D JAMES BIDZOS Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading of D JAMES BIDZOS.

D JAMES BIDZOS Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202150 x5 x012,000 STRONG SELL02,614,069+2,614,069Transaction Details
202140 x5 x018,000 STRONG SELL03,708,601+3,708,601Transaction Details
202123 x6 x83,25442,492 SELL08,449,596+8,449,596Transaction Details
202110 x2 x012,000 STRONG SELL02,401,698+2,401,698Transaction Details
2020120 x6 x012,000 STRONG SELL02,584,129+2,584,129Transaction Details
2020110 x7 x014,129 STRONG SELL02,842,306+2,842,306Transaction Details
2020100 x7 x012,000 STRONG SELL02,511,842+2,511,842Transaction Details
202090 x5 x012,600 STRONG SELL02,435,024+2,435,024Transaction Details
202080 x6 x015,130 STRONG SELL02,896,628+2,896,628Transaction Details
202070 x5 x012,000 STRONG SELL02,463,165+2,463,165Transaction Details
202050 x2 x04,130 STRONG SELL0462,743+462,743Transaction Details
202023 x6 x139,63959,885 SELL012,550,099+12,550,099Transaction Details
2019110 x2 x02,566 STRONG SELL0479,354+479,354Transaction Details
2019100 x1 x0929 STRONG SELL0172,339+172,339Transaction Details
201980 x2 x02,566 STRONG SELL0523,363+523,363Transaction Details
201970 x1 x0929 STRONG SELL0199,001+199,001Transaction Details
201950 x6 x06,233 STRONG SELL0821,971+821,971Transaction Details
201940 x1 x0929 STRONG SELL0173,398+173,398Transaction Details
201923 x9 x173,76384,435 SELL014,800,527+14,800,527Transaction Details
201910 x1 x0659 STRONG SELL0108,366+108,366Transaction Details
2018110 x2 x01,853 STRONG SELL0288,528+288,528Transaction Details
2018100 x1 x0929 STRONG SELL0131,351+131,351Transaction Details
201880 x2 x01,853 STRONG SELL0281,925+281,925Transaction Details
201870 x1 x0929 STRONG SELL0138,505+138,505Transaction Details
201850 x2 x01,853 STRONG SELL0235,330+235,330Transaction Details
201840 x2 x01,858 STRONG SELL0231,860+231,860Transaction Details
201824 x8 x261,058114,532 SELL013,774,761+13,774,761Transaction Details
201810 x2 x01,290 STRONG SELL0147,679+147,679Transaction Details
2017110 x1 x0951 STRONG SELL0108,176+108,176Transaction Details
2017100 x1 x0983 STRONG SELL0107,088+107,088Transaction Details
201780 x1 x0951 STRONG SELL093,131+93,131Transaction Details
201770 x1 x0983 STRONG SELL097,160+97,160Transaction Details
201750 x1 x0951 STRONG SELL083,755+83,755Transaction Details
201740 x1 x0983 STRONG SELL087,202+87,202Transaction Details
201722 x5 x160,58379,736 SELL06,571,880+6,571,880Transaction Details
201710 x1 x0717 STRONG SELL057,661+57,661Transaction Details
2016100 x1 x03,933 STRONG SELL0301,110+301,110Transaction Details
201630 x1 x09,533 STRONG SELL0818,694+818,694Transaction Details
201622 x4 x110,08056,435 SELL04,528,717+4,528,717Transaction Details
2015101 x0 x32,9850000Transaction Details
201520 x6 x034,917 STRONG SELL02,221,380+2,221,380Transaction Details