JAMES D DONDERO Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading of JAMES D DONDERO.

JAMES D DONDERO Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
2021612 x0 x103,0790 STRONG BUY1,466,8760-1,466,876Transaction Details
202151 x0 x6,7790000Transaction Details
202121 x0 x16,4430000Transaction Details
2020110 x4 x0672,533 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
2020102 x0 x1,4980000Transaction Details
2020914 x0 x18,2930 STRONG BUY308,0290-308,029Transaction Details
202087 x0 x12,7050 STRONG BUY243,0880-243,088Transaction Details
202072 x0 x1,4980000Transaction Details
202060 x0 x00000Transaction Details
2020516 x0 x40,5530 STRONG BUY500,1950-500,195Transaction Details
202049 x2 x199,490204,239 BUY3,083,7441,642,082-1,441,663Transaction Details
202037 x57 x345,3212,812,718 STRONG SELL7,259,76658,427,532+51,167,763Transaction Details
202029 x2 x184,78440,000 STRONG BUY3,336,8810-3,336,881Transaction Details
202012 x3 x2,125571,400 STRONG SELL09,922,984+9,922,984Transaction Details
2019104 x0 x4,2500000Transaction Details
201981 x0 x12,7620000Transaction Details
201975 x3 x1,048,4111,046,28630,892,49130,892,4910Transaction Details
2019613 x0 x874,3270 STRONG BUY15,536,7910-15,536,791Transaction Details
201950 x3 x095,000 STRONG SELL02,002,001+2,002,001Transaction Details
201942 x0 x2,1250000Transaction Details
201931 x0 x17,8200000Transaction Details
201921 x0 x16,4430000Transaction Details
201912 x0 x2,1250000Transaction Details
2018121 x1 x8119,081 STRONG SELL1,684403,945+402,261Transaction Details
20181116 x1 x1,258,240888,731 BUY29,994,46819,632,068-10,362,400Transaction Details
2018107 x0 x141,8080 STRONG BUY712,1300-712,130Transaction Details
201891 x0 x22,1040 STRONG BUY499,9920-499,992Transaction Details
201883 x0 x54,4770 STRONG BUY664,2280-664,228Transaction Details
201873 x0 x135,2020 STRONG BUY680,9270-680,927Transaction Details
2018616 x0 x1,104,7730 STRONG BUY23,343,9550-23,343,955Transaction Details
201859 x0 x358,4660 STRONG BUY8,767,4700-8,767,470Transaction Details
201848 x0 x254,8180 STRONG BUY3,256,4310-3,256,431Transaction Details
201832 x0 x37,7180 STRONG BUY500,0030-500,003Transaction Details
201821 x0 x20,9380 STRONG BUY499,9950-499,995Transaction Details
2018110 x0 x113,9590 STRONG BUY3,051,1940-3,051,194Transaction Details
2017124 x2 x364,202339,174 BUY9,731,3308,859,762-871,568Transaction Details
2017111 x1 x19,81148,900 STRONG SELL550,009988,430+438,422Transaction Details
2017105 x4 x1,441,9091,426,453 BUY10,258,7259,739,449-519,276Transaction Details
201792 x0 x24,0700 STRONG BUY573,4860-573,486Transaction Details
201785 x11 x178,423500,950 STRONG SELL3,347,0309,529,578+6,182,548Transaction Details
201762 x0 x121,4600 STRONG BUY2,750,0070-2,750,007Transaction Details
201755 x0 x22,7330 STRONG BUY568,7710-568,771Transaction Details
201743 x1 x90,1361,859 STRONG BUY2,144,34511,954-2,132,391Transaction Details
201731 x0 x24,2980 STRONG BUY570,7600-570,760Transaction Details
201723 x0 x110,1310 STRONG BUY2,433,4490-2,433,449Transaction Details
201711 x0 x39,4190 STRONG BUY906,8740-906,874Transaction Details
2016123 x2 x178,54393,554 STRONG BUY3,651,0510-3,651,051Transaction Details
2016114 x1 x248,3951,114 STRONG BUY5,093,98820,610-5,073,378Transaction Details
2016102 x0 x109,1640 STRONG BUY2,172,5240-2,172,524Transaction Details
201693 x0 x108,3170 STRONG BUY2,272,3000-2,272,300Transaction Details
201684 x1 x106,88437,000 STRONG BUY2,276,2701,182,520-1,093,750Transaction Details
201673 x0 x64,8210 STRONG BUY1,302,1210-1,302,121Transaction Details
201662 x0 x47,1340 STRONG BUY840,3120-840,312Transaction Details
201651 x0 x28,2680 STRONG BUY399,9980-399,998Transaction Details
201641 x0 x41,9790 STRONG BUY593,6250-593,625Transaction Details
201631 x0 x31,3990 STRONG BUY399,9950-399,995Transaction Details
201621 x0 x7,5000 STRONG BUY82,3500-82,350Transaction Details
2015101 x0 x36,2950 STRONG BUY868,9020-868,902Transaction Details
201591 x0 x170,3320 STRONG BUY1,037,3220-1,037,322Transaction Details
201582 x0 x179,6450 STRONG BUY1,200,8850-1,200,885Transaction Details
201571 x0 x22,7990 STRONG BUY308,4520-308,452Transaction Details
201562 x0 x159,1210 STRONG BUY1,228,4300-1,228,430Transaction Details
201552 x0 x140,4020 STRONG BUY1,108,4940-1,108,494Transaction Details
2015411 x0 x987,3560 STRONG BUY12,991,0740-12,991,074Transaction Details
2015315 x0 x2,568,2840 STRONG BUY1,172,5390-1,172,539Transaction Details
201523 x0 x100,8660 STRONG BUY1,164,0250-1,164,025Transaction Details