$IESC IES Holdings, Inc. Insider Trading Weekly Overview


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Weekly overview of insider trading in IES Holdings, Inc..

IES Holdings, Inc. Insider Trading Weekly Overview

YearWeek Insider Buy CountInsider Sell Count Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202113404 x0 x1,5380000Transaction Details
202110020 x5 x032,500 STRONG SELL01,703,070+1,703,070Transaction Details
20211202 x0 x8540000Transaction Details
202049111 x1 x11,9794,713 SELL0197,569+197,569Transaction Details
202040102 x0 x100,3800000Transaction Details
202039505 x0 x2,9770000Transaction Details
202037010 x1 x01,000 STRONG SELL032,000+32,000Transaction Details
202036010 x2 x05,824 STRONG SELL0184,778+184,778Transaction Details
202035010 x13 x044,455 STRONG SELL01,309,211+1,309,211Transaction Details
202026404 x0 x3,9640000Transaction Details
202025111 x1 x2,613492,103 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
202023010 x1 x01,682 STRONG SELL040,334+40,334Transaction Details
202022010 x1 x08,829 STRONG SELL0210,395+210,395Transaction Details
202013303 x0 x3,1490000Transaction Details
202011102 x0 x1,0000 STRONG BUY17,3550-17,355Transaction Details
202010112 x1 x1,150650 STRONG BUY10,9750-10,975Transaction Details
20201515 x1 x4,499112,590 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201950101 x0 x30,4020000Transaction Details
201949112 x2 x23,1469,106 SELL0214,902+214,902Transaction Details
201939505 x0 x5,7590000Transaction Details
201936112 x1 x17,5009,394 STRONG BUY108,350179,801+71,451Transaction Details
201934101 x0 x5000 STRONG BUY9,1500-9,150Transaction Details
201932102 x0 x1,4760 STRONG BUY28,0240-28,024Transaction Details
201926505 x0 x6,2910000Transaction Details
201922101 x0 x1,5000 STRONG BUY25,3500-25,350Transaction Details
201919101 x0 x1,2000 STRONG BUY21,5520-21,552Transaction Details
201913515 x1 x2,27712,038 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201910102 x0 x2,7060 STRONG BUY49,6320-49,632Transaction Details
20199101 x0 x260,0000000Transaction Details
201849333 x3 x144,06658,940 SELL01,007,285+1,007,285Transaction Details
201839606 x0 x2,5220000Transaction Details
201836103 x0 x6,5220 STRONG BUY123,6540-123,654Transaction Details
201826606 x0 x2,9380000Transaction Details
201819030 x3 x04,380 STRONG SELL076,650+76,650Transaction Details
201813404 x0 x2,5770000Transaction Details
201740606 x0 x2,6710000Transaction Details
201727606 x0 x2,5450000Transaction Details
201721404 x0 x22,5000 STRONG BUY248,1850-248,185Transaction Details
201720020 x2 x03,169 STRONG SELL052,764+52,764Transaction Details
201719103 x0 x5,0000 STRONG BUY82,5700-82,570Transaction Details
201714606 x0 x2,4480000Transaction Details
20179101 x0 x1,4000 STRONG BUY27,2860-27,286Transaction Details
20177102 x0 x9,6500 STRONG BUY194,3460-194,346Transaction Details
20171505 x0 x2,9200000Transaction Details
201650111 x1 x13,00013,000 SELL74,880286,390+211,510Transaction Details
201649010 x1 x0683 STRONG SELL014,002+14,002Transaction Details
201640517 x2 x3,148,1034,000,000000Transaction Details
201635111 x1 x5,0005,000 SELL28,80085,000+56,200Transaction Details
201632010 x2 x020,375 STRONG SELL0311,138+311,138Transaction Details
201631010 x1 x04,982 STRONG SELL078,616+78,616Transaction Details
201630121 x2 x5,00020,356 STRONG SELL28,800332,146+303,346Transaction Details
201628010 x1 x0200 STRONG SELL03,048+3,048Transaction Details
201627405 x0 x4,5020000Transaction Details
201623010 x1 x013,045 STRONG SELL0199,067+199,067Transaction Details
201620010 x1 x0904 STRONG SELL012,150+12,150Transaction Details
201619010 x1 x02,279 STRONG SELL030,630+30,630Transaction Details
201616112 x2 x12,50012,500 SELL72,000181,506+109,506Transaction Details
201614404 x0 x3,1300000Transaction Details
201610114 x3 x15,00015,000 SELL61,200198,564+137,364Transaction Details
20161404 x0 x4,1470000Transaction Details
201553404 x0 x4,1470000Transaction Details
201549010 x1 x0683 STRONG SELL05,191+5,191Transaction Details
201541010 x1 x01,457 STRONG SELL011,000+11,000Transaction Details
201539516 x1 x605,292591,443 BUY60,4350-60,435Transaction Details
201537102 x0 x13,6250 STRONG BUY92,5330-92,533Transaction Details
201526404 x0 x6,4680000Transaction Details
201519303 x0 x50,0000000Transaction Details
201513606 x0 x25,2180000Transaction Details
20155000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20153010 x1 x03,241 STRONG SELL023,692+23,692Transaction Details
20152404 x0 x16,0000000Transaction Details
20151404 x0 x4,6490000Transaction Details
201441010 x1 x01,461 STRONG SELL010,724+10,724Transaction Details
201440010 x1 x011,326 STRONG SELL091,061+91,061Transaction Details
201439404 x0 x4,3170000Transaction Details
201432606 x0 x2,610,5770 STRONG BUY13,575,0010-13,575,001Transaction Details
201429010 x1 x0881 STRONG SELL05,806+5,806Transaction Details
201426404 x0 x5,3390000Transaction Details
201413404 x0 x5,7350000Transaction Details
20149101 x0 x405,8000 STRONG BUY2,110,1600-2,110,160Transaction Details
20145404 x0 x16,2320000Transaction Details
20141404 x0 x6,6080000Transaction Details
20190000 x0 x00000Transaction Details
20180000 x0 x00000Transaction Details