$CVLY CODORUS VALLEY BANCORP INC Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in CODORUS VALLEY BANCORP INC.

CODORUS VALLEY BANCORP INC Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202119101 x0 x1,0000 STRONG BUY18,5000-18,500Transaction Details
202118010 x1 x0300 STRONG SELL05,558+5,558Transaction Details
202114202 x0 x4000 STRONG BUY7,4160-7,416Transaction Details
202111101 x0 x1,2580 STRONG BUY7,0250-7,025Transaction Details
20211010010 x0 x20,1700 STRONG BUY390,8950-390,895Transaction Details
20216809 x0 x9,6300 STRONG BUY157,3540-157,354Transaction Details
20211101 x0 x2000 STRONG BUY3,4160-3,416Transaction Details
202050191 x23 x5783,427 STRONG SELL9,76358,133+48,370Transaction Details
202040101 x0 x2000 STRONG BUY2,6200-2,620Transaction Details
202033010 x1 x0160 STRONG SELL02,096+2,096Transaction Details
202031101 x0 x8000 STRONG BUY9,4770-9,477Transaction Details
202030101 x0 x2,0000 STRONG BUY24,5140-24,514Transaction Details
202027101 x0 x2000 STRONG BUY2,7520-2,752Transaction Details
202025101 x0 x1,0000 STRONG BUY14,1070-14,107Transaction Details
202023202 x0 x1,6900 STRONG BUY15,9930-15,993Transaction Details
202022101 x0 x8000 STRONG BUY10,5730-10,573Transaction Details
202020101 x0 x1,0000 STRONG BUY12,2900-12,290Transaction Details
202019101 x0 x10,0000 STRONG BUY127,5000-127,500Transaction Details
202018101 x0 x6100 STRONG BUY9,0280-9,028Transaction Details
202017101 x0 x1,0000 STRONG BUY13,6500-13,650Transaction Details
202011202 x0 x1,2000 STRONG BUY19,9510-19,951Transaction Details
202010202 x0 x4,5000 STRONG BUY81,2490-81,249Transaction Details
20207010 x1 x01,000 STRONG SELL022,071+22,071Transaction Details
20205101 x0 x3650 STRONG BUY8,0490-8,049Transaction Details
201950060 x6 x0848 STRONG SELL019,233+19,233Transaction Details
20194923828 x8 x26,7701,539 STRONG BUY604,73434,858-569,876Transaction Details
201948102 x0 x10,0000 STRONG BUY223,1880-223,188Transaction Details
201946060 x6 x01,074 STRONG SELL023,864+23,864Transaction Details
201944101 x0 x4100 STRONG BUY8,8950-8,895Transaction Details
201933113 x3 x4,2214,221 SELL19,04993,816+74,767Transaction Details
201932101 x0 x1,0000 STRONG BUY5,8630-5,863Transaction Details
201931101 x0 x3720 STRONG BUY8,3830-8,383Transaction Details
201930010 x1 x02,000 STRONG SELL046,000+46,000Transaction Details
201929010 x1 x03,000 STRONG SELL069,000+69,000Transaction Details
201922113 x1 x1,926510 STRONG BUY40,06110,506-29,555Transaction Details
201918202 x0 x1,3700 STRONG BUY29,0730-29,073Transaction Details
201917101 x0 x1,0000 STRONG BUY20,8970-20,897Transaction Details
20199010 x2 x02,000 STRONG SELL045,480+45,480Transaction Details
20195202 x0 x7040 STRONG BUY16,0930-16,093Transaction Details
20191010 x1 x0140 STRONG SELL03,364+3,364Transaction Details
201850101 x0 x5000 STRONG BUY11,5430-11,543Transaction Details
20184915516 x5 x23,786687 STRONG BUY516,08315,581-500,501Transaction Details
201847113 x3 x4,1924,192 SELL26,112100,847+74,734Transaction Details
201846152 x10 x1,0002,174 STRONG SELL24,84854,513+29,665Transaction Details
201845101 x0 x3,7190 STRONG BUY21,8050-21,805Transaction Details
201844101 x0 x3500 STRONG BUY8,8900-8,890Transaction Details
201842101 x0 x2,6810 STRONG BUY17,2630-17,263Transaction Details
201833305 x0 x4,7770000Transaction Details
201831111 x1 x2901,000 STRONG SELL9,26831,850+22,582Transaction Details
201820101 x0 x1,6280 STRONG BUY10,6480-10,648Transaction Details
201819212 x1 x4,2471,071 STRONG BUY22,13131,602+9,471Transaction Details
