ALBANY MOLECULAR RESEARCH INC Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading in ALBANY MOLECULAR RESEARCH INC.

ALBANY MOLECULAR RESEARCH INC Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
201797158 x24 x36,6815,719,672 STRONG SELL0121,500,069+121,500,069Transaction Details
20177424 x2 x8,2513,119 STRONG BUY52,14667,685+15,539Transaction Details
20175202 x0 x10,0000 STRONG BUY144,7000-144,700Transaction Details
20173050 x5 x01,775 STRONG SELL025,773+25,773Transaction Details
2017217825 x24 x170,67667,403 SELL01,246,220+1,246,220Transaction Details
20171020 x2 x011,960 STRONG SELL0224,052+224,052Transaction Details
201612212 x1 x10,5189,000 SELL143,786150,390+6,604Transaction Details
201611040 x8 x021,176 STRONG SELL0140,697+140,697Transaction Details
201610111 x1 x5,0003,498 SELL59,15059,151+1Transaction Details
20168010 x1 x01,401 STRONG SELL021,421+21,421Transaction Details
20167202 x0 x2,6240 STRONG BUY29,9660-29,966Transaction Details
20166627 x2 x24,6748,576 STRONG BUY321,169123,902-197,267Transaction Details
20165212 x1 x25,0002,361 STRONG BUY321,00030,150-290,850Transaction Details
20163050 x5 x02,335 STRONG SELL035,796+35,796Transaction Details
2016211513 x14 x136,72826,603 STRONG BUY2,156,760271,640-1,885,119Transaction Details
20161020 x2 x011,873 STRONG SELL0234,111+234,111Transaction Details
201511323 x2 x20,000100,000 STRONG SELL383,2001,960,000+1,576,800Transaction Details
20158112 x2 x6,0006,000 SELL79,200125,750+46,550Transaction Details
20157101 x0 x2,200,0000 STRONG BUY43,318,0000-43,318,000Transaction Details
20156455 x11 x22,12889,850 STRONG SELL339,1301,569,578+1,230,448Transaction Details
20155142 x5 x14,50084,500 STRONG SELL146,3751,580,073+1,433,698Transaction Details
20154132 x3 x22,36770,000 STRONG SELL99,9781,256,270+1,156,292Transaction Details
2015311616 x9 x151,19184,921 STRONG BUY2,542,4891,466,472-1,076,017Transaction Details
201526107 x25 x41,379112,886 STRONG SELL508,1481,417,385+909,237Transaction Details
20151060 x6 x082,027 STRONG SELL01,331,873+1,331,873Transaction Details
201412030 x5 x070,000 STRONG SELL01,129,643+1,129,643Transaction Details
201411243 x7 x48,00095,000 STRONG SELL642,4801,669,104+1,026,624Transaction Details
201410151 x5 x99572,630 STRONG SELL8,5971,571,516+1,562,919Transaction Details
20149161 x6 x1,25078,272 STRONG SELL6,5631,457,378+1,450,816Transaction Details
20148363 x10 x50,000163,297 STRONG SELL232,9002,340,769+2,107,869Transaction Details
20147040 x4 x072,500 STRONG SELL01,519,120+1,519,120Transaction Details
20146151 x9 x1,16547,804 STRONG SELL19,991582,450+562,459Transaction Details
20145335 x6 x46,25039,647 BUY636,313626,488-9,824Transaction Details
20144020 x2 x032,500 STRONG SELL0602,450+602,450Transaction Details
20143020 x3 x030,508 STRONG SELL0462,600+462,600Transaction Details
2014212617 x14 x216,70866,957 STRONG BUY2,164,111792,275-1,371,836Transaction Details
20141202 x0 x198,4140 STRONG BUY2,000,0130-2,000,013Transaction Details