$ACET ACETO CORP Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in ACETO CORP.

ACETO CORP Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
201939070 x7 x0498,413 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20198010 x1 x047,130 STRONG SELL010,114+10,114Transaction Details
201851010 x2 x0366 STRONG SELL0334+334Transaction Details
201839444 x4 x9,7864,271 STRONG BUY22,8019,865-12,936Transaction Details
201835060 x8 x032,163 STRONG SELL0106,349+106,349Transaction Details
201831010 x1 x07,000 STRONG SELL022,294+22,294Transaction Details
201826050 x5 x08,258 STRONG SELL029,749+29,749Transaction Details
20187101 x0 x60,0000 STRONG BUY439,8000-439,800Transaction Details
20181010 x1 x0309 STRONG SELL03,225+3,225Transaction Details
201750404 x0 x26,9480 STRONG BUY279,9900-279,990Transaction Details
201740101 x0 x60,0000 STRONG BUY701,4000-701,400Transaction Details
2017367715 x11 x247,81341,177 STRONG BUY2,644,042431,420-2,212,622Transaction Details
201735101 x0 x6,1990 STRONG BUY49,9020-49,902Transaction Details
201731010 x1 x07,083 STRONG SELL0117,348+117,348Transaction Details
201727060 x6 x025,982 STRONG SELL0397,925+397,925Transaction Details
201710232 x4 x11,95016,050 SELL40,250157,673+117,423Transaction Details
20173010 x1 x0891 STRONG SELL018,435+18,435Transaction Details
201649141 x5 x3,46715,500 STRONG SELL69,999329,693+259,694Transaction Details
201648646 x6 x48,20240,457 SELL600,298809,410+209,112Transaction Details
201647010 x1 x02,400 STRONG SELL046,878+46,878Transaction Details
201646222 x2 x11,28011,081 SELL92,328202,122+109,794Transaction Details
201636121025 x13 x295,73463,573 STRONG BUY5,923,2921,262,541-4,660,750Transaction Details
201635303 x0 x2,9910 STRONG BUY76,8390-76,839Transaction Details
201631101 x0 x40,0000 STRONG BUY1,018,4000-1,018,400Transaction Details
201629010 x1 x0595 STRONG SELL015,161+15,161Transaction Details
2016270100 x10 x046,949 STRONG SELL01,068,819+1,068,819Transaction Details
201623141 x4 x4,20016,507 STRONG SELL35,070375,552+340,482Transaction Details
201622010 x1 x09,881 STRONG SELL0219,486+219,486Transaction Details
201621010 x1 x07,000 STRONG SELL0155,120+155,120Transaction Details
201611010 x1 x03,000 STRONG SELL067,191+67,191Transaction Details
201610111 x1 x9,2816,500 SELL77,496148,936+71,440Transaction Details
20169020 x2 x05,100 STRONG SELL0111,747+111,747Transaction Details
20168334 x5 x20,78131,031 SELL170,116672,090+501,974Transaction Details
201550505 x0 x13,5550 STRONG BUY349,9900-349,990Transaction Details
201549040 x4 x09,050 STRONG SELL0203,091+203,091Transaction Details
201548020 x2 x06,000 STRONG SELL0169,203+169,203Transaction Details
201547121 x2 x13,0006,000 STRONG BUY88,660165,254+76,594Transaction Details
201541111 x1 x13,0008,155 SELL88,660235,651+146,991Transaction Details
201537333 x3 x1,264598 STRONG BUY34,34316,183-18,159Transaction Details
2015369818 x16 x85,99427,301 STRONG BUY2,037,467604,544-1,432,923Transaction Details
201535202 x0 x2,6350 STRONG BUY58,3650-58,365Transaction Details
201530010 x1 x02,450 STRONG SELL057,869+57,869Transaction Details
201528010 x1 x0545 STRONG SELL014,222+14,222Transaction Details
201527111111 x12 x130,00042,985 STRONG BUY3,144,7001,039,937-2,104,763Transaction Details
201523010 x1 x05,000 STRONG SELL0122,197+122,197Transaction Details
201522010 x1 x04,000 STRONG SELL097,626+97,626Transaction Details
201521020 x2 x09,000 STRONG SELL0213,092+213,092Transaction Details
201519111 x1 x13,00013,000 SELL88,660277,051+188,391Transaction Details
20159020 x2 x07,164 STRONG SELL0150,231+150,231Transaction Details
20157010 x1 x06,000 STRONG SELL0119,460+119,460Transaction Details
20156010 x1 x02,000 STRONG SELL040,296+40,296Transaction Details
201449020 x2 x010,000 STRONG SELL0218,241+218,241Transaction Details
201448626 x3 x24,8015,177 STRONG BUY533,231110,208-423,023Transaction Details
201445010 x1 x02,250 STRONG SELL047,744+47,744Transaction Details
201437101 x0 x7170 STRONG BUY14,9850-14,985Transaction Details
201436656 x5 x19,16722,688 SELL306,732489,365+182,633Transaction Details
201435424 x2 x23,1289,144 STRONG BUY277,944174,400-103,543Transaction Details
201432010 x1 x02,000 STRONG SELL037,260+37,260Transaction Details
201431525 x2 x13,7606,195 STRONG BUY228,966103,425-125,541Transaction Details
201430010 x1 x02,450 STRONG SELL043,203+43,203Transaction Details
20142611211 x2 x94,5003,750 STRONG BUY1,712,34067,302-1,645,038Transaction Details
201422363 x7 x34,33344,142 SELL354,978757,348+402,370Transaction Details
201421111 x1 x1,0001,128 SELL18,38020,202+1,822Transaction Details
201420010 x1 x01,110 STRONG SELL019,769+19,769Transaction Details
201410111 x2 x1,6673,817 STRONG SELL12,93673,184+60,248Transaction Details
20147112 x1 x6,0006,000 SELL50,010113,749+63,739Transaction Details