201818111 x2 x3002,500 STRONG SELL8,85073,625+64,775Transaction Details
20188010 x1 x0600 STRONG SELL015,288+15,288Transaction Details
20185223 x4 x3,8503,120 BUY106,74583,118-23,628Transaction Details
20183222 x2 x3,6643,664 SELL62,352104,424+42,072Transaction Details
201751070 x7 x015,410 STRONG SELL0455,504+455,504Transaction Details
20175015015 x0 x13,8540000Transaction Details
201747060 x6 x01,314 STRONG SELL039,065+39,065Transaction Details
201746080 x8 x01,799 STRONG SELL053,394+53,394Transaction Details
201745101 x0 x2500 STRONG BUY7,9200-7,920Transaction Details
201742010 x1 x0511 STRONG SELL017,021+17,021Transaction Details
201739010 x1 x0140 STRONG SELL03,761+3,761Transaction Details
201733010 x1 x038 STRONG SELL01,005+1,005Transaction Details
201732101 x0 x2850 STRONG BUY7,8400-7,840Transaction Details
201731116 x6 x5,4215,421 SELL84,813152,145+67,332Transaction Details
201725111 x1 x1,3581,358 SELL9,32636,666+27,340Transaction Details
201724707 x0 x4,5920000Transaction Details
201719212 x1 x1672 STRONG BUY4,73358-4,675Transaction Details
201718212 x1 x2,2171,272 STRONG BUY52,75936,888-15,871Transaction Details
201717111 x1 x3,3443,344 SELL66,53097,250+30,720Transaction Details
201651181 x8 x1,8973,221 STRONG SELL23,02092,759+69,739Transaction Details
201650222 x2 x3,2003,200 SELL55,51488,404+32,889Transaction Details
201648114 x3 x7,6587,658 SELL46,051176,621+130,570Transaction Details
201647070 x12 x02,734 STRONG SELL061,056+61,056Transaction Details
20164610010 x0 x15,8200000Transaction Details
201644010 x1 x0300 STRONG SELL06,048+6,048Transaction Details
201630116 x5 x6,2966,446 SELL114,535136,896+22,361Transaction Details
201625010 x1 x0350 STRONG SELL07,261+7,261Transaction Details
201624103 x0 x5,0000 STRONG BUY99,9400-99,940Transaction Details
20162101 x0 x5,0000 STRONG BUY98,7500-98,750Transaction Details
201550505 x0 x14,8000 STRONG BUY292,3000-292,300Transaction Details
201547050 x5 x0957 STRONG SELL019,953+19,953Transaction Details
201546959 x5 x13,3531,207 SELL025,166+25,166Transaction Details
201542111 x1 x1,6381,638 SELL11,67433,907+22,233Transaction Details
201541101 x0 x2,1600000Transaction Details
201531010 x1 x0500 STRONG SELL010,220+10,220Transaction Details
201519121 x2 x10,60611,606 SELL140,198245,367+105,169Transaction Details
201518010 x1 x0550 STRONG SELL011,558+11,558Transaction Details
201511121 x2 x6371,387 STRONG SELL4,54028,380+23,841Transaction Details
201510115 x4 x5,4245,424 SELL39,773111,192+71,419Transaction Details
20159112 x2 x2,5072,507 SELL19,62151,343+31,722Transaction Details
20151010 x2 x0940 STRONG SELL04,763+4,763Transaction Details
201450969 x6 x7,640997 SELL020,399+20,399Transaction Details
201447010 x1 x0500 STRONG SELL010,260+10,260Transaction Details
201446040 x4 x0256 STRONG SELL05,734+5,734Transaction Details
201434112 x1 x6,6166,616 SELL46,057140,590+94,533Transaction Details
201433111 x1 x1,1511,151 SELL9,45924,171+14,712Transaction Details
201428111 x1 x635635 SELL8,81413,589+4,775Transaction Details
201427111 x1 x565565 SELL7,84212,091+4,249Transaction Details
201426111 x1 x4,3004,300 SELL59,68292,020+32,338Transaction Details
201425111 x1 x600600 SELL8,32812,840+4,512Transaction Details
201424111 x1 x350350 SELL4,8587,490+2,632Transaction Details
201423111 x1 x1,1501,150 SELL15,96224,610+8,648Transaction Details
201419111 x1 x2,4002,400 SELL33,31151,265+17,954Transaction Details
20145010 x1 x02,000 STRONG SELL041,094+41,094Transaction Details
20141111 x2 x1,7852,336 SELL25,07546,720+21,645Transaction Details