Athene Holding Ltd Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading in Athene Holding Ltd.

Athene Holding Ltd Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
20216010 x1 x01,200 STRONG SELL075,048+75,048Transaction Details
20215040 x6 x091,800 STRONG SELL05,720,060+5,720,060Transaction Details
20214000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20213151 x5 x2,69416,908 STRONG SELL0770,836+770,836Transaction Details
20212132 x3 x74,66829,734 STRONG BUY750-75Transaction Details
2021118946 x19 x155,12095,644 SELL04,126,082+4,126,082Transaction Details
202012111 x1 x40,0005,000 STRONG BUY1,000,0000-1,000,000Transaction Details
202010101 x0 x1,2230 STRONG BUY10-1Transaction Details
20209010 x1 x0605,554 STRONG SELL021,618,278+21,618,278Transaction Details
20206203 x0 x120,0000 STRONG BUY3,000,0000-3,000,000Transaction Details
2020316021 x0 x35,820,2530 STRONG BUY219,9280-219,928Transaction Details
20202556 x5 x92,45729,309 STRONG BUY191,456,950+1,456,931Transaction Details
2020114522 x7 x64,20937,460 SELL01,774,544+1,774,544Transaction Details
201911122 x4 x9,50022,500 STRONG SELL95,000988,905+893,905Transaction Details
201910122 x4 x9,50022,500 STRONG SELL95,000857,371+762,371Transaction Details
20199326 x8 x69,00045,000 SELL1,440,0001,891,142+451,142Transaction Details
20198132 x5 x9,50030,500 STRONG SELL01,168,213+1,168,213Transaction Details
20197112 x3 x9,50019,500 STRONG SELL0831,480+831,480Transaction Details
20196415 x3 x139,50019,500 STRONG BUY3,250,000849,344-2,400,656Transaction Details
20195112 x3 x9,50019,500 STRONG SELL0877,110+877,110Transaction Details
201946112 x6 x242,55739,000 STRONG BUY2241,667,640+1,667,416Transaction Details
20193336 x6 x84,99843,199 STRONG BUY211,872,450+1,872,429Transaction Details
20192112 x3 x9,50019,500 STRONG SELL95,000866,428+771,428Transaction Details
2019111722 x8 x55,71321,895 STRONG BUY15872,078+872,063Transaction Details
201811000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201810112 x3 x4551,000 STRONG SELL4,55050,038+45,488Transaction Details
20189122 x8 x29,545189,300 STRONG SELL295,4509,510,995+9,215,545Transaction Details
20188131 x19 x354,773804,850 STRONG SELL022,570,368+22,570,368Transaction Details
20187000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20185000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20184010 x1 x0962,092 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20183738 x5 x135,16522,156,831 STRONG SELL2196,800,833+6,800,614Transaction Details
20182000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
2018114618 x8 x43,60021,419 STRONG BUY221,107,576+1,107,555Transaction Details
201712121 x3 x44,00022,700,272 STRONG SELL592,240592,233-7Transaction Details
201711010 x1 x0218,683 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201710010 x1 x0256,182 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20179010 x1 x0265,082 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20178010 x1 x0279,314 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
20176010 x2 x018,137,792 STRONG SELL0372,538,656+372,538,656Transaction Details
20175000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20174818 x2 x16,30024,657,031 STRONG SELL16607,832,256+607,832,240Transaction Details
20173000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20172000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
2017113513 x7 x19,91515,473 SELL3742,549+742,546Transaction Details
201612828 x2 x4,22916,702,503 STRONG SELL4662,967,888+662,967,884Transaction Details