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Get the latest insider transactions of THOMAS HAGERTY. THOMAS HAGERTY is Director in MGIC INVESTMENT CORP ($MTG).

Latest Insider Trading Transactions of THOMAS HAGERTY

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No. of Purchases0000000
Value of Purchases ($)0000000
No. of Sales0000000
Value of Sales ($)0000000

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DateTickerCompanyOwnerRelationship Transaction Code Cost ($) Shares Transaction Value ($) Total Shares % Holdings
Feb 20 2014MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseC0.0036,364030,921
Feb 15 2013MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseC0.0025,316055,423
Jan 29 2013MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0036,364080,739
May 01 2012MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseM0.0011,123025,316
Feb 01 2012MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0025,316055,499
Apr 15 2011MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseM0.0015,152030,183
Jan 26 2011MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0011,123045,334
Apr 19 2010MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseM0.0032,258034,211
Jan 27 2010MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0015,152066,469
Feb 02 2009MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0032,258051,317
Jan 07 2009MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.005,603019,059
Oct 01 2008MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseP0.002,489013,456
Sep 02 2008MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0033010,966
Jul 01 2008MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.002,864010,934
Jun 17 2008MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.002008,070
Apr 02 2008MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseP0.0076008,049
Apr 02 2008MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorGrantA0.0013,246028,33615.1 K to 28.3 K (+87.78 %)
Mar 03 2008MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001207,289
Mar 03 2008MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorGrantA0.00850015,09014.2 K to 15.1 K (+5.97 %)
Jan 03 2008MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseP0.0058007,277
Dec 03 2007MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00706,698
Oct 02 2007MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseP0.001,33106,690
Sep 06 2007MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.004405,360
Jul 03 2007MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseP0.0026405,316
Jun 08 2007MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.002005,052
Apr 02 2007MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseP0.0037305,031
Mar 01 2007MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001904,658
Mar 01 2007MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorGrantA0.001,491014,24012.7 K to 14.2 K (+11.70 %)
Jan 25 2007MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorGrantA0.00850012,74911.9 K to 12.7 K (+7.14 %)
Jan 03 2007MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0025604,639
Dec 04 2006MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001904,383
Oct 02 2006MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0021704,364
Sep 05 2006MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001804,147
Jun 30 2006MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0023304,132
Jun 09 2006MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001503,899
Apr 04 2006MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0024003,884
Mar 02 2006MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001403,644
Mar 02 2006MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorGrantA0.001,341011,89910.6 K to 11.9 K (+12.70 %)
Jan 27 2006MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorGrantA0.00850010,5589.7 K to 10.6 K (+8.76 %)
Jan 03 2006MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0019803,630
Dec 01 2005MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00803,432
Oct 04 2005MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0020203,424
Sep 02 2005MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00803,222
Jul 01 2005MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0019903,214
Jun 10 2005MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00703,015
Apr 01 2005MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0029203,007
Mar 02 2005MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00302,716
Mar 02 2005MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorGrantA0.001,02709,7088.7 K to 9.7 K (+11.83 %)
Jan 28 2005MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorGrantA0.0050008,6818.2 K to 8.7 K (+6.11 %)
Jan 03 2005MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0018902,712
Dec 03 2004MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00302,524
Oct 04 2004MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0016502,521
Sep 01 2004MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00302,356
Jul 02 2004MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0010502,353
Jun 10 2004MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00102,248
Mar 02 2004MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00102,075
Mar 02 2004MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorGrantA0.001,24608,1816.9 K to 8.2 K (+17.97 %)
Jan 02 2004MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0022802,074
Dec 11 2003MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00101,846
Oct 01 2003MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0025001,844
Sep 03 2003MTGMGIC INVESTMENT CO ...HAGERTY THOMASDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00101,595

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