$AYI ACUITY BRANDS INC Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in ACUITY BRANDS INC.

ACUITY BRANDS INC Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202119020 x2 x02,307 STRONG SELL0438,290+438,290Transaction Details
202114111 x1 x1,1501,150 SELL53,234198,950+145,717Transaction Details
20211206 x0 x2,8880 STRONG BUY348,2340-348,234Transaction Details
202044404 x0 x1,6000 STRONG BUY145,1360-145,136Transaction Details
202043212 x2 x4,382360 SELL034,088+34,088Transaction Details
202035010 x1 x064 STRONG SELL06,973+6,973Transaction Details
202033010 x1 x0305 STRONG SELL033,321+33,321Transaction Details
202031407 x0 x1,8190 STRONG BUY183,6170-183,617Transaction Details
202026101 x0 x2300000Transaction Details
202022010 x1 x0126 STRONG SELL011,602+11,602Transaction Details
202018404 x0 x1,6800 STRONG BUY145,0180-145,018Transaction Details
20209122 x4 x7,800536 SELL055,133+55,133Transaction Details
20205204 x0 x9400 STRONG BUY72,5290-72,529Transaction Details
201950020 x2 x0976 STRONG SELL0127,661+127,661Transaction Details
201944414 x1 x1,148100 STRONG BUY145,40613,155-132,251Transaction Details
201943333 x9 x24,8617,089 SELL0883,387+883,387Transaction Details
201931404 x0 x1,0760 STRONG BUY145,2710-145,271Transaction Details
201927010 x1 x02,363 STRONG SELL0307,544+307,544Transaction Details
201922010 x1 x01,485 STRONG SELL0183,650+183,650Transaction Details
201917404 x0 x9960 STRONG BUY145,3060-145,306Transaction Details
20195405 x0 x1,7350 STRONG BUY206,3090-206,309Transaction Details
20191909 x0 x3,8610000Transaction Details
201843333 x5 x7776,372 STRONG SELL94,087245,266+151,179Transaction Details
201842326 x8 x52,7105,948 SELL0698,731+698,731Transaction Details
201830303 x0 x6990 STRONG BUY94,1480-94,148Transaction Details
201822010 x1 x01,497 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201818101 x0 x5,0000 STRONG BUY563,8000-563,800Transaction Details
201817505 x0 x2,3340 STRONG BUY275,6100-275,610Transaction Details
20184707 x0 x1,3440 STRONG BUY219,6360-219,636Transaction Details
201745111 x1 x4,1567,441 STRONG SELL563,6781,200,382+636,704Transaction Details
201744536 x6 x12,8496,584 STRONG BUY125,1821,046,413+921,231Transaction Details
201743232 x3 x12,7896,267 SELL0996,453+996,453Transaction Details
201740101 x0 x1170000Transaction Details
201731404 x0 x6120 STRONG BUY125,0500-125,050Transaction Details
201729010 x1 x05,427 STRONG SELL01,114,120+1,114,120Transaction Details
201727010 x1 x0970 STRONG SELL0194,049+194,049Transaction Details
201722020 x2 x03,832 STRONG SELL0639,906+639,906Transaction Details
201718404 x0 x7080 STRONG BUY125,4220-125,422Transaction Details
201714000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201713010 x1 x01,319 STRONG SELL0266,900+266,900Transaction Details
20176010 x1 x01,100 STRONG SELL0226,809+226,809Transaction Details
20175404 x0 x6040 STRONG BUY125,3900-125,390Transaction Details
201645113 x2 x10,54414,306 SELL1,554,6793,477,073+1,922,395Transaction Details
201644505 x0 x6170 STRONG BUY141,4530-141,453Transaction Details
201643333 x12 x27,80816,995 BUY5,000,4354,000,106-1,000,329Transaction Details
201631505 x0 x5360 STRONG BUY125,0260-125,026Transaction Details
201628222 x3 x68,49098,490 SELL3,462,85426,450,756+22,987,903Transaction Details
201627020 x2 x03,440 STRONG SELL0859,577+859,577Transaction Details
201623020 x2 x04,073 STRONG SELL01,039,185+1,039,185Transaction Details
201618505 x0 x5630 STRONG BUY141,7010-141,701Transaction Details
201617112 x2 x47,99547,995 SELL2,307,08912,295,359+9,988,271Transaction Details
201616111 x1 x8,8658,865 SELL410,3612,298,163+1,887,802Transaction Details
201615030 x3 x03,387 STRONG SELL0825,628+825,628Transaction Details
201613010 x1 x01,322 STRONG SELL0284,917+284,917Transaction Details
20166101 x0 x1,3140 STRONG BUY249,6340-249,634Transaction Details
20165505 x0 x7250 STRONG BUY141,4690-141,469Transaction Details
201546111 x1 x8,3948,394 SELL388,5581,821,498+1,432,940Transaction Details
2015446311 x6 x98,339102,699 SELL4,654,28222,126,472+17,472,190Transaction Details
201543333 x12 x25,66722,100 BUY5,333,6030-5,333,603Transaction Details
201531303 x0 x3870 STRONG BUY75,4570-75,457Transaction Details
201528224 x4 x82,13484,760 SELL3,208,50316,057,486+12,848,982Transaction Details
201527020 x2 x04,601 STRONG SELL0866,862+866,862Transaction Details
201522202 x0 x39,4620000Transaction Details
201518303 x0 x4500 STRONG BUY75,2540-75,254Transaction Details
201513010 x1 x01,333 STRONG SELL0223,944+223,944Transaction Details
20155303 x0 x4950 STRONG BUY75,4080-75,408Transaction Details
20152334 x4 x54,84654,846 SELL2,048,8908,413,510+6,364,620Transaction Details
201444313 x1 x2,1791,815 SELL104,064251,269+147,204Transaction Details
201443336 x15 x42,91745,311 SELL887,7266,133,139+5,245,412Transaction Details
201442112 x2 x89,80089,800 SELL2,870,00811,976,043+9,106,035Transaction Details
201441101 x0 x8,0000 STRONG BUY983,5200-983,520Transaction Details
201439101 x0 x1650000Transaction Details
201433101 x0 x1650 STRONG BUY20,0330-20,033Transaction Details
201431202 x0 x4520 STRONG BUY50,0050-50,005Transaction Details
201418202 x0 x4040 STRONG BUY50,1440-50,144Transaction Details
201413101 x0 x16,0000000Transaction Details
20145202 x0 x3960 STRONG BUY50,1970-50,197Transaction Details
20143010 x2 x0927 STRONG SELL0122,400+122,400Transaction Details
20142333 x3 x111,833111,833 SELL4,010,38014,593,120+10,582,740Transaction Details