$ADS ALLIANCE DATA SYSTEMS CORP Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in ALLIANCE DATA SYSTEMS CORP.

ALLIANCE DATA SYSTEMS CORP Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202118010 x1 x01,162 STRONG SELL0145,250+145,250Transaction Details
20219010 x1 x01,000 STRONG SELL0100,000+100,000Transaction Details
20218152 x5 x7,5119,431 SELL0798,334+798,334Transaction Details
20217102 x0 x90,6940000Transaction Details
20215101 x0 x6,0000 STRONG BUY410,7530-410,753Transaction Details
202050020 x2 x0206 STRONG SELL014,780+14,780Transaction Details
202047010 x2 x02,000 STRONG SELL0150,000+150,000Transaction Details
202025606 x0 x21,2890000Transaction Details
202023101 x0 x5,0000 STRONG BUY257,5500-257,550Transaction Details
202017101 x0 x1,5000 STRONG BUY63,2850-63,285Transaction Details
202012405 x0 x19,2250 STRONG BUY559,8480-559,848Transaction Details
202011304 x0 x19,6300 STRONG BUY549,4700-549,470Transaction Details
202075518 x7 x86,7714,925 SELL0496,901+496,901Transaction Details
201950101 x0 x1,8430000Transaction Details
201943121 x3 x1,500,0003,832,178 STRONG SELL0389,660,000+389,660,000Transaction Details
201936010 x1 x03,452 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201930111 x1 x2,5812,600 BUY407,050406,370-680Transaction Details
201925808 x0 x11,3680000Transaction Details
201917010 x1 x01,500,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201974511 x10 x76,26615,084 SELL02,595,366+2,595,366Transaction Details
201847010 x2 x0200,000 STRONG SELL039,719,500+39,719,500Transaction Details
201844010 x1 x0675,000 STRONG SELL0135,000,000+135,000,000Transaction Details
201833020 x2 x02,526 STRONG SELL032,518+32,518Transaction Details
201832010 x1 x03,424 STRONG SELL0793,231+793,231Transaction Details
201829010 x5 x016,035 STRONG SELL03,729,393+3,729,393Transaction Details
201825808 x0 x7,7510000Transaction Details
201819101 x0 x2,6460 STRONG BUY542,4300-542,430Transaction Details
201818102 x0 x202,6000 STRONG BUY40,884,3920-40,884,392Transaction Details
20188010 x2 x012,246 STRONG SELL03,001,378+3,001,378Transaction Details
201875718 x22 x56,79838,209 SELL09,354,879+9,354,879Transaction Details
201748010 x1 x02,128 STRONG SELL0500,080+500,080Transaction Details
201733010 x1 x0150 STRONG SELL033,926+33,926Transaction Details
201726909 x0 x7,1370000Transaction Details
20178040 x8 x07,198 STRONG SELL01,686,691+1,686,691Transaction Details
201775518 x5 x60,7863,475 SELL0802,551+802,551Transaction Details
20176010 x1 x0648 STRONG SELL0146,261+146,261Transaction Details
20175103 x0 x57,4000 STRONG BUY12,545,2700-12,545,270Transaction Details
20174105 x0 x210,1000 STRONG BUY47,975,8520-47,975,852Transaction Details
201651101 x0 x2380 STRONG BUY55,0040-55,004Transaction Details
201648010 x1 x01,290 STRONG SELL0302,537+302,537Transaction Details
201647333 x6 x24,72330,723 SELL1,566,2026,841,698+5,275,496Transaction Details
201642101 x0 x4470000Transaction Details
201626707 x0 x6,6350000Transaction Details
201622010 x1 x0354 STRONG SELL078,482+78,482Transaction Details
201610101 x0 x2,5120 STRONG BUY134,4920-134,492Transaction Details
20168060 x6 x014,079 STRONG SELL02,957,153+2,957,153Transaction Details
201677614 x12 x63,34515,223 SELL02,972,940+2,972,940Transaction Details
20166222 x2 x11,44811,448 SELL492,3782,055,806+1,563,427Transaction Details
201551111 x2 x4,0004,000 SELL172,0401,095,885+923,844Transaction Details
201544010 x3 x05,100 STRONG SELL01,507,992+1,507,992Transaction Details
201543111 x3 x21,48221,482 SELL923,9416,336,280+5,412,340Transaction Details
201533111 x1 x1,6611,250 SELL0339,456+339,456Transaction Details
201526707 x0 x4,1970000Transaction Details
201522010 x1 x0835 STRONG SELL0249,665+249,665Transaction Details
201516030 x4 x014,874 STRONG SELL04,564,377+4,564,377Transaction Details
201513010 x1 x08,333 STRONG SELL02,502,383+2,502,383Transaction Details
20158070 x7 x032,502 STRONG SELL09,150,613+9,150,613Transaction Details
201577721 x7 x62,7598,378 SELL02,378,095+2,378,095Transaction Details
201450010 x1 x0886 STRONG SELL0249,440+249,440Transaction Details
201434010 x1 x0527 STRONG SELL0140,598+140,598Transaction Details
201433111 x1 x7,7737,773 SELL321,1802,046,009+1,724,829Transaction Details
201432112 x2 x7,7277,727 SELL319,2802,026,261+1,706,981Transaction Details
201431112 x3 x11,50011,500 SELL475,1802,998,700+2,523,520Transaction Details
201429121 x5 x19,33720,587 SELL799,0055,505,159+4,706,155Transaction Details
201426707 x0 x4,9220000Transaction Details
20149111 x1 x15,00015,000 SELL648,0004,258,125+3,610,125Transaction Details
20148777 x10 x23,43864,986 STRONG SELL018,491,715+18,491,715Transaction Details
201477115 x4 x54,4125,346 STRONG BUY220,8971,504,787+1,283,890Transaction Details