Thomas C Indelicarto Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading of Thomas C Indelicarto.

Thomas C Indelicarto Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
202150 x2 x01,226 STRONG SELL0266,680+266,680Transaction Details
202140 x2 x01,226 STRONG SELL0253,616+253,616Transaction Details
202130 x1 x01,226 STRONG SELL0245,200+245,200Transaction Details
202122 x3 x10,1753,329 SELL0663,003+663,003Transaction Details
202110 x2 x01,226 STRONG SELL0245,200+245,200Transaction Details
2020120 x2 x01,226 STRONG SELL0260,519+260,519Transaction Details
2020110 x2 x01,757 STRONG SELL0350,609+350,609Transaction Details
2020100 x2 x01,226 STRONG SELL0257,552+257,552Transaction Details
202080 x1 x0531 STRONG SELL0110,071+110,071Transaction Details
202050 x2 x01,062 STRONG SELL0230,720+230,720Transaction Details
202040 x2 x015,000 STRONG SELL03,211,278+3,211,278Transaction Details
202023 x6 x26,38910,678 SELL02,237,789+2,237,789Transaction Details
2019110 x2 x0658 STRONG SELL0122,921+122,921Transaction Details
2019100 x1 x0185 STRONG SELL034,319+34,319Transaction Details
201980 x2 x0658 STRONG SELL0134,224+134,224Transaction Details
201970 x1 x0185 STRONG SELL039,629+39,629Transaction Details
201950 x5 x01,074 STRONG SELL0208,571+208,571Transaction Details
201940 x1 x0185 STRONG SELL034,530+34,530Transaction Details
201923 x9 x34,69815,938 SELL02,793,955+2,793,955Transaction Details
201910 x1 x0146 STRONG SELL024,008+24,008Transaction Details
2018120 x2 x07,384 STRONG SELL0497,673+497,673Transaction Details
2018110 x3 x01,494 STRONG SELL0228,169+228,169Transaction Details
2018100 x1 x0185 STRONG SELL026,157+26,157Transaction Details
201880 x2 x0480 STRONG SELL073,005+73,005Transaction Details
201870 x1 x0185 STRONG SELL027,582+27,582Transaction Details
201850 x2 x0481 STRONG SELL061,093+61,093Transaction Details
201840 x1 x0185 STRONG SELL023,086+23,086Transaction Details
201821 x1 x6,330637 SELL074,115+74,115Transaction Details
201810 x2 x0234 STRONG SELL026,712+26,712Transaction Details
2017110 x2 x01,329 STRONG SELL0148,405+148,405Transaction Details
2017100 x1 x0196 STRONG SELL021,352+21,352Transaction Details
201780 x1 x0256 STRONG SELL025,070+25,070Transaction Details
201770 x1 x0196 STRONG SELL019,373+19,373Transaction Details
201750 x1 x0256 STRONG SELL022,546+22,546Transaction Details
201740 x2 x0315 STRONG SELL027,821+27,821Transaction Details
201721 x4 x8,4662,347 SELL0194,348+194,348Transaction Details
201710 x2 x0254 STRONG SELL020,463+20,463Transaction Details
2016110 x1 x01,073 STRONG SELL084,563+84,563Transaction Details
2016100 x1 x0584 STRONG SELL044,711+44,711Transaction Details
201640 x1 x082 STRONG SELL07,273+7,273Transaction Details
201630 x1 x0549 STRONG SELL047,148+47,148Transaction Details
201621 x3 x8,5941,774 SELL0137,735+137,735Transaction Details
201610 x1 x096 STRONG SELL07,128+7,128Transaction Details
2015110 x1 x0744 STRONG SELL060,681+60,681Transaction Details
2015101 x0 x6,5970000Transaction Details
201540 x1 x082 STRONG SELL05,551+5,551Transaction Details
201521 x4 x9,0342,471 SELL0158,210+158,210Transaction Details
201510 x1 x096 STRONG SELL05,337+5,337Transaction Details
2014111 x0 x9,0000000Transaction Details