FREEMAN A HRABOWSKI III Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading of FREEMAN A HRABOWSKI III.

FREEMAN A HRABOWSKI III Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202151 x0 x1,0840000Transaction Details
202142 x0 x2240 STRONG BUY20,3520-20,352Transaction Details
202132 x0 x1,5570 STRONG BUY15,3280-15,328Transaction Details
202127 x2 x10,3674,868 STRONG BUY289,892237,091-52,802Transaction Details
202111 x0 x850 STRONG BUY12,7140-12,714Transaction Details
2020101 x1 x1,3391,339000Transaction Details
202091 x0 x990 STRONG BUY12,6220-12,622Transaction Details
202053 x0 x1,9650 STRONG BUY17,3810-17,381Transaction Details
202040 x0 x00000Transaction Details
202032 x0 x7980 STRONG BUY10,7720-10,772Transaction Details
202024 x2 x5,0901,154 STRONG BUY206,865192,181-14,683Transaction Details
202011 x0 x740 STRONG BUY9,0140-9,014Transaction Details
2019114 x1 x1703,320 STRONG SELL27,6360-27,636Transaction Details
2019102 x0 x1580 STRONG BUY17,8590-17,859Transaction Details
201982 x1 x952,500 STRONG SELL15,1010-15,101Transaction Details
201971 x0 x810 STRONG BUY8,8870-8,887Transaction Details
201952 x0 x980 STRONG BUY15,0840-15,084Transaction Details
201942 x0 x1,9250 STRONG BUY7,4090-7,409Transaction Details
201931 x0 x9620000Transaction Details
201915 x2 x5,1661,232 STRONG BUY169,067149,485-19,582Transaction Details
2018122 x0 x840 STRONG BUY11,7440-11,744Transaction Details
2018101 x0 x620 STRONG BUY6,7690-6,769Transaction Details
201882 x0 x990 STRONG BUY11,6570-11,657Transaction Details
201871 x2 x586,500 STRONG SELL6,733547,844+541,110Transaction Details
201862 x0 x1120 STRONG BUY11,6130-11,613Transaction Details
201842 x0 x1,8050 STRONG BUY5,3990-5,399Transaction Details
201831 x0 x1,0390000Transaction Details
201816 x2 x5,2241,798 STRONG BUY210,382188,062-22,320Transaction Details
2017121 x1 x424,000 STRONG SELL4,424406,356+401,932Transaction Details
2017101 x3 x7,00017,000 STRONG SELL0296,050+296,050Transaction Details
201791 x0 x490 STRONG BUY4,4160-4,416Transaction Details
201782 x0 x1390 STRONG BUY13,0470-13,047Transaction Details
201771 x0 x590 STRONG BUY4,3680-4,368Transaction Details
201752 x0 x1280 STRONG BUY12,8930-12,893Transaction Details
201741 x0 x2,8370000Transaction Details
201732 x0 x1,0600 STRONG BUY2,7280-2,728Transaction Details
201722 x0 x1250 STRONG BUY11,5600-11,560Transaction Details
201713 x2 x5,0342,040 STRONG BUY193,968191,454-2,514Transaction Details
2016112 x0 x1290 STRONG BUY12,4240-12,424Transaction Details
2016100 x3 x04,500 STRONG SELL0188,309+188,309Transaction Details
201691 x0 x390 STRONG BUY2,5560-2,556Transaction Details
201682 x0 x1180 STRONG BUY12,3310-12,331Transaction Details
201661 x0 x350 STRONG BUY2,4970-2,497Transaction Details
201652 x0 x1560 STRONG BUY14,4920-14,492Transaction Details
201640 x1 x05,000 STRONG SELL000Transaction Details
201632 x0 x1,3780 STRONG BUY2,5130-2,513Transaction Details
201624 x2 x5,1572,112 STRONG BUY187,184174,108-13,076Transaction Details
201611 x2 x334,892 STRONG SELL2,3790-2,379Transaction Details
2015120 x0 x00000Transaction Details
2015112 x0 x1440 STRONG BUY12,1930-12,193Transaction Details
2015101 x0 x350 STRONG BUY2,3890-2,389Transaction Details
201590 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201582 x0 x1510 STRONG BUY12,0590-12,059Transaction Details
201571 x0 x300 STRONG BUY2,3240-2,324Transaction Details
201560 x0 x00000Transaction Details
201544 x0 x2910 STRONG BUY23,1420-23,142Transaction Details
201531 x0 x1,4060000Transaction Details