohibits fraud, misrepresentation, and deceit in the sale and purchase of securities on national exchanges. More ...

What Should I Do When Insiders Are Selling Stock?

It's often said that insider selling can be a hint that they know that their stock is about to underperform the market. Even though this is true in some cases, it's also true that insider selling is frequently simply behind financial reasons of the insiders and have no connection with the company's prospects. More ...

What Is Legal Insider Trading?

Insider trading is the buying or selling of shares of a company by someone who has access to material, non-public information on the company. Legal insider trading is when company insiders - officers, directors, employees and 10% owners - buy or sell shares in their company in accordance with securities laws and regulations. More ...

What Is a Ticker Symbol?

A ticker symbol or a trading symbol is an abbreviation used to identify a particular security listed on an exchange or otherwise publicly traded. More ...

What Is Illegal Insider Trading?

Illegal Insider trading occurs when a trade has been influenced by the possession of "material" and "non-public" information about the security. Because such information is not available to other investors, a person using it is trying to gain an unfair advantage over others. More ...

What Do the Transaction Codes Mean?

Each transaction listed on the Form 4 filing must be marked with a transaction code. Here is a list and description of transaction codes as used and categorized by the SEC. More ...

Trade Like an Insider

Insiders (directors, board members, major shareholders) have access to non-public information about what’s happening in the company. Insider trading reveals whether insiders trust in their company and whether they are willing to bet their own money on further growth in the share price or, on the contrary, they sell because they believe that the price of the shares will fall.

Thousands of insider transactions are carried out a day. To give you a good grasp of it, we are gathering and clearly visualizing insider trading data. Our algorithm will help you find interesting investment opportunities.

Understand how insiders think and earn with them.

Trade like Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, Elon Musk or Carl Icahn.

Watch insider trading in companies like Facebook, Amazon, Tesla Motors or Google.

All in One Place

Watch the purchases and sales of individual insiders and purchases and sales within a company. Find out, whether only one or all board members buy or sell.

Email Watchdog

Our email watchdog will notify you for free about new insider trading for a person or a company. Get an instant overview of new events for persons or companies of your interest.

Your Portfolio

Create your profile and get an overview of insider trading in companies in your portfolio.

Industry Performance

Watch insider trading within an industry. We are gathering insider trading information within an industry so you can get a view of the number and volume of transactions in individual industries.


In which company or industry insiders bought the most and where they sell the most? Which insider bought the most shares?

Top Companies that Buy in Last 4 Weeks

Apollo Medical Holdings, Inc.$4,504,504,540,848,180
WARNER MEDIA, LLC$3,374,753,960,784,910
DNP SELECT INCOME FUND INC$2,480,715,657,780,920
PRUDENTIAL FINANCIAL INC$1,541,000,209,106,370
Tortoise Midstream Energy Fund, Inc.$1,252,000,079,909,890
Voya Financial, Inc.$592,000,051,921,585

Top Companies that Sell in Last 4 Weeks

Kayne Anderson MLP/Midstream Investment Co-$4,842,423,067,653,160
ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES INC-$4,000,002,757,546,900
PRUDENTIAL FINANCIAL INC-$1,783,992,165,069,680
Tortoise Midstream Energy Fund, Inc.-$1,014,819,637,432,180
MGM Resorts International-$400,001,129,475,047
ClearBridge Energy Midstream Opportunity Fund Inc.-$247,124,692,783,138

Top Insiders who Buy in Last 4 Weeks

AOL TIME WARNER INC$6,749,507,819,667,460
PRUDENTIAL FINANCIAL INC$3,082,000,147,677,180
Young Albert WaiChow$1,501,501,509,878,170
Lam Thomas S.$1,501,501,509,372,300
Sim Kenneth T.$1,501,501,509,040,850
Voya Financial, Inc.$1,184,000,100,316,160
SBI Holdings, Inc.$308,418,961,900,096
Goodman Anthony Brian$275,854,231,956,629

Top Insiders who Sell in Last 4 Weeks

Mubadala Investment Co PJSC-$4,000,001,629,515,060
PRUDENTIAL FINANCIAL INC-$3,567,983,852,370,310
TRACINDA CORP-$400,000,792,733,312
SBI Holdings, Inc.-$308,056,260,870,144
Dunn Peter-$44,399,249,588,224
FEINBERG LARRY N-$42,105,410,741,942
Rivera Eleazar-$26,438,107,398,144
Algodon Wines & Luxury Development Group, Inc.-$22,787,649,437,696

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Latest Insider Trading Transactions

