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Get the latest insider transactions of DEBORAH G MILLER. DEBORAH G MILLER is Director in LIBBEY INC ($LBY).


Trading Symbol: LBY
Position of DEBORAH G MILLER: Director
Holdings: 21,400 shares
Current Value: $367,652
Latest Transaction: Jun 24 2020
$LBY Market Capitalization: $373.08M
$LBY Previous Close: $17.18

Last 4 weeks trend: HOLD
Last 3 months trend: HOLD

Latest Insider Trading Transactions of DEBORAH G MILLER in LIBBEY INC

1 Week2 Weeks1 Month3 Months6 Months1 Year2 Years
No. of Purchases0000000
Value of Purchases ($)0000000
No. of Sales0000000
Value of Sales ($)0000000

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DateTickerCompanyOwnerRelationship Transaction Code Cost ($) Shares Transaction Value ($) Total Shares % Holdings
Jun 24 2020LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorSellS0.1147,2845,20121,40068.7 K to 21.4 K (-68.84 %)
May 14 2020LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorPayment of ExerciseF0.927,6006,96968,68476.3 K to 68.7 K (-9.96 %)
May 14 2020LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorGrantA0.9220,00018,34076,28456.3 K to 76.3 K (+35.53 %)
May 16 2019LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorPayment of ExerciseF0.004,846056,28461.1 K to 56.3 K (-7.93 %)
May 16 2019LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorGrantA0.0013,846061,13047.3 K to 61.1 K (+29.28 %)
May 18 2018LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorGrantA6.7011,94079,99847,28435.3 K to 47.3 K (+33.78 %)
Aug 23 2017LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.003402,363
Jun 14 2017LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.003102,329
May 19 2017LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorGrantA8.129,85279,99835,34425.5 K to 35.3 K (+38.65 %)
Mar 14 2017LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.002002,298
Nov 23 2016LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001402,278
Aug 24 2016LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001502,264
Jun 08 2016LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001502,249
May 12 2016LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorGrantA17.584,55180,00725,49220.9 K to 25.5 K (+21.73 %)
Mar 16 2016LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001402,234
Nov 24 2015LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001002,221
Aug 26 2015LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00702,211
Jun 10 2015LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00602,204
May 14 2015LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorGrantA40.661,96880,01920,94119 K to 20.9 K (+10.37 %)
Mar 05 2015LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00602,198
May 25 2011LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorSellS14.253,51850,12110,11013.6 K to 10.1 K (-25.81 %)
May 23 2011LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorGrantA14.923,51852,48913,62810.1 K to 13.6 K (+34.80 %)
Nov 02 2010LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorSellS13.258,752115,98410,11018.9 K to 10.1 K (-46.40 %)
May 10 2010LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorGrantA13.853,79052,49218,86215.1 K to 18.9 K (+25.15 %)
May 11 2009LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorGrantA1.807,50013,50015,0727.6 K to 15.1 K (+99.05 %)
Nov 12 2008LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001602,192
Aug 19 2008LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00602,176
Jun 10 2008LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00502,170
May 20 2008LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorGrantA14.852,69440,0067,5724.9 K to 7.6 K (+55.23 %)
Mar 04 2008LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00302,165
Feb 21 2008LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorSellS16.083,64558,6104,8788.5 K to 4.9 K (-42.77 %)
Nov 13 2007LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00402,161
Aug 21 2007LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00302,158
May 29 2007LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00302,155
May 07 2007LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorGrantA13.902,87840,0048,5235.6 K to 8.5 K (+50.98 %)
Mar 06 2007LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00502,152
Dec 05 2006LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorGrantA0.003,64505,6452 K to 5.6 K (+182.25 %)
Nov 28 2006LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00502,148
Aug 24 2006LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00602,143
Jun 06 2006LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00502,137
Mar 14 2006LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00602,132
Nov 29 2005LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001802,125
Aug 25 2005LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001202,107
Jun 07 2005LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001102,095
Mar 03 2005LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00802,085
Dec 07 2004LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.007302,076
Dec 06 2004LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.007102,003
Nov 23 2004LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001001,932
Nov 01 2004LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0034401,923
Oct 19 2004LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.008301,578
Oct 18 2004LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.008401,495
Aug 24 2004LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00701,411
Aug 13 2004LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.002201,404
Aug 03 2004LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0027801,382
Jul 20 2004LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.006101,104
Jul 19 2004LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.003001,043
Jun 08 2004LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00401,013
May 06 2004LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.005801,009
May 03 2004LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.002010951
Apr 29 2004LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00190751
Apr 29 2004LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorGrantA26.591,00026,5901,0000 to 1,000
Apr 23 2004LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00180732
Mar 08 2004LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00180713
Mar 02 2004LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0020696
Feb 03 2004LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00180693
Feb 02 2004LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001820676
Dec 09 2003LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00530494
Nov 25 2003LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0020441
Nov 03 2003LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.001970439
Oct 21 2003LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.00520242
Aug 26 2003LBYLIBBEY INCMILLER DEBORAH GDirectorOption ExerciseA0.0010190

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