David T. Mitchell Insider Trading Monthly Overview


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Monthly overview of insider trading of David T. Mitchell.

David T. Mitchell Insider Trading Monthly Overview

YearMonth Buy CountSell Count Shares BoughtShares Sold Buy / Sell Price of Shares Bought ($)Price of Shares Sold ($)Balance ($)
201980 x2 x038,646 STRONG SELL02,095,388+2,095,388Transaction Details
201970 x2 x030,000 STRONG SELL01,564,108+1,564,108Transaction Details
201960 x1 x030,000 STRONG SELL01,286,880+1,286,880Transaction Details
201950 x1 x030,000 STRONG SELL01,800,480+1,800,480Transaction Details
201940 x1 x030,000 STRONG SELL01,577,070+1,577,070Transaction Details
201930 x3 x030,000 STRONG SELL01,717,946+1,717,946Transaction Details
201920 x2 x030,000 STRONG SELL01,574,649+1,574,649Transaction Details
2018121 x0 x4,1070000Transaction Details
2018100 x2 x040,000 STRONG SELL01,816,076+1,816,076Transaction Details
201890 x2 x040,000 STRONG SELL01,845,694+1,845,694Transaction Details
201881 x1 x71,64040,000 SELL01,584,240+1,584,240Transaction Details
201871 x1 x2,46540,000 STRONG SELL01,460,480+1,460,480Transaction Details
201860 x2 x040,000 STRONG SELL01,404,991+1,404,991Transaction Details
201850 x1 x040,000 STRONG SELL01,201,880+1,201,880Transaction Details
201840 x1 x040,000 STRONG SELL01,230,640+1,230,640Transaction Details
201830 x1 x040,000 STRONG SELL01,201,640+1,201,640Transaction Details
201820 x7 x0191,842 STRONG SELL05,670,078+5,670,078Transaction Details
201810 x2 x010,199 STRONG SELL0306,099+306,099Transaction Details
2017120 x3 x066,000 STRONG SELL01,546,262+1,546,262Transaction Details
2017110 x1 x050,000 STRONG SELL01,501,600+1,501,600Transaction Details
201781 x3 x69,885105,000 SELL04,056,465+4,056,465Transaction Details
201760 x2 x052,500 STRONG SELL01,943,718+1,943,718Transaction Details
201750 x1 x075,000 STRONG SELL02,604,600+2,604,600Transaction Details
201740 x2 x075,000 STRONG SELL03,100,028+3,100,028Transaction Details
201730 x2 x075,000 STRONG SELL03,111,302+3,111,302Transaction Details
201720 x2 x075,000 STRONG SELL03,135,382+3,135,382Transaction Details
201710 x3 x075,000 STRONG SELL02,948,033+2,948,033Transaction Details
2016121 x4 x54,82874,828 SELL774,1713,034,896+2,260,725Transaction Details
2016111 x2 x75,00075,000 SELL1,059,0002,805,813+1,746,812Transaction Details
2016101 x2 x75,00075,000 SELL1,262,2503,302,232+2,039,981Transaction Details
201691 x1 x75,00075,000 SELL1,262,2502,926,800+1,664,550Transaction Details
201683 x1 x264,96975,000 STRONG BUY1,262,2502,995,950+1,733,700Transaction Details
201650 x3 x075,000 STRONG SELL02,540,925+2,540,925Transaction Details
201640 x2 x040,000 STRONG SELL01,256,760+1,256,760Transaction Details
201630 x1 x040,000 STRONG SELL01,128,520+1,128,520Transaction Details
201620 x1 x040,000 STRONG SELL0975,000+975,000Transaction Details
201610 x1 x040,000 STRONG SELL0932,120+932,120Transaction Details
2015120 x1 x040,000 STRONG SELL0941,560+941,560Transaction Details
2015110 x1 x040,000 STRONG SELL0855,720+855,720Transaction Details
2015100 x3 x0134,962 STRONG SELL02,701,314+2,701,314Transaction Details
201590 x1 x0123,672 STRONG SELL02,476,408+2,476,408Transaction Details
201581 x1 x164,7171,366 SELL027,320+27,320Transaction Details
201540 x1 x040,000 STRONG SELL0750,032+750,032Transaction Details
201530 x1 x040,000 STRONG SELL0696,520+696,520Transaction Details