DateTickerCompanyOwnerRelationship Transaction Code Cost ($) Shares Transaction Value ($) Total Shares % Holdings
Sep 23 2020NYSE:HPTService Properties ...Donley Brian E.CFO and TreasurerPayment of ExerciseF7.401,1668,62820,53321.7 K to 20.5 K (-5.37 %)
Sep 23 2020NYSE: SNHDIVERSIFIED HEALTH ...Mintzer Jennifer F.President and COOPayment of ExerciseF3.384,22714,28754,38358.6 K to 54.4 K (-7.21 %)
Sep 23 2020NYSE: SNHDIVERSIFIED HEALTH ...SIEDEL RICHARD W. JR.CFO and TreasurerPayment of ExerciseF3.383,39111,46239,51142.9 K to 39.5 K (-7.90 %)
Sep 23 2020NYSE: SNHDIVERSIFIED HEALTH ...CLARK JENNIFER BDirectorPayment of ExerciseF3.387,78426,310159,209167 K to 159.2 K (-4.66 %)
Sep 23 2020ILPTIndustrial Logisti ...Duffy YaelVice President and ...Payment of ExerciseF21.2749610,5506,4506.9 K to 6.5 K (-7.14 %)
Sep 23 2020ILPTIndustrial Logisti ...SIEDEL RICHARD W. JR.CFO and TreasurerPayment of ExerciseF21.271,08623,09914,33515.4 K to 14.3 K (-7.04 %)
Sep 23 2020ILPTIndustrial Logisti ...MURRAY JOHN G.President and CEOPayment of ExerciseF21.272,31549,24040,73943.1 K to 40.7 K (-5.38 %)
Sep 23 2020NYSE: GOVOFFICE PROPERTIES ...Bilotto Christopher J.Vice President and ...Payment of ExerciseF21.6155912,0807,3687.9 K to 7.4 K (-7.05 %)
Sep 23 2020NYSE: GOVOFFICE PROPERTIES ...Brown Matthew C.CFO and TreasurerPayment of ExerciseF21.6161813,3557,8568.5 K to 7.9 K (-7.29 %)
Sep 23 2020NYSE: GOVOFFICE PROPERTIES ...BLACKMAN DAVID M.President and CEOPayment of ExerciseF21.612,77359,92558,32761.1 K to 58.3 K (-4.54 %)
Sep 23 2020TRMTTremont Mortgage T ...BLACKMAN DAVID M.President and CEOPayment of ExerciseF2.771,7894,95641,30043.1 K to 41.3 K (-4.15 %)
Sep 23 2020NYSE:SSDSimpson Manufactur ...Colonias Karen WinifredPresident & CEOSellS95.1773770,14034,71435.5 K to 34.7 K (-2.08 %)
Sep 23 2020NYSE:SSDSimpson Manufactur ...Colonias Karen WinifredPresident & CEOSellS95.033,697351,32635,45139.1 K to 35.5 K (-9.44 %)
Sep 23 2020NYSE:SSDSimpson Manufactur ...Colonias Karen WinifredPresident & CEOSellS95.1163160,01439,14839.8 K to 39.1 K (-1.59 %)
Sep 23 2020BYNDBEYOND MEAT, INC.Goldman SethDirectorOption ExerciseM3.009,60128,80329,155
Sep 23 2020BYNDBEYOND MEAT, INC.Goldman SethDirectorOption ExerciseM0.9520,13319,1260
Sep 23 2020BYNDBEYOND MEAT, INC.Goldman SethDirectorSellS148.571,004149,164178,659179.7 K to 178.7 K (-0.56 %)
Sep 23 2020BYNDBEYOND MEAT, INC.Goldman SethDirectorSellS147.989,0001,331,860179,663188.7 K to 179.7 K (-4.77 %)
Sep 23 2020BYNDBEYOND MEAT, INC.Goldman SethDirectorSellS146.926,020884,470188,663194.7 K to 188.7 K (-3.09 %)
Sep 23 2020BYNDBEYOND MEAT, INC.Goldman SethDirectorSellS146.013,100452,621194,683197.8 K to 194.7 K (-1.57 %)
Sep 23 2020BYNDBEYOND MEAT, INC.Goldman SethDirectorSellS144.788,9451,295,089197,783206.7 K to 197.8 K (-4.33 %)
Sep 23 2020BYNDBEYOND MEAT, INC.Goldman SethDirectorSellS143.816,189890,018206,728212.9 K to 206.7 K (-2.91 %)
Sep 23 2020BYNDBEYOND MEAT, INC.Goldman SethDirectorSellS142.9115,4922,214,027212,917228.4 K to 212.9 K (-6.78 %)
Sep 23 2020BYNDBEYOND MEAT, INC.Goldman SethDirectorSellS142.056,500923,302228,409234.9 K to 228.4 K (-2.77 %)
Sep 23 2020BYNDBEYOND MEAT, INC.Goldman SethDirectorSellS148.64768114,154700,042700.8 K to 700 K (-0.11 %)
Sep 23 2020BYNDBEYOND MEAT, INC.Goldman SethDirectorSellS148.0710,5631,564,053700,810711.4 K to 700.8 K (-1.48 %)
Sep 23 2020BYNDBEYOND MEAT, INC.Goldman SethDirectorSellS147.009,3241,370,643711,373720.7 K to 711.4 K (-1.29 %)
Sep 23 2020BYNDBEYOND MEAT, INC.Goldman SethDirectorSellS146.103,740546,404720,697724.4 K to 720.7 K (-0.52 %)

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