$CLF CLEVELAND-CLIFFS INC. Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in CLEVELAND-CLIFFS INC..

CLEVELAND-CLIFFS INC. Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202120010 x2 x036,000 STRONG SELL0733,950+733,950Transaction Details
202119102 x0 x2,5600 STRONG BUY49,8820-49,882Transaction Details
202117606 x0 x39,2340000Transaction Details
2021136111 x2 x8,8521,082 STRONG BUY171,90621,012-150,893Transaction Details
20219202 x0 x115,0000 STRONG BUY1,519,1350-1,519,135Transaction Details
20218818 x1 x329,01240,000,000 STRONG SELL0644,800,000+644,800,000Transaction Details
20212707 x0 x784,5360000Transaction Details
20211515 x1 x4,906618 STRONG BUY71,4318,998-62,433Transaction Details
202040515 x1 x10,6621,343 STRONG BUY71,4358,998-62,437Transaction Details
202026212 x1 x6,9841,676 STRONG BUY37,5049,000-28,504Transaction Details
2020169018 x0 x493,1460000Transaction Details
202013515 x1 x18,8002,369 STRONG BUY71,4409,002-62,438Transaction Details
20201112015 x0 x918,4110 STRONG BUY22,1000-22,100Transaction Details
202010506 x0 x275,0000 STRONG BUY1,209,3010-1,209,301Transaction Details
20204778 x8 x966,965753,408 SELL05,612,889+5,612,889Transaction Details
20201616 x1 x9,3981,071 STRONG BUY78,9438,996-69,947Transaction Details
201949202 x0 x21,8900 STRONG BUY178,6110-178,611Transaction Details
201948101 x0 x5,0000 STRONG BUY38,9070-38,907Transaction Details
201939515 x1 x8,9171,255 STRONG BUY63,9358,998-54,937Transaction Details
201935101 x0 x9,0000 STRONG BUY65,4300-65,430Transaction Details
201934202 x0 x5,7210 STRONG BUY45,0170-45,017Transaction Details
201933202 x0 x19,5000 STRONG BUY158,8890-158,889Transaction Details
201931303 x0 x39,0000 STRONG BUY330,4020-330,402Transaction Details
201926616 x1 x7,290831 STRONG BUY78,9519,000-69,951Transaction Details
201923101 x0 x10,0000 STRONG BUY93,5970-93,597Transaction Details
201922101 x0 x3,0000 STRONG BUY26,7450-26,745Transaction Details
201920101 x0 x5,0000 STRONG BUY48,2500-48,250Transaction Details
201919101 x0 x5,0000 STRONG BUY48,5000-48,500Transaction Details
201917101 x0 x7,5000 STRONG BUY73,2000-73,200Transaction Details
201916808 x0 x81,4910000Transaction Details
201913414 x1 x5,438867 STRONG BUY56,4468,999-47,447Transaction Details
20198102 x0 x18,0000 STRONG BUY207,3600-207,360Transaction Details
20197768 x6 x364,750845,366 STRONG SELL35,9369,501,914+9,465,978Transaction Details
20194102 x0 x4,9860000Transaction Details
201839313 x1 x3,865711 STRONG BUY48,9319,001-39,930Transaction Details
201826414 x1 x6,6961,068 STRONG BUY56,4479,003-47,444Transaction Details
201821010 x1 x06,070 STRONG SELL049,956+49,956Transaction Details
201816808 x0 x97,7180 STRONG BUY37,3780-37,378Transaction Details
201813414 x1 x8,2161,293 STRONG BUY57,1838,999-48,184Transaction Details
20189010 x1 x011,305 STRONG SELL086,172+86,172Transaction Details
201878816 x8 x710,30598,742 STRONG BUY1,925,361743,527-1,181,833Transaction Details
201751090 x9 x0607,485 STRONG SELL04,039,775+4,039,775Transaction Details
201740414 x1 x7,9981,259 STRONG BUY57,1869,002-48,184Transaction Details
201738101 x0 x100,0000 STRONG BUY711,2300-711,230Transaction Details
201732101 x0 x100,0000 STRONG BUY719,1800-719,180Transaction Details
201727202 x0 x2,8450 STRONG BUY19,6870-19,687Transaction Details
201726101 x0 x531,6740000Transaction Details
201723010 x1 x09,590 STRONG SELL054,567+54,567Transaction Details
2017188010 x0 x236,8500 STRONG BUY1,509,1350-1,509,135Transaction Details
201717707 x0 x93,3590000Transaction Details
201714202 x0 x1,6170 STRONG BUY13,2760-13,276Transaction Details
20178878 x7 x373,16614,781 SELL0169,834+169,834Transaction Details
20171343 x4 x4,5528,917 STRONG SELL38,28274,992+36,710Transaction Details
201644506 x0 x33,2700 STRONG BUY183,2060-183,206Transaction Details
201643202 x0 x12,8450 STRONG BUY31,8950-31,895Transaction Details
201640313 x1 x6,5441,282 STRONG BUY38,2827,500-30,783Transaction Details
201627313 x1 x6,6691,307 STRONG BUY38,2807,502-30,778Transaction Details
201619101 x0 x100,0000 STRONG BUY304,3200-304,320Transaction Details
201618010 x3 x07,231,520 STRONG SELL027,555,444+27,555,444Transaction Details
201617707 x0 x128,1930000Transaction Details
201614313 x1 x16,7222,508 STRONG BUY49,9997,499-42,500Transaction Details
20168919 x1 x2,341,5362,500000Transaction Details
20166020 x2 x09,184 STRONG SELL016,439+16,439Transaction Details
20161393 x10 x31,64657,757 STRONG SELL50,00197,146+47,145Transaction Details
201553393 x10 x31,64657,757 STRONG SELL50,00197,146+47,145Transaction Details
201545010 x1 x0675,000 STRONG SELL02,125,440+2,125,440Transaction Details
201544101 x0 x25,0000 STRONG BUY76,7500-76,750Transaction Details
201540313 x1 x21,1863,178 STRONG BUY49,9997,500-42,499Transaction Details
201537808 x0 x1,266,4520000Transaction Details
201521405 x0 x236,7000 STRONG BUY1,093,9310-1,093,931Transaction Details
201520707 x0 x109,4080000Transaction Details
20159202 x0 x107,2000 STRONG BUY698,5420-698,542Transaction Details
20156242 x4 x23,01519,432 BUY151,250129,611-21,639Transaction Details
2015210010 x0 x431,3100000Transaction Details
201450000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201448808 x0 x39,6090000Transaction Details
201445333 x7 x26,63235,317 SELL456,739572,938+116,199Transaction Details
201443101 x0 x9,8000 STRONG BUY99,7840-99,784Transaction Details
201442808 x0 x34,0260000Transaction Details
201437202 x0 x10,2000 STRONG BUY143,2200-143,220Transaction Details
201436101 x0 x7,2460 STRONG BUY99,6950-99,695Transaction Details
201433101 x0 x6,0000 STRONG BUY98,7330-98,733Transaction Details
201432888 x16 x135,240182,710 SELL2,319,3663,133,477+814,111Transaction Details
201430606 x0 x135,4900000Transaction Details
201422101 x0 x20,0000 STRONG BUY312,2000-312,200Transaction Details
201419202 x0 x7,2800 STRONG BUY127,6910-127,691Transaction Details
20147010 x1 x0115 STRONG SELL02,663+2,663Transaction Details
20146899 x9 x168,80549,156 STRONG BUY2,912,4751,269,259-1,643,216Transaction Details
20142101 x0 x3700 STRONG BUY8,5170-8,517Transaction Details
20190000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20180000 x0 x00000Transaction Details