AMERICAN NATIONAL BANKSHARES INC. Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading in AMERICAN NATIONAL BANKSHARES INC..

AMERICAN NATIONAL BANKSHARES INC. Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
20215202 x0 x9630 STRONG BUY34,0610-34,061Transaction Details
2021315023 x0 x1,6750 STRONG BUY58,7900-58,790Transaction Details
2021211016 x0 x9,1380 STRONG BUY269,1520-269,152Transaction Details
2021116037 x0 x11,5610 STRONG BUY317,0010-317,001Transaction Details
202012101 x0 x3,6620 STRONG BUY100,0090-100,009Transaction Details
202011909 x0 x4,6120 STRONG BUY132,0420-132,042Transaction Details
20201015022 x0 x320,133,5450 STRONG BUY7,138,977,2750-7,138,977,275Transaction Details
20209101 x0 x1440 STRONG BUY3,1690-3,169Transaction Details
2020817022 x0 x9,7160 STRONG BUY227,6010-227,601Transaction Details
2020710012 x0 x8510 STRONG BUY20,4090-20,409Transaction Details
2020511011 x0 x6,4330 STRONG BUY175,1710-175,171Transaction Details
202048011 x0 x2,6480 STRONG BUY71,6760-71,676Transaction Details
2020311011 x0 x1,8940 STRONG BUY51,7850-51,785Transaction Details
2020216017 x0 x6,2500 STRONG BUY209,7040-209,704Transaction Details
2020117055 x0 x17,8500 STRONG BUY536,4280-536,428Transaction Details
20191114015 x0 x4,2450 STRONG BUY159,2810-159,281Transaction Details
20199102 x0 x2,7940 STRONG BUY100,0250-100,025Transaction Details
2019818061 x0 x20,2770 STRONG BUY456,0410-456,041Transaction Details
20197202 x0 x5,2820 STRONG BUY184,9400-184,940Transaction Details
2019515018 x0 x15,6970 STRONG BUY203,3930-203,393Transaction Details
20194404 x0 x15,9990000Transaction Details
2019212012 x0 x4,1060 STRONG BUY146,9950-146,995Transaction Details
2019115077 x0 x20,8570 STRONG BUY671,5410-671,541Transaction Details
201812101 x0 x2,0000 STRONG BUY65,8800-65,880Transaction Details
20181113019 x0 x6,7910 STRONG BUY241,7600-241,760Transaction Details
201810304 x0 x4,3960 STRONG BUY161,9140-161,914Transaction Details
2018814049 x0 x5,3400 STRONG BUY218,0040-218,004Transaction Details
20187101 x0 x1,6500 STRONG BUY42,5040-42,504Transaction Details
2018510214 x2 x10,8684,066 STRONG BUY424,798159,591-265,208Transaction Details
20184103 x0 x5,8350 STRONG BUY141,7680-141,768Transaction Details
2018212013 x0 x3,9270 STRONG BUY146,5070-146,507Transaction Details
20181161114 x1 x12,846474 STRONG BUY502,46417,908-484,556Transaction Details
201712101 x0 x1,5000 STRONG BUY60,4700-60,470Transaction Details
20171113113 x4 x3,2022,900 BUY126,959114,580-12,379Transaction Details
201710010 x1 x0100 STRONG SELL04,000+4,000Transaction Details
2017811011 x0 x2,5860 STRONG BUY94,6480-94,648Transaction Details
20176101 x0 x7050 STRONG BUY25,0280-25,028Transaction Details
2017512012 x0 x3,8580 STRONG BUY138,1160-138,116Transaction Details
2017315087 x0 x22,8790 STRONG BUY605,3840-605,384Transaction Details
20172217 x1 x6,0773,000 STRONG BUY218,344107,850-110,494Transaction Details
20171507 x0 x9,2020 STRONG BUY319,6020-319,602Transaction Details
2016129023 x0 x4,0580 STRONG BUY120,2360-120,236Transaction Details
201611309 x0 x5,4860 STRONG BUY161,7370-161,737Transaction Details
2016104011 x0 x6,6450 STRONG BUY181,9990-181,999Transaction Details
2016910010 x0 x3,5370 STRONG BUY94,6690-94,669Transaction Details
20166808 x0 x3,1470 STRONG BUY85,3780-85,378Transaction Details
2016317027 x0 x4,9650 STRONG BUY126,6460-126,646Transaction Details
20162102 x0 x1,0350 STRONG BUY24,8400-24,840Transaction Details
2016117058 x0 x21,1250 STRONG BUY487,6660-487,666Transaction Details
20151210010 x0 x2,5980 STRONG BUY67,0280-67,028Transaction Details
20159909 x0 x2,4710 STRONG BUY55,6470-55,647Transaction Details
20158103 x0 x2,1140 STRONG BUY34,6560-34,656Transaction Details
20156909 x0 x3,1410 STRONG BUY72,3370-72,337Transaction Details
20155203 x0 x3,0080 STRONG BUY67,2030-67,203Transaction Details
2015410012 x0 x7910 STRONG BUY18,0170-18,017Transaction Details
2015311013 x0 x3,0500 STRONG BUY67,7410-67,741Transaction Details
20152101 x0 x3,0000 STRONG BUY51,0000-51,000Transaction Details
2015118034 x0 x9,5080 STRONG BUY187,3780-187,378Transaction Details
2014129119 x77 x3,85520,000 STRONG SELL89,109459,035+369,926Transaction Details
201411208 x0 x23,7530 STRONG BUY408,1090-408,109Transaction Details
201499019 x0 x4,6360 STRONG BUY102,3360-102,336Transaction Details
2014610022 x0 x4,4890 STRONG BUY101,7900-101,790Transaction Details
20145205 x0 x3,5650 STRONG BUY75,7820-75,782Transaction Details
2014310010 x0 x3,0020 STRONG BUY69,8870-69,887Transaction Details
20142101 x0 x8800 STRONG BUY19,8350-19,835Transaction Details
2014116031 x0 x5,4850 STRONG BUY133,3720-133,372Transaction